Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer of Love....Photos that Move me...

So as I get older there are a few things Ive gone SOFT about. One is simple public displays of affection.
An Old Man Holding the hand of his Old Wife...Makes me weak to see it, and Young Lovers as photographed above it fills my heart, I get excited for them...so few times do we see passion in people. What a great effing Photo!

SO many people call themselves Photographers...and Ive seen some really good Photos! However, with the invention of Photoshop most everyone can be a good photographer! We can all take a color photo and make it black and white! Black and White Photography is some of my favorite Photography.My favorite Wedding Photos were turned to Black and White...I simply adore them...Here are my two favorites!

In both photos you get a sense of Love and Passion
(Hunkas Sideburns were RAWKING!)

Its not just because the Photos are mine, I think if I came across either of them I would feel the same way. Moved...and Moved is emotional, Not like Fart Pains...Im talking a real true emotional movement. Its rare to capture that. Id love to credit the Photographer...I dont know if my sister Terry took one or both of these or if Frick took One or Both of these! Or If My dear Friend Hottie Rob took these.

Any who I started combing my friends on Facebook and found several pictures they took that have moved me.....

I stole this from my sisters page and as I was going through her photos it took my breathe...I then noticed, I commented in February 2009 ....It still moves me! She mentioned she found this photo on Photobucket...so I cant give photocredit...therefore its anonymous! As does this One:
I cant tell you why, but it makes me Sad and Homesick.
But its breathtaking just the same! Again Cant say whose photo this is...
My sister is not a "Photographer", but her photos are fabulous! So I move on to other photos...I have over 400 friends...I need to Narrow the Search and Decide... Mrs Seabolt is a Whiz Bang Boom with the Photo Shop...her basic photos are very nice as well...and looky looky here what I found:
Luna ...March 30th (Year Not Clear!)
I am such a MidWest Girl...having grown up in Ohio not so far from the Country and in a little Football is EVERYTHING Town...her Barn Photography is Stellar!:
Thanks Angie....You do have an EYE!

Photo Credit Elizabeth Hayes

 Our Daughter Elizabeth Also has an amazing eye for photography, Her Still photography has a way of expressing feeling and movement. For having only turned 16 her photography has a very mature feel to it!

Belle...Soul Searching Photo Credit-Unknown by me

My Youngest Sister Chelsie is also very creative....are you seeing a pattern here? If you are anywhere near us you are probably getting your photo taken!~ 
Sunset In Destin ~Muffins View Point

Sunset in Destin through Teeks Lens
One of my all time Favorite Photos ~ Photo Credit Terry Kay
DarylLynn Photobucket

DarylLynn Photobucket....
Hunka's lil Cousin...Mahmoud Photo Credit Either ~His mother, or his Auntie
Im also a huge "Face Photo Fan"...I however Hate Posed Photos ...You dont have to have a huge face either...Just know what your photo subject is and capture it naturally!
Eric Key West- Photo Credit Muffin

Teek In MI- Photo Credit Ethan Vandeberg

My Husbands Handy Work.....which he takes painful stakes when photographing...He used to be a Point and shoot guy...he's come along way baby!

Window Seat - Photo Credit David Hayes
Water Play- Photo Credit David Hayes
Pink Flamingo~ David Hayes
This photo is actually Framed and sitting next to his recliner...Thanks for Browsing...
I hope they moved you...which is your favorite?

Photo Critics and Picture tricks welcomed in the comments!

Say Cheesy Muffin


  1. I can attest to the fact that Photoshop does NOT help everyone. And I count myself among those. I'm the worst. photographer. ever. Nothing can help me.

    I think there are just some people who have an eye for it. All of these photos are beautiful! I think my favorite is the tree with the gold leaves...amazing!

  2. I love all of them and I thing my favorite is by David and its the Polar Bear!!! Very very cool, That a majestic animal!!! Love the blog and the pick and Thanks for the Photo props!! I love Destin Florida Pics....The photo of me in the hat was taken by Ethan.... He's got the talent too. Angie's barn photo Rocks....

    Love ya

  3. Im torn between all of them I find it very hard to choose....the golden leaves are devine!

  4. Hahahaha We were here at the same time! I gave proper photo credit to Ethan!
    I fricken Love that Photo of you!

  5. Why thank's Muffin for the photo props. The picture of Luna is one of my favorites and there was no photo manipulation done to that one. That's just how it turned out. It was taken this year in Essex while visiting the college campus that we will be taking Kacie to Thursday. My favorite is the one Teek took in Destin...I find it dreamy! Wow- a photo blog from Muffin- very impressed and moved. However, second up would be the one of you and Hunka looking at each other- now that one has always made me smile knowing somewhat of the story of how the two of you became one.

  6. Dreamy Describes it perfectly!
    I cant choose...each is a favorite for its own reason.....Sigh!