Friday, July 23, 2010

Half Assed Post and How I plan to Get my Sweat On!!!

So when you do what I do for a living you need to be ready for anything and prepared for everything to stop your forward momentum...You also need a good strong set of friends, children and spouse(S)( Morman anyone???) Because Sometimes you find yourself breaking promises and plans...Not because you want to go back on your word but more because others dont keep theres! Must remember that the paycheck comes first....With that said, I did give up my Yoga Class, and Now my evening to accommodate a client, who didnt respect my time or my word from the onset. Thats what bothers me the most about this job....If you want to make a living at it you have to deal with these disappointments! So in the spirit of Positive Reinforcement of my weight loss movement...I plan on Cleaning a Condo that was not on my agenda until Monday true find the positive fashion... it was a condo I was going to Farm out to a new cleaner, but that now will have to be cleaned by me...and  VIGOROUSLY this evening, making the fact that I had to miss YOGA~Friday (a very disappointing part of my day mind you Ive looked forward to it all week) not so bad because I'll still get a work out. Since you know...I have to turn cleaning into my cardio workout. Second Positive Note of a Shitty realization... I will now NOT be having Birthday Dinner with friends at the Deck tonight, which saves me Money and Beer Calories!
Thats a happy thought...kinda? Sorta? NOT! So why am I all pissy about it all....Because more often then Not I put aside what I want to do to be the responsible true to my word person that my friends and clients have come to count on....It would be nice if every once in a while the rest of the world did the same!...So instead of Yoga Im getting my Sweat on with a Magic Eraser and Pine sol....Instead of Good Friends and Laughs... I get to play Cinderella...While those that failed to meet their obligation get their way and at my expense (Well My Paycheck....Expense... You know what Im saying!)
Its a Shame, more people dont work for themselves...if they did they'd probably respect the time of those that do... perhaps... a little more!
I weigh in tomorrow Please let me have lost weight...the scale balanced even this morning....SO... some how I Lost and Gained and Hopefully Lost weight....Maybe it because my Blood Pressure was up, I tend to get amped about certain stuff.......Does Blood Pressure cause your ass to weigh more???  Maybe Im grouchy cuz I didnt work out????

Off to Clean and Sweat!
Muffin Tops are still Hawt!


  1. Hi I was just wondering if the comment section was broke?

  2. My starter husband and I owned our own home builders business. It was grueling at times. Had to be first priority over many things. .. I too often had the feeling that folks really didn't realize how hard it was. Most people clock out and go home, but if you're the owner, you're never really "off the clock"

  3. I do indeed know exactly how you feel. My problem however is with being able to say NO, instead of Yes, when already I don't want to do it and then have to because I said I would.
    I cleaned houses for some green. It pays well, but it is back breaking work. When I say I cleaned, that means if their shower was so damn disgusting that it took me four hours to clean it and get it clean, so be it. However, my work and my sweat was not what they wanted I guess, because when I went back to finish the job that I had already spent ten hours on, they told me they didn't want me to finish. So, in retrospect they didn't want me to really clean, they just wanted someone to half ass do it, cause that's how they rolled.
    It took me a while to realize that people who I worked for didn't really appreciate what a GREAT job I did...and No, I'm certainly not patting myself on the back but seriously, I never half assed cleaned anyone's home. And the more I did, the more they expected and for the same price. At least you know you stick to your word, thats a hell of a lot more than what a lot of people do. Im sure you worked up a sweat anyway...oh and BTW, I did indeed pick up a yoga mat and a Jillian work out dvd today and thought of you. Now, its just getting the wrapper off and doing it.