Thursday, April 8, 2010

Im Not Writing You a Love Song...

On Our Journey From Myspace to Blogger here is my Second Blog ever written, Until they are all moved over I will begin each Blog this way:

Click to Make Bigger if you wanna read a Blog in a Blog

I don't defend my blogs, I never Censor Comments and I never delete or take them back...With that Said, I have only had Two Blogs in over 200 that I was ever asked to remove. I refused to delete either of them. I have had a bit of time to say goodbye to them though and when they become the next blog to box up and move over to their new Blog Home ie: Here... the Moving truck intends on dropping those two on some random blog highway between there and here. Thats all I will say about them, You are Welcome Robert and Onreeone.

My style of writing is not unique, cant be stifled or quieted. I actually write the way I speak. You'll see some slang, some random capitalization, and of course a colorful four letter word or two!

I'm never Offended by comments left below, thats because I'm an excellent Debater, and I appreciate other opinons! I too can Negotiate you right out of your last piece of gum even with your breath kicken like Bruce Lee. I do this because I listen and use your words against you! Be Respectful in the Muffin Club....You can Be Passionate here, but dont expect your passion to not be met head on, especially if I disagree! If you gotta call someone a Cunt, then you go right ahead....that word empowers me, I am strong in self convictions that I don't need your approval, your words can never hurt me. Of course I would Hope you would approve, but I respect your right to choose to disagree.

I take things in the literal sense/scents! If it smells like shit.... Im calling it shit....If you say Blue I assume you mean the Primary Crayola Crayon color Blue....Not some pansy assed shade of sky or periwinkle!

And Finally ....Most Importantly: DON'T EVER TELL ME I MISUNDERSTOOD YOUR WORDS... OR INTENTIONS....I don't misunderstand words....I Understand Exactly....Im intuitive, DO yourself and the rest of this word a favor and SAY WHAT YOU MEAN....who has time and frankly why should we stop our day to decipher you?
Thats Right I pulled out the Big Dog! ~Im a Muffin, wouldn't you like to be a Muffin too?


  1. Brans-muffin tops on the plate this morning!~
    You asked if I would like to be a muffin too?
    I think I wanna be a Toys R us Kid~

    Happy Friday Hooka~Muffin Extraordinaire!!

  2. Have you told Andie about your visuals? She would LOVE the dancing Blue Crayon...It is crackin' me up~

  3. She is one of the few who dont get it, she on the other hand is the reason I search for just the right photo!

  4. Thank's Muffin--and that's all I got to say about that.