Tuesday, July 20, 2010

its 11:02AM and I dont give a Shit where my kids are!

SO... Day three of the diet, I'm sore as hell...I actually have pain in the lower ab region...It does exist! Want to find your own lower ab region? Yes? Then lay on the floor lift your legs to about the level your knees would be if you were laying there with you feet flat and your knees bent...then raise them about a foot further hold that shit count to five or better yet scissor kick while its up...then dont lay them on the floor use your rest period to hold your legs while outstreched three or four seconds at knee level before you lift and do it all again...Do this eight times...tell me how you feel tomorrow! I started taking a Thyroid Supplement from the health food store...It gives me the Sweats! So if Jillian cant Kick my ass into a size five....perhaps ThyroidSence will melt me there! Otherwise all seems to be going well...In other Blog News and Pluggage.....

My good friend Jacob had an epiphany, and it looks like the Canadian House Milf has gone and reinvented herself with a name change again! Great reads! One Day at a Times Daughter is walking the catwalk tonight in the attempt to be crowned Miss County Queen Bee and If she wins I have to Pierce my Nose.

Hunka will not be happy if I pierce my Nose but relents that he is rooting for Miss Kacie Seabolt ....Cuz Hunka supports his family...even if they pierce their noses! Good Luck Miss Queen Bee!

Ok so Im up for an edit later Im sure...no news on the Teeksplace blog....what the hell has she been up too? Surely a flower in her garden has bloomed!

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  1. If you have to pierce your nose, you could film it and post the video?? Would make a great post. Course the queen bee will have to attend wearing her crown

  2. If Hunka don't approve of the nose being pierced (and I don't blame him), maybe we could vote on other body parts to pierce that would make us... I mean, him... happy.

  3. lol Midwest Momma....If Queen Bee and I found ourselves in a Piercing Pagoda together, She would be wearing that Crown and Her Momma and I would probably be cackling like two old Hens!

    Ya-cob...Cuz thats what Hunka calls YOU! I will pierce what ever, where-ever, when-ever I feel like piercing it (AT)....Cuz thats How I roll! Hunka would do better to say "Pierce it" then Likely, I might not! LOL Just like an unruly child...Im a Middle Kid and Proudly wear the rebel Stamp of Approval ... Marching to My Own Beat!

  4. A QUESTION FOR THE WORK OUT FORUM.....My lower ABS HATE me. They have been stretched to their max, cut in a hurry and stitched up by FRANKENSTEIN. can they be repaired?

    Signed: once I got it caught in my zipper.....

  5. Oh.....That sounds terrible...I saw a movie once where this guy got caught in his zipper....Every Man in The Room was cringing during the scene! I think this happens more often then we ladies realize....Crunchs sister lots of em!

  6. Really- she still is the Queen and you should still get your nose pierced. Tis Sexy-or at least I think so. Hey Teek- I think ya look pretty damn good after popping out 7 of those things. Who cares bout the lower abs or the little scars you have--ya got four healthy tikes now don't ya? Well, really seven, but who's countin?
    I think I'm gonna get my belly buttom pierced, just so I know its there.....Pahahahahahahaha!