Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gi Gi, You need Frankie!

In my new attempt to bring the Love Dr to my blog, Im starting a new "Blog Write" called Love Hurts...
Now don't go getting all crazy eyed...I'm not calling it a series and I only decided to do this because while watching Sundays missed episode of Jerseylicious last night, I found myself really sad that GiGi and Frankie broke up. I even dreamed I was trying to get them back together! Dont Judge!  It appears Im not the only one who is sad by this! I may be the only one right now that sides with Frankie though! The thought behind the start of this blog is Love Hurts 'cuz sometimes it does!
 Im thinking that sometimes Love also hurts because we hurt ourselves! GiGi and Frankie are my favorite couple on TV right now. I just love Frankie he is a little tough, a little selfish, and a whole lot in love with Gi Gi!  Gi Gi is an old school romantic, she is super sweet, a little Bossy, and completely in love with Frankie's family~ particularly his Mom! Frankies Mom is fabulous! How could she not love her! Im not saying she doesnt love Frankie, I think she does, I just think Frankie loves Gi Gi on a more mature level. Gi Gi is the scheduled girl...you know the type:  . She reminds me of the girl that has a boyfriend for 365 days then gets a Promise ring for 365 days then gets engaged for 365 days ...then Gets married....and after 365 days gets Pregnant...all because "Its Twime" she wants a commitment from Frankie...(Holding Pinkie and thumb to ear and mouth in dramatic telephone fashion:) Hello Gi Gi, he's committed! His life is an open book and taking a backseat to your show and career. The smart fellow he is though, has said...I love you and because I love you I want to do this commitment, marriage, baby stuff, at a pace I am (he is) comfortable with! Gi Gi is relentless in her pursuit and Frankies Mom is not helping matters! Frankie gave Gi Gi her way (again) and walked away when she asked him too!
Moral of the story: LADIES...Hello! Be careful what you wish for! You just might get it!

When Gi Gi broke up with Frankie at the Jesrey Shore you could see her heart breaking, (when they post the video Im coming back to edit! Seriously, I cried!) you could hear in Frankie's voice when he said..."Really Gi' this is what you want? Right here,right now, you want to call it quits?" Oh!!!! ***Sigh.... He loves her...he was doing what he thought she wanted....and she was calling ALL IN! Its a Poker Move~ she calls his bluff! Squreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.....Tires skidding out of control and then Blammo...."Heart" is in a "Head" on Collision.....Poker Move 411... in a relationship....Never EVER call a hand You aren't sure that 1000X's over you know you cant loose...cuz you're calling someone else's Bluff! Ding Ding Ding...You lost Gi Gi! Just Sayin'!

When Gi Gi thought Frankie was meeting her at the beach she envisioned some sweep her off her feet "makeup from the breakup" moment...She raced to meet him....Which tells me the initial break up was a game, Gi Gi was playing! She was attempting to play Frankie like a Banjo at some Deliverance festival. It back fired...when Gi Gi left her girls night to meet her Prince Charming at the beach, she was super psyched at the prospect that Frankie "Came After Her"...he however, was meeting what he presumed was his cheating girlfriend... He jumped the gun perhaps but at least he had a photograph to get pissed off over...

GiGi, do YOU remember why YOU were pissed initially? You don't think he supported you...I'm like WTF? You can see he worships you! You called a break because he wanted to leave a baby shower where you insisted he eat melted chocolate out of a baby diaper! He didn't want to go to the Baby Shower, He didnt want to Move the Baby Shower, he didn't want to play baby shower Games...Gi Gi?...For Real? You're taking a break because he isn't over the moon about being a married father at his age??? It has nothing to do with him not supporting you! He's Smart!

So why was her romantic assumption to "come back together" anymore acceptable then his assumption that she was stepping out not acceptable? Simply because he didn't like the information presented to him about the position his girlfriend was caught in by her friends camera, and then clearly posted to the internet for Frankie to see....its because he didn't come to her begging to be taken back in some Humphrey Bogart, Love Ya Doll way, she had scripted in her head that she's Breaking up? He didn't read her mind and act out the scene SHE envisioned? She yells at him that she wants to be held up "HERE" on his priority list....when he Mimicked her height requirement...she yells NO FRANKIE, HIGHER! Im all yelling at the TV... "Gi Gi, stop with the Drama, already!" Although, i think she really believes the bullshit she is spewing that he doesnt support her, or his attitude was bad during the party...Really he was uncomfortable not that he had a bad attitude! Truth is she wants him to propose...they are as a couple being tormented by the life paths of their friends! Ever have the friend who's relationship is in the toilet and like some crap magnet yours goes south....at the same time? When all my girlfriends were pregnant I wanted to be pregnant...same deal! I feel like Gi Gi wants the perfect thing and in a perfect time that she scripts it. GiGi wants the proposal, the white picket fence and the baby carriage....AND! She wants the attention that comes with it all! Frankie wants it too, but not in a time frame sooner then he can handle the responsibility of it...SMART GUY!!!!
It needs to be said that Frankie would not have known the girls were out at a male revue (that's what the picture was of) if it weren't for Lorenzo! Tracey Snapped a photo and then sent it to Lorenzo...Hello, consider the source for the cheating information was Lorenzo via Tracey's Tweets....I smell set up ...SET UP!!!!!!

Tracey is a shit stirrer...Not that Im blaming Tracey and Lorenzo for Gi Gi's poor choices, I am saying that they stir the GiGi Frankie shit pot!

Ladies why do we play games like this? Frankie walks away and you can see the regret in Gi Gi's face. Why is Gi Gi punishing herself. She wants him and she wants him just the way he is! Shes is an idiot for letting him walk away! She drew the line in the sand....pun intended...and NOW

She'll be miserable for her cause...even if its Wrong!

Ugh! I so know what this is about! Gi Gi...Go after Your Man! Hes a good Man and a Good Boyfriend...
PS His mother is AWESOME, and thats a bonus!
Pride ruins relationships! Suck it up You Two!
Instead of Fighting EACH Other you need to Fight for YOUR LOVE!
Stubborn Asses!

OK... so its my opinion!
Muffin Licious


  1. I never understood (or never will for that matter) why people watch those wanna be guidos.

  2. Don't watch the show, but know a lot of people who do. Actually, I don't really watch much television at all. But yeah, GIGI knock off your shit already...geez

  3. Oil Field...Let me fill you in on why I watch those Guido Shows!

    Because the Sopranos Ended in a Shitty Shitty way and I have to get my Guido Jersey fix!

    I prefer this reality series to Jersey Shore and Wish Snookie were on this show!

    Also: Im an old Guidette! I need what I need....Capish?

  4. Angie there is a Marathon coming up! I hate Tracey, You'll love Olivia, Pillipo is HAWT!
    I want Frankie and Gi Gi to make up! Wahhhhhhhhhh!