Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ranting and Raving.....Sometimes I just want most people to fuck off!

Its a Full moon and I havent checked yet but I think its a Bitchy one and not a Magical Mystery one....usually the full moon makes me all warm and fuzzy....this full moon... makes me want to climb a water tower and fucking shoot people...This is not a good full moon!

Yesterday was Gym Rest day and I needed it!!! Today Aims Kicked my ass and then Kicked it some more! I feel great now that its over and she did keep me motivated! I feel like working out exhausts me just enough to continue  to digest ignorance that appears to surround me during this lunar phase! I do feel better when Ive worked out! AND  It does to me appear that Im surrounded by idiots...Not anyone in particular and Just everyone all at once...ever have one of those days where everything and anything that someone says to you Just pisses you the fuck off? Well Im living a shit load of that in full tech-no-color HD....GAH!

Its been a Hot second since Ive had to let a friend go...Im not one to do this without weighing the consequences of me making the decision to lighten the friend load...So its back to Muffin blogging it out to work through my Psycho Killer Phase...This is all about the Rhetorical Drama that goes on behind the scenes of many peoples lives...MINE INCLUDED...

I wont go into details of the Friend Break up except to say that I made the decision and I intend to stand by it....I was never planning on blogging the details and Im still not....but Lynn Dennis Henry posted a Facebook Status that needs repeating...I measure friendship in different ways then many people do...and this status hit the fricken nail on the fricken head! I think is because Im a Yankee... If we aren't friends I still give the benefit of respect and the common decency of speaking to you in a polite fashion when I encounter you... "The way to make a true friend is to be one. Friendship implies loyalty, esteem, cordiality, sympathy, affection, readiness to aid, to help, to stick, to fight for, if need be. ... Radiate friendship and it will return sevenfold.- B. C. Forbes" Dont forget being a true friend also means respect...for Your Self Each Other and the friendship as it stands....thats all Im gonna say about that....NEXT!

So the next thing on the random Block is Vague Status messages on Facebook...
Im talking Vague Status updates that Scream...I need attention cuz Im a looser....Or those messages that say..."Im so over crying"....Or "Three more days til I can tell you why Im smiling"....

Really? Do you want us to ask and we just aren't? Should we Stay glued to your WALL for three days so we can experience this joy with you or are you just stringing us along in an attempt to feed your self doubting ego?....Why not make your status....

"Im crying cuz he fucked my sister"... Or "My husbands want to screw a 22 year old....Im forty and depressed now!" Then we dont have to say anything...cuz Damnnnnnnn thats Fucked Up! Or how about changing your profile to a big cheesy grin and then set status at..."Ask me why Im smiling?" Dont put a time frame on it like a God damn sweeps week cliff hanger...So Annoying....and your answer needs to be better then Because Jesus Loves Me...WTF...If I want to go to Church I'll do it somewhere other then FACEBOOK...I'll actually go to one of them there Buildings with the pointy thing topped by a lower case t..

I like the Status portion of FaceBook in general and I use it regularly...I try to be clear as Mud and not Vague at all....If you catch me being Facebook Vague Please Point it out! I'll tell you to fuck off...but I'll also update my status while doing it....

NEXT....Bejewled Blitz....I confess I want to rule the Bejeweled Blitzed world and I have lost many of hours of sleep because "you" (Insert YOUR Name Here!) are beating my high score...Im childish I know but You need to eat my Jeweled Ass! I MUST WIN...I will use every Bonus Option available....this includes my extra boost internet connection that I pay more for to beat you...also bionic fingered Friend (AMY MARIN) who plays with out a mouse...I secretly worship your skill but must still beat you! Muhahahahahahaha..... show that to Will!!!!!!! Your Next Jacob! Your going DOWN!

My girls are coming for the weekend from Ohio...Im so excited and so sad that they couldn't stay longer....but we will tease them with Paradise and they will return! Also Yes its true E-Loumination and I will Rendezvous here at the beach the week of my birthday in August...Yes you can be jealous of him...HE AT LEAST KNOWS THE MEASURE OF FRIENDSHIP....and we've never even met...He also stole a photo from my Facebook page....So I must return the favor...perhaps after a night of drinking and clubbing...Have camera will take pictures!

Thanks For Tuning IN!
Mighty Muffin


  1. your first sentence alone had me cracking up. Took me a good five minutes to get past it

  2. Thanks Sugary....You Rawk and I never want you to Fuck Off

  3. wowzers--hope that mood improves deary. Sorry you have to cut the ties with a friend...obviously they weren't a friend to begin with. Hope today goes better for you. I quit playin bejeweled when I was doing it in my sleep at night. Kindof like when Tetris was popular, that game fucked me right up. Hang in there sista~it'll all be alright!

  4. Update...Jacob wbnet down to AMY! That BeeOtch busted 530K Jeeze maybe I issued a Challenge that my ass can cash...I have mouse thumb and only 5 facebook credits trying to catch her!

  5. Woot! Yes, be jealous of me. I know the measure of something, and there will be video blogging. Oh, yes! I will be vloggin' the Muffin. You won't want to miss. ;)

  6. The longevity of a friendship is something to be values, respected and something we strive to maintain everyday.
    When you realize a friendship and its efforts are exhausting then It is time to move on.
    Lightening the load allows for more meaningful time spent with the friends that truly matter

  7. Whew-weeee - nice rant! Hey, do you know the moon song? It works well with kids and adults. Ready?

    I see the moon and the moon sees me.
    The moon sees someone I'd like to see.
    God bless the moon and the god bless me.
    God bless the someone I'd like to see.

    Go check out the moon tonight and think of someone you miss and say these words. Maybe you won't want to go on that shooting rage. Or maybe you will just want to fire a shot at me? :)

  8. Wow, that was awkward wins the award for song of the week...

  9. lol at wtwa....Thanks for the Pick me up!
    I cant believe that I haven't blogged in a week!

    Teek.....Ha Ha ha Ha at first I thought You were saying Wow, That Was Awkward.....blahahahahahah