Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trash Mouth? My Son? Nahhhhhhh!

So the cell phone rings....It 12:54PM, its Thursday, and Starring back at me from my cell phone is my sons face and name....Im thinking "Oh Hell No I am not picking him up early" as I answer the phone with WHAT? rather then Hello. I hear, a bit exasperated...."Mom....Im calling you cuz Im getting written up for using bad language....Well not proper...Ok? Oh Im not getting written up?....Then why am I calling her?.... Okayyyyyyyyyyyy?" As I am waiting...not sure who he is talking to...he says..."Uhhhhhh....there's this kid he's been driving me crazy all school year and really I want to fight him and this teacher who over heard me say: "That effin kid is on my effin nerves and I want to knock the eff out of him"...."so she said rather then write me up she wanted to hear me tell you what I said...." Silence.....I have my hand over my mouth and Im trying not to crack up...Score one for the teacher too, she has no Idea that this kid would rather chew his own arm off then say the "EFF" word in front of me....So I said...Did you say "Eff" or "Fuck?"... cue the crickets.....Dead Silence....
which means he really said:Potty mouth. Pictures, Images and Photos
"That Fucking kid is on my Fucking nerves and I want to knock the fuck out of him"

My Reply: "When you get home you must eat a bar of soap to clean out your mouth...You need to be polite!

Him:...Uh Ok?

Me: Go try to have a good rest of your day and be polite! Stop Cussing, Potty Mouth!

Do I really care that he said "Bleepity- Bleep- Bleep?"
Fuck no, its a public school and so many kids there are fuckity fucks!....Do I want my 15 year old fighting in school....Fuck No, But there are so many bully's and assholes, and the stress of the end of the year and exams and what have yous....the damn place is a fucking time bomb! If someone is pushing him around I need him to push back, we simply cant allow our children to be victims of the mob simply because the are too passive!

I will punish him....and the best way I know how....Im going to publish this blog to his Facebook page! Really he gets his foul fucking mouth from his father! Im also going to add this picture of him titled his sweet years too....That'll learn him for talking like a Union Electrician on a Commercial Jobsite!
             He did get it honestly~Potty Mouth Family Photo!

Signing Off as : A Not so Shocked Muffin!


  1. Yes I know thats not Hunka...It's EJHS...and they all three have Potty Mouths! Sara Especially!

  2. I love the photos!!! His potty mouth comes from the womb baby!! Its's ok you get it...ooops~ we get it from GRAM....

    P.S I still have the pony photo in a frame ...REALLY MUST i WAIT TILL GRADUATION FOR A NEW PHOTO?

    This brings to mind the fight I had in my junior year and I remember you telling the principle "I'M NOT BIASED SHE REALLY DID HAVE IT COMING TO HER"

    xoxo~ Eric Aunt Terry loves your potty mouth...GO KISS YOUR MOTHER

  3. lol He never brought home the school pictures from Last Year I had to go get them from guidance...I think they were going to throw them away! You may have to wait til Senior year!

  4. Fuck yeah !! Embarrass him on FB. A mom after my own heart ... lol!!

  5. "Did you say 'Eff' or 'Fuck?'" -- love it! :)

  6. lol I was so hoping he would have answered "I said Fuck" with the teacher right there! He didnt...see he is a Momma's Boy!