Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tampax...its not your Every Day plug!

Oh my goodness what a Crazy Busy Fucking two weeks! Shewwwwwwww! Now that that's out! I was combing the blogs trying to get my brain to shut the eff up...I need a break from my life, a short one! I have all this shit to do, a ton of time to do it and I feel like at the end of my extremely busy day, that I get absolutely nothing Done! Does anyone else feel like that? So who can go to bed or relax? What is that? I then get to hear my effing brain yak yak yak...Ugh! Really? So thanks to Jacob...AKA Loum, His tales of raunchy soon to be twin sex was riveting, and kept the voices in my head to a dull roar!...Check him out and follow him! The Thing about Loum, or Jacob... AKA Chops....I can always count on him to comment! Dont forget, the comments are a much needed Staple of blogging! FC-008 Pictures, Images and Photos In an earlier blog of his that I read, he actually had me nodding my head! Just like an old person in the church sanctuary, listening to the Sunday Lesson, as he described his writers block,lack of followers, and lack of comments! Even though he is building a nice little cult following...I too realized that having only 8 blog fans doesn't do much for the Blog Ego to want to keep blogging! I appreciate the 2AM Texts from Him and the comments from my sister that actually acknowledge that I need to Blog! I know I still Have 196 Blogs to move, so I have plenty of topic, but my blog followers of the past have found Blogger to be to difficult to sign into, or up for.... or whatever way we want to say it! My Muffin Club of practically 80 just aren't following me over here! order to feed my starving blog ego... I figure if I shamelessly plug (like a tampon) the other Blogs I read....they will shamelessly plug me....( Back ..Like a Tampon....) and the cult force can grow! We can be the Mighty Muffinites of Old! So with you hanging on to every thread of word I type...and needing a cheap Blog Topic... I will move yet another blog to Blogger! This lil diddy was back in the day when I wasnt friends with my most significant EX, "EJHS" No its not a High School...All though we often act as immature! Oh I should add facts here: as many of you know (All 7) I don't dispose of people too often, Nakid Blogger this is for your edification (and Muffin Club side note... click on the Blue Nakid Blogger and read the most hysterical Blow Job blog ever written!): I manage to reconnect with Ex's.....its my curse or my gift...I haven't made the final decision on that...the Jury is still out! And I may just Start a series called All the Boys Ive loved before....this includes the Late Andy Gibb, and Magnum PI! You know...when the Porn Stache was way bushier and way hotter then its throw back counter part of today! I remember the first time I heard the phrase Mustache Ride....Never mind that I heard it come out of my fathers mouth in conversation with wife number two....I was like 7 or 8 I wasn't too grossed out cuz I had no idea what Oral Sex was, and My father was talking about a friend of my step mothers who he claimed was looking for a mustache ride, My step mother at the time reacted so shocked that she actually called attention to what he said. You know the late 70's Smack in the Arm OMG! ~Reaction! My father was somewhat apologetic which made the term even more intriguing. He then claimed the friend was a foxy lady, but claimed she acts like a slut....another word I liked. So at Seven I decided That Mustache Rides were intriguing and Foxy Ladies shouldn't act like sluts....So the only thing left to discover was... do Sluts ride on Mustaches, and can you get a Carnival Bracelet that lets you ride all day?....Go Ahead... Discuss in the comments!

Did you Miss the Muffin?


  1. I'm sorry but I don't want to be your 'tampon', even figuratively. That's just gross. And I'm moving up my late-night texts to 4 am, just FYI.

    Look, I know you're busy closing some deals so you can fly me out there and maybe pay a bill or two in the process, but you need to get your blogging butt moving again. We love the old muffin blogs, which is why you have followers in the first place, but your current audience consists of people who've already read this stuff before. Update them, rewrite them, or just add a link. But that was then, baby, and we want our Muffin hot and fresh.

    But yeah, we miss the hell out of you, even though we got to see you dressed up as a Betty. You're not fooling anyone, though. That was pure Muffin goodness coming out of there and that's what we want to see again. No dressing up as a Betty, though. Just pure, unadulterated, uncensored, in your face, "don't fuck with me cuz I will fuck you back" Brans-Muffin!

    From the bottom of my heart, with much love for my biggest fan and for a REAL friend for so many years now, you are so much better than this. You know it. I know it. Everybody who loves you and reads your stuff knows it. Now show it.

    Remember the goat.

  2. Well I don't want to Delete those Blogs and I started writing here to move them so you'll still get them thrown in. I ate the Goat in A Gyro Several Months Back! There is just something about an animal that eat grass....Im quite attracted to the Goatee! Perhaps its my Fascination with Mustache Rides!?

  3. You know I just love your stuff!! Its a damn shame we are related and of the same sex or I might wanna date ya!!!!

    I think I missed the line where they were handing out bracelets for Mustache rides... I just love those rides, maybe I need to look into finding a RODEO FAIR WITH A PORN STACHE~ BULL RIDING MAN TO OCCUPY MY TIME....
    Wanna do the state fair this year?

  4. Oh shit, my effing brain never shuts off without a little meditation and deep breathing exercises which are usually interuppted by some stupid ass thought~ like am I doing this right?

    I stalk your blogs and your page just to see what the muffin has to say next and have been extremely disappointed that its been like (over two weeks).

    The followers will come as they are supposed to , maybe not in droves like I know you wish for with that ego of yours, but they will. Keep ranting and writing and making us laugh our asses off, cause some days its the only funny I GET!

    Not a big fan of mustache or mustache rides as the girl is a bit sensitive, but bring on the goatee anyday--cause there Hawt Hawt Hawt.

    and yes Muffin, you know we missed you!

  5. Well Damn Sam two Blogs in one day! That'll keep yall calm!

    Wow Teek...Its been a long time since Ive been to a Rodeo!

    Sensitive was the point I thought Anj! LOL! Thanks for Stalking me! Your Bogs have been the shiz lately too girl!

  6. I'll be your tampon! lol ...I will include a link of your tampons story in with my next story...and then all us girls can link our tampon strings together and eventually take over the world!!! I like that idea! Thanks for mentioning me in your post...i know you are a busy lady but i would love to see some more stuff from you!
    Wondertampons Unite!

  7. Yay! Im getting a Plug! Every Girl need a Good Plug!