Thursday, September 30, 2010


Even this Kid could Kick my Ass at Tetherball
When does life really give you a DO Over? When we were kids an epic fail sometimes allowed for a do over...Tether ball for example: I had many do overs playing tether ball...I was clumsy as all get out! I could not serve that string attached fucking Volley ball for shit....I would often YELL ...."DO Over!" I was the Do Over Tether Queen! I even practiced Serving cuz I sucked so bad! I realize (just now) one very long dot dot dot filled sentence into writing this blog that I have "Digressed" right out of the blog start gate...
DO OVER.....So let me Start again! As Im reading Sara Swears a lot I come across a very intriguing topic! Its part of the BloggerStock monthly theme!(Which I did Try to Join...their Badges are screwy  though!) The Theme is DO OVERS and Sara of the Swears A lot persuasion is a member swapper with this group of writers.They blog the set theme and then simualtaniously will post on each others page.. I get confused as to who wrote what on what blog...because of all the Swapping but there is a general theme consistency on all of them so you really end up not giving a shit who wrote what, and you just find yourself all caught up in the different takes on the topic! Which now means I have begun following about 10 more bloggers because I was so taken with the topic! We'll see in the next few weeks if I have found a new blog haunt! I'm hoping perhaps I will!
So as the topic goes DO OVERS: Ive decided I will write my own Do over list as well...side note: I don't have the specifics as to the Definition of Do Over...However, I have read several blogs that were about the one thing they would redo if given the chance. So I started thinking...what would I redo if given the chance? Id have to say there are several things I would like a Do Over on and I'm basing them on some of the things the above talented bloggers wrote about.

So here is my list of: Do Overs: They are numbered because I like Numbers, not because they are in any particular order of  Epic Failure:

1. I would love a Do Over of the conversation I recently had with my Son concerning his Virginity. (If I could have a Do Over I would have NEVER had the conversation! There are some thing I just DON'T NEED TO KNOW!)

2. I wish I could have a DO OVER and tell someone who died  recently just how very much they meant to me. Candidly and Honestly, I'm sad that I didn't get the chance!

3. I would give just about anything have a complete DO Over with my Ex Husband...Ha but not what one might think! I need an honest conversation with my Ex-husband about our parting and how his friendship and support NOW is vital to me! Not just some vague in the elevator fragment of innuendo communication that was left to an interpretation of whoever chooses to read into it...Or hear it...or something like that! You know that "moment" that happened recently~ HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO I CALL A DO OVER!

4. I wish I could DO OVER the little things that seemed so important "then"! I'm talking any "Drama Filled Whatever" that I got in the middle of 'cuz it was grown up to have issues ~ Including but not limited to ALL the bullshit that I found myself rolling around in!

5. I would have never hit that Bus stop sign, instead I would have let the old fucker in the caddi hit me instead! CHA CHING OLD FUCKER! I want a DO OVER!

Ok that's it for now, I feel better!
Xo Done Over Muffin


  1. What is ironic is that the week my ex wife got pregnant back in 2000, was also the same week I was going to through her ass out on the curb and leave her. Then she got preggars the same week so I ended up marrying her. Don't get me wrong, I love my twins, but some days I wish I would have pulled out or never touched her that week.

  2. Trash ~Hello!!!! I needed a complete post do over...when you read this it sounded like I spoke broken English...Thanks for commenting though! Oh Im sure you do love your kids....about the time My Little Stick turned Blue Im sure EJHS was wishing for a pull out Do over too! Only because he was vocal about not necessarily having children, I was Obsessed about getting pregnant though! I won!

  3. I have a do over list I will post. THANKS FOR THE IDEA I NEEDED STIMULATING..

  4. OH DAMN~ DO OVER already above...I am stimulated thank you very much.....

  5. I didnt Stimulate Nothing Hoe!
    What you stimulate is your business....lalalalalalalala

  6. Do Over huh--well that could be interesting. LOL~ However, I wouldn't be me if anything had been different so...what would I or could I do over? Oh so many things come to mind.

  7. Well I know I couldn't RE do it...But what about those things You wish you coulda said or shoulda said...I always think later...Dang it, I wish I woulda Said " "! ~ Thats a DO OVER!