Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snot Rocket Researchers Needed! Apply Within!

Yes its true....The Writing Womb did win the Coveted Snot Rocket Blogger Award!

I also am a cheap Fan Following Finder....Im like Single White Female Stalking Nakid...(Im dressed...shes Nakid!Im not single, She is not Married...See the connection?) Since you clicked on her link to check out my Awesomeness... notice too at this point how Fate has brought us together? Plus The feedjit told me you are here...its like the bloggers magic 8 ball cept you dont get high from it...unless there are comments then you do actually get high from it...I digress, as I was suggesting: You should Follow me too....You never know I might just make an award that you too can brag about!

Awards Im working on:


  1. Im a cheap whore of Sorts and Awards Motivate me! I promise to comment your every post!

  2. Oh I havent named the pretty pink one....Im thinking something Skanky though! Suggestions?

  3. It appears I am commenting myself...this is a little to Cybil even for me!

  4. lol i like it when you stalk yourself ....that's the kind of stalker i like to have...you are diligent in your efforts for sure!
    so, i think you should name the flowers (pretty pink one) you should call it...i can smell your bush from here award...for the skankiest...ha ha that's super skanky and nasty...i don't know if i would accept that award though.
    i enjoyed your post and thanks for basically being a guest blogger on my blog...cause i just had to cut and paste your awesomeness onto my post...thanks, i was in such a shitty mood today...the worst, evil, vile emotions decided to say hello and your email brightened my day a bit! xo

  5. Hahahahahahaha I can Smell Your Bush....Hahahahahaha

  6. lmao@smelling your bush - I WANT TO WIN THAT AWARD!
    Just wanted to say: I have given you YET ANOTHER award for the fact that your blog rocks, and I just told everybody so:

  7. Woohoo....My Blog Plan Be Working Mon!