Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be someone New...Reinvent Your Self...Define CAMPY?

Listen Yall....Define campy in the comments, and if  you need further talking points in my comment section and you dont mind, then please answer in the comments how: if you could reinvent yourself how would you do it?

Muffins got shit to do but Im trying to convince Jacob to do a 100 dates Blog and to Join Several Dating Sites and Blog the experiences. I need your help Muffinites....Everybody Chant Jacob Jacob Jacob

Or join me in a Mosh pit dressed in your best 80's attire....My theme Song for You Jacob aka Loum:

Groove is in the Heart!

Muffin Club Unite! Help me convince Jacob Lewis to Play the field for our amusement!

Your Muffiny Leader Loves You!


  1. If nothing else get drunk and watch the video!

  2. Everything I do is for your amusement, isn't it?

    Btw, if anyone sprinkles pixie dust on me then all bets are off!

  3. I think you can pull off that Bun thing ol boy is wearing in the video...its DeeeFabulous!

  4. alas, i have no dust of pixies to sprinkle on you Jacob...other wise, i would fly you down here!
    My definition of Campy ( the one I personally use on a regular basis), is something that is moldy, not right smelling, usually used in a sentence, like, oh my god, her vagina smells so 'campy' (just to be sure, that's never been said about me, but i have said it about lots of other chicks, especially if i am hating on them, it's a great insult that no girl wants to hear...'campy cunt' is the new 'dirty cunt'...it's just so graphic, you can't help but get mad if someone calls your cunt 'campy')

    because after camping for a few days, everything smells kind of musty and old and gross like a worn out vajayjay! LMFAO>..that just made me laugh hard, way to go me! CAMPY CUNT oh where do I come up with this shit??? it must be late and I must be hungry yes, indeed I am!

    I am in the process of reinventing myself as we speak, mostly i just sit around the house and masturbate...and then i blog for a while and then i go back to masturbating, this is quite the revamp of myself that's for sure! it's working out pretty good, i am loving this 'new' me!

    love you muffy pants...miss your posts *sticks bottom lip out...waaayyy out and batts eyelashes....

  5. Rewind to the 80s. Ive been reminiscing about them lately.

  6. LMAO at Campy Cunt....LOVE The Campy Cunt! Uhhhh Ok that didnt sound right!

    Mamma: I love the 80's! I love Deelites hairdo here too Just a Bumpit higher and its Jerseylicious for shore!

    Loum: I think we have a small following! PS Take note of the life ReVamping technique that Patricia Implements ... New Porn Indeed!

  7. New porn indeed, campy cunt does dallas! lol