Monday, July 26, 2010

Week One is Complete....Im a Beast!

7 days of Jillian includes 2 rest days...4 Ass Kicking Work outs and a Missed Yoga day but I did Cardio Shower Cleaning instead...The diet part is hard because I struggle to eat as much as required...the workouts have become a commitment in my day...I must complete them before 1PM each day if I plan on sleeping that night. I did cheat On Saturday I had Chicken Strips Onion Rings and Sweet Tea from Hardees....I also had a Bowl of Chili and Dbl Cheese Burger from Steak and Shake Yesterday...Hardees was glutiny...I was sick all night after eating it....I would have paid to throw it all up...but it was caught somewhere between the Large and Small intestines and created crazy pains and unruly bloating....I think It was late last night before I started feeling good, I managed to sweat out most of the Saturday poison yesterday morning with the Sunday work out and then spent the afternoon just sitting in the pool and relaxing...
My Hamstrings and my Quads are KILLING ME...each foot feels like it weighs 110 pounds each....but I have this fantastic burst of energy....Seriously Im practically high....Im like Steven Hawking on the outside....and Speedy Gonzales on the inside...However... I smell like Pepe Le Pew...SO Imma go Shower and Get My Real Estate On!

Hows the work outs going??? I wanna know what your doing to get into shape on your end?!

Stinky Muffin


  1. I would say your the shizzzz... Thats a super combo you got going on and who cares how Pepe la pew smelled he was one foxy cartoon character.

    Love ya much and my ass is growing leaps and bounds and I WISH I HAD YOUR DETERMINATION.

    Muah~ Xoxoxoxox

  2. My Meals Servings Calories Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbs(g)
    Cottage Cheese and Toast 1 Serving(s) 161 18 2 21 remove
    Peanut Butter, Smooth 1 Serving(s) 188 8 16 6 remove
    Total 349 26 18 27
    Flatbread 1 Serving(s) 110 6 2 20 remove
    cheese 1 Serving(s) 70 5 5 0 remove
    cheese 1 Serving(s) 70 5 5 0 remove
    Salami 1 Serving(s) 120 5 10 1 remove
    Flatbread 1 Serving(s) 110 6 2 20 remove
    turkey 1 Serving(s) 50 11 0 1 remove
    turkey 1 Serving(s) 50 11 0 1 remove
    Total 580 49 23 43
    Snack 2
    Popsicle or Ice Pop 1 Serving(s) 47 0 0 11 remove
    Total 47 0 0 11
    Creamy Basil Parm Chicken 1 Serving(s) 300 5 3 24 remove
    Total 300 5 3 24

    Daily Total
    1276 80 44 106

  3. Ok thats a lot of food and I still didnt make the minimum calorie count Im going to have to eat a salad still today too! I didnt know I could eat so much and the calorie count be so little!

    I also didnt eat my popsicle yet...I still get a little craving for sweet...but its not bad now that Im though the first week. I burned 645 calories today with my work out!

  4. Congrats to you on your first week thru. One question- what are you allowed to drink? As far as carbs and calories go? R U nothing but water?

    As far as what I have done--I managed to get the wrapper off the yoga mat and the dvd and watched it. Still not feeling the full effects of the last epi. But come Wednesday I'll be go go go until Sunday night!

  5. No is the answer, you are allowed to drink what ever you want! just have to add it into your food log...For example...I hate diet If I drank a can of Coke I would have to add 140 Calories 39 Carbs and 0 Protein
    I do drink pretty much only choice...Id rather eat those calories then drink them, I also drink Coffee, Unsweetened tea with Lemon,I put crystal light packets in my water Im loving Raspberry Ice right Now (10 Calories), as a snack on the plan I can choose a Cafe Latte and a Pear (1 Calorie)If the coffee is a tall from starbucks It only has 126 calories 0 Fat 18 Carbs and 12 Protein

    I try to keep my meal carbs at 40 or less
    I eat from her menu although I alter all her plans and I save all my nutritional facts to add the numbers to my food log quickly... Im burning about half my calories in the gym I work out "Hard" for 55-75 minutes in the gym, I'll scan the exercises and email them to you. Mark can show you how to lift the weights properly, the concern I had was that I would lift wrong and not target what needs targeted! Send me your email address.

  6. Youre a better person than I . .. Jillian scares me .