Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jones'n Hard For It...

Im slacking in the Blog sense, Its like I have an achy muscle that needs worked out but everytime I try to stretch it, life gets in the way!

I even left some with the thought that I had actually blogged! I took solice in reading other blogs...which made me want to blog more...I have so many Ideas and No time of my own!~

This is a cheap release...and a lazy way to "Rub One Out!" Sorry Jacob its a blast from the Past, with that said a talking point for boring cocktail parties and political stump gatherings....Lets Chat....Why aren't more hetero men consumed with looking good the same way my Gay Brothers are? Really Heteros....what the hell is wrong with LOOKING GAY for the sake of Looking Good? I love my Metro-sexual Man!
Suck in your gut put on a nice pair of Italian Leather loafers with those ripped jeans and throw away the Motley crew shirt.....and if you must sport the Mullet... then for fuck sake tie that tail up with an elastic band!
At least upon the meet and greet we think you have manicured your locks...AS IF The Eighties Fashion of its day was even kind to guys....they were not, only the girls got to rock that fashion scene! Its not coming back in fashion gents to tuck your jeans into your high top tennis shoe tongue...One could only hope against hope that if any 80's fashion sense for men returns it be looking like these hotties from the day! I don't care what they look like now....why ruin my fantasy with beer guts and balding? Have a great Bloggerific Day!

Love the Muffin


  1. James Spader was so Effing Dreamy....He made smoking look sexy! And I recently (like two years recently) bought my daughter a t-shirt that said Jake Ryan is my other Boyfriend!

  2. Gay guys, Straight guys.... word from the muffin...lookin' good will get ya a-lot farther than lookin' like you've been on a 30 day road trip with SLASH. Bathing and grooming is a MUST

    Muffin I love your guts too!! Show me a picture of Johnny Depp from 21 jump street

  3. oh and a great sexy cologne.....David
    Beckham's signature works right nice

  4. I couldn't agree more. My "straights" could take a few lessons from my "gays" in grooming and fashion. However, there are a few exceptions...but not many around my neck of the woods.

  5. Oh Lord 21 Jump Street! I'll have a blog transfer soon enough about Childhood crushes we'll explore Johnny in Depth then lol!

    Angie I had no Idea that you have Gays! Right On!

  6. I don't mind the occasional blast from the past. But I only remember James Spader from his recently awesome role as the unrivaled and very flawed ace attorney, Alan Shore, from both The Practice and Boston Legal.

    I need to find you a new layout for this page. Something more... Muffin-y.

  7. Thanks Jacob....and I appreciate you managing my image, Just so you know Im a minimalist... :}