Saturday, April 17, 2010

Husband and Wife ... 7-24...Go Team

So it appears, after much consideration and an 11 Month Dry Run, that "Hunka" and I have combined Resumes, Work Experiences, and Strengths, and are officially a management force to be reckoned with! What does that mean? It means, that we have decided that Association Management is the next step in the growth of our business!We are the self declared Optimus Prime of the Association Management World! Every Association needs good Management especially when you consider the associations we deal with, ie: Condominium Associations! Unfortunately, they are more times then not, at war with each other over some random Dog Poop, Car Wash, Parking Space... reason or another! Summer is ALSO drawing near and this also means, Rules and Regulationss are being broken on a daily basis by some vacationer, who smartly rents a condo rather... then a hotel, and then forgets....through his Bud Light Morning Fog, he's in a condo and not a hotel!

With the overall economy in the toilet, and Real Estate companies statewide struggling to stay afloat, calvin toilet Pictures, Images and Photoswe have made some pretty difficult choices since embarking on the journey of Self Employment. We've made huge financial sacrifices in order to keep our companies in business! We have spent many hours awake, stressed and holding our breath for the next RE closing,or Job Order. When Hunka landed the Job through the Staffing agency back in November, we were grateful we'd be seeing consistent income and would have the opportunity for health insurance. Although the new offer paid several dollars per hour less then his previous Job it paid weekly and allowed some of the Stress of being with each other 7 days a week 24 hours a day to lessen. Poor Hunka needed a Break from the BransMuffin...She can be a bit overwhelming, especially now that our Company offices are in our home. I get Stir Crazy! If Im not here doing the much needed admin, (Facebook is Administrative) Im running the Roads looking for new inventory, showing rental property and on the rare but glorious occasion that it may occur.... I also sell a Condo or Two... or Three... or 9 contracts written this year and it appears I just might See Contract 8 and 9 actually close! Woot Party Over Here! Not too much though, wouldn't want to celebrate and prematurely "Deliver Deed". No Jinx's! No Jinxs! I got the Gordo Sitting on the Sales Contracts, and CAM Letters just to be SAFE! I would love to see the fruits of our last 4 months of non-closed transactions (Except T~Luvv, She got hers Closed...You Go Sista!) score a win in the production department, slam closing 3 in one month reminds me of my rookie real estate career! Could this be a snap shot of better days? Perhaps! I love the Career Field I'm in, and its mine and Hunkas Plan to retire in some south beach town and manage together the Future Blue Hair Clubs to come!

So as I finish "the fill in on Real Estate Saturday", Im also considering The Muffin Club Live...It'll be a Blog Talk Blog....But I need more Club members before I will Reserve the Airtime! Who want to be Radio Stars?

Off and Running! Real Estate to Sell and Bands to See!

Muffin Out


  1. I'm so there! I was made for radio talk.

  2. I am so there~ I was made for loving you babe~ and if radio makes you loved I will join in the lovin'~~ Now tell me about the statue holding those "Cam papers".....Very cool photo!!

  3. the Statue is feng shui, He is called Gordo and he is a three legged JADE Frog The Coin in his Mouth is an i~Ching Coin and he Draws Prosperity and Abundance! I love Him, He was a Gift to me from my Husband! I love me some Gordo! I talk to him and Pat His Butt! He is a heavy lil sucker too! I'll try to Link an Article to you!!! Im so excited Im window shopping for your Birthday Present!!! I found the coolest freaking website!!!!

  4. I'll be 40....(oh did I say that aloud) I would love a girl weekend...That would be the best gift...
    I had my bracelet on you bought me a few days ago..I so love it! you do pick the GREATEST GIFTS!!
    Prosperity coins I think we all need one of those, and a three legged Jade toad is just simply cool

    Missing the Bad...Damn you for making my heart ache.....

    P.S Whats the web site?

  5. came where looking for the new blog!!!! Come on already~ busy you may be little bumble bee but your HIVE IS WAITING