Monday, April 12, 2010

GoodBye~ Julia Sugar Baker!

Julia Sugar Baker and Designing Women Of the 80's were The Original Sex in City in my Book! Julia was our Carrie! When I say Original Sex in the City, Im speaking: Proper Sex! The City that I speak, is the Mecca of the south...Hotlanta Baby!
Dixie Carter....Even her name exudes Proper Southern Upbringing...She was one Class Act! Our Girl for those who loved her has gone on to become her families Angel...Or Faerie, or Guide or whatever you call those who pass!

I will always love her as Julia Sugarbaker...She was my idol for many years....I loved the Sugar Baker girls....I remember this episode vividly, I think about it when Prayer in School is Brought Up, When ever God is a topic of conversation, When Republicans have gone so far to the right they sacrifice lambs on Sunday and again when Democrats have gone so far to the left that they leave Liberalville for PsychoCity...Funny how this episode in 1989 Labeled me Politically....I was a registered Republican, until that year...I decided that I too was a Liberal, I would be a Christian Constitutionalist... Something I thought I had made up, to fit myself into a neat little box in a Very Republican State:Virginia! Although Southern at heart, Im a Yankee by Birth, My children are Southern Born, but "Just Barely"! Im still a Liberal, Still holding strong to Constitutionalism, and I have Faith...Although Christianity is too Judgmental for my 40 year old tastes, I am flattered when people pray for me! After all, It Cant Hurt! So here is my last Hooray for you girl:
You Go Julia Sugar Baker!

Keep it Strong all my girls, for all our future girls to come, As an Encore: this too Moves me! Congeniality is not something the women in my family aspire to either...When you mess with a sister of mine...You've messed with a Hive of angry angry bees!

RIP Dixie Carter!


  1. ~You Rock It Muffin~ two kudos and two muffin tops. I love me some ole southern attitude and flaming tongues of fire. She kindof reminds me of you...giggles*
    Rest in Peace Dixie Carter--May your family find strength and courage in their time of mourning and may your memory only bring smiles to their hearts.

  2. I love it!! 5 brans-muffin tops!! Cause that's the SHIT right there~ I watched them both twice!!

  3. Yeah Angie I can see where you might think Ol Dixie and the Muffin resemble each other! That Broad sure had Class!

  4. You My Teekalicious, Have been known to throw a few Flaming Batons and explode a Transformer or two in your day as well! I love ya Bunny Girl!

  5. Most certainly she was one Classy Lady that Dixie...and u too Muffin:)