Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunka makes a Sacrifice...and all for you!

Crazy Husband Thoughts...Or are they?

Hunka is a character at times...most of the time he is just quiet! Hello...McChatty, I talk enough for the both of us! He on the Rare occasion, does come up with a doozie of a thought though! For example....We were running an errand...and chatting away in the car, well I was chatting, he was pretending to listen I think... when I ask him, if he ever thought we would live away from the shore. (Beach, Ocean, Coast,...Shore is my Jersey Licious term, Im hoping it catches on like Soda did!) He said, "well we aren't done moving yet. So I suppose when we are finally done, and we just don't want to move anymore... ever, I would have to say we would very likely still live near WATER...or On Water, or by the Sea....or something like that...."

So I proceed to have him "Define Water".....I know his definition of Sea, we live by the Sea now (Well the Ocean~ but for the sake of arguing its aka: The Sea)...But Is Water.... Lake Erie? The Everglades, Niagara Falls, a drainage pond in the middle of Kentucky somewhere? He says..."Well my Grand Parents lived on a lake in was AWESOME, and I could live like that I suppose." ..."But,Water to me means the Ocean....any Ocean... as long as the climate is warm." I think, OK...Im down with that, confident now that I don't have to look for Husband number 3...and without even finishing my thought he gets all aggressive and kinda stern and says "Because I ain't living in the Fucking Cold, I can tell you that right now! My ass has gotten spoiled and Im not living anywhere its not warm...Fuck that!"

I was all.... "OK... Calm Down"... Man he kinda freaked.. like I was wanting to move to Alaska and become the next hot Governor of the United States of America or some Shit! I could so totally pull that off too....cept I dont want to shoot Caribou... I would shoot Palinbou though...Oh...well I digress

So then he proceeds to make a thought provoking statement....Are You Ready? ...This is single handily the most UnSelfish Thing MY VERY Sagittarian husband has said. He said..."Besides, we OWE it to our friends to live some place 'cool' and on the Ocean!" I said...DO WHAT WILLIS?

And he Repeats...Nice and slow as if I left my short bus helmet at home..."We... owe to ...our... friends... to... live... someplace... cool... so... that... they... can... afford... to... take... cheap... vacations." Im starring at him~ half annoyed and half impressed. As he proceeds with: "If we live someplace matter where we live...they'll come visit us!"

Its one of those things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!

So there you have it...the Thought Provoking Thoughts of One Hunka Husband...

~Muffins a Lucky Lucky Girl

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  2. LOL! And I thought Youd Like that he is giving up living someplace Boring just so his family and friends would visit! You have got some mad dislike for Sarah dontcha?

  3. Thanks, David! (I ain't calling him "Hunka" for anything. I'm sure he'll appreciate that when I come to visit.)

  4. LOL!~ He rolls his eyes when I call him that! Secretly I think he likes it! But You're right prolly not coming from you!

  5. I can not imagine either of you beach bums living anywhere that you could not hang a sign that said "salty life"... and cheap imitation lakes and wanna be sand pits need not apply!!!!

  6. Oh you can say that again! I laugh at the Beach in Ohio off of Lake Erie....But in a Pinch it would due! And it Salt Life....roflmao! Salty Life has to due with margaritas i think

  7. I'm not opposed to calling him "hunka" or becoming a beach bum. One of these days I will live the "Salt Life".

  8. It comes Highly Suggested! And he doesnt mind who calls him hunka....Hes man enough! (That was for Loum really)

  9. Daytona... my old stomping grounds. LOVE Bike Week there. I miss my home state ( Florida) so much sometime.

    Enjoy your blog.... and thanks for your nice comment on mine.

  10. Youre welcome! I noticed your previous Salt Life...Ive recently started stalking you too