Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get your dog a sombrero

Because You should... I say! Get your dog a sombrero! Why? Because it is Hot out side and your Dog could end up with Crows Feet! Because Your Dog is a Chihuahua, because your dog wants to celebrate Cinco D'Mayo Its been a while since Spanish 1 so... sound it out!  While you are at it Get your friends to Follow my Blog cuz Im about to be a Pay per Blog Site....which means I'm selling ad space to advertisers...I need to be able to add Published Professional Writer to My Resume....Its an ego boost...a trip... and well just all around something else to feel Muffiny Fabulous about....Let me tell you how I think it works....Cuz I dont really know for sure!

Someone or Some company Like Trojan Rubbers...(Dare I say Rubbers?) Sends me an assignment where I try their product and then Blog about its fabulous~ness....(I wont sell out Muffin Club cuz if I think it really sucks I'll tug on my ear twice Carol style)... I am getting paid to say their shit is the shit...Capishe? (Never took I talYun either am A Guinea though!)  So they will pay me to ad a linked sentence to my blog....such as "Get your dog a sombrero"So for every word I write I get some coinage and for every link I add I get some Greenbacks (No Pun intended that would be mean and wrong and Im no Bigot~Like other people I know)

So tell everyone you know to Follow my blog....and follow yours too....if I make enough Money I'll throw a party for all my Blog Followers in the Bahamas or some shit....and I'll have Party Favors....Like Rubbers and Sombreros....and we'll eat small dogs....You know Cock Tail Wieners...Im a natural at this shit!

Partay Like A Rock Star!


  1. Don't you need to actually try out those products first? Here, I'll help with you with them Trojan thingies... you just have to show me how they work. :P

  2. Oh Jacob If you dont know how them thingies work by now...Ummmmm You might be someones Daddy and Dont know it!

  3. I would buy a sombrero for my dog if I had one...just cause you said to. Good luck in the new venture!

  4. i love that you are pimping out your blog! teach me how obi wan

  5. WW...Actually The Site where I voted for you to be the best blogger in the virtual Universe is where I found it! Really You Should read the shit you sign up for...I mean, for real...Gah! :}

    Ang...Oh you loyal subject...I think I shall Knight you! Left Shoulder Right Shoulder Left Shoulder..Fanny Bump Twice..DO the Hustle...I declare You Knight On-Re-1...all others Bow to her great~ness...

    Mid Momma...Do you drink cuz all that shiz up there was for Serious! Either that or someones ticklin you....Ahem????