Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Weigh in....

So Saturday is my rest day....for exercise...Trust me that's it too, there will be no other kind of resting! My "Coach" allows her rest day to include a cheat day...I decided when I began 6 days ago, there would be no cheat day on the schedule because cheat days turn into cheat weeks for me and I think I always end up right back at the beginning. I also think I will do some sort of work out today...I did clean that condo Yesterday and I have a Vac and Mop out and an entire 3 bedroom vacation turn today. I think in spite of cleaning I'll still try and work out! So if the "Hot Turn" kicks my ass, then I'll be pleased...if it doesn't then I'll be in the gym!
I call them Hot Turns...that's when one vacationer checks out and on the heels of the cleaning crew the next bunch check in...These condos are 2500 sq feet 3 bedrooms 3 baths of pure hell at times. One of the things I noticed about people on vacation, they don't clean....(Dbl -) NOTHING!!!!! When I'm on vacation and there isn't a "Maid Service" I at least do my dishes rinse out my shower and I almost always do my laundry....I don't want to go home and have to spend the next 6 hours Unvacationing...and I cant use the same towel everyday for a week. I like to come home from a trip and relax! I have had condo turns where the self cleaning ovens had to be run because they looked like the hells kitchen shot an episode IN THE OVEN....every bed linen, towel, comforter and throw rug was soiled ...not just dirty...that's expected... but straight up filthy! There are full size washer and dryers in most every unit I manage...Hello don't throw that shit in the bathtub....throw it in the washer! So it'll be me and a scrub brush against the world today...Im also going to interview cleaners this coming week....I need an assistant.

OK OK OK what you all have been waiting for...I officially lost 4 pounds through the coarse of this week and somewhere in the week I gained 2 back....It confuses me Like day one... I weighed in I was XXX weight day two I had gained two 6....Im 2 pounds lighter then my Start weight and Four Pounds lighter then Day two...Now my goal was only 7 pounds per month...I know that it will get harder as the weight comes off to loose even more...but I think my final weight goal wont be that hard to hit because for my height and my age 145 pounds isn't really skinny....I want to be cut I need the weight to balance because muscle does weigh more the fat and I can alter the clothes I have rather then spend money on new clothes.
And terry my goal is to loose 30 do the math this time....there is plenty of clues to my actual weight!

OK gotta go....I'm about to sweat it out....on a Glass shower enclosure!

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