Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its Practical Magic!

So Im just about a week out of the party for Eric and trying to get back to normal! Since I returned from the party weekend with the Bitchess in Ohio, Ive health wise not been the same! I still have a bit of issue with my breathing and with no sleep I get sick! The Hunka said...she'll end up sick from not sleeping! I did! He's my Wizard of Right! Lets get this Blog party Started! WELCOME!!!!!! Its the Blog Party~Woot! I may not even leave my computer today!

My gift to you my friends, is a Money Wheel Project and Recipe for abundance!

Several Year ago I made several of these and gave them to my friends. I have several friends who think Im a bit of a crack pot and thats fine if they think that. Those same friends call me and want me to read their cards, use my pendulum or focus on an issue they want gone...Yup! That's Right... I do get requests for "SPELLs".
I'm the first to tell you or anyone else that brings it up that I treasure my beliefs and I refuse to be anyone's Parlor Trick! I almost never share my Spells! I think they are personal and they should be used with honest fortitude. So with that said....I am paying it forward with this "Spell",  my hope for you in this economy is that it brings you Luck and Financial Abundance! I hope you pay it forward and make one for not just yourself but for a friend!

You will need:
Molding Clay
One Strip Of Paper
One Green Candle
12 Paperclips
1 Qt Sized baggie
2 Table Spoons of Nut Meg
2 Table Spoons of Cinnamon
A drop of Amber Oil
A stick Of Amber Incense (Or a pleasant enough fragrance)
12 one Dollar Bills
A Sharpie Magic Marker

Start by taking the Molding clay out and kneading it through your hands...don't just roll it up and smash it, rather "feel the clay" as clay is a gift of the must Appreciate it. I keep my thoughts on Positive things and the great gifts I and my friends will receive from the wheel while I'm Kneading~ Voila, I'm appreciating it! Once you have appreciated it... then smash it and have fun with it...know that you are making with this clay a circle of protection from which your spell will be working! Form the clay into a round base. Place the 12 Paperclips into the base in a circle with the round portion of the inner clip facing UP. Drop One Drop of Amber oil in the middle of your Circle~ Its an anointing! Set aside to Dry! I dry naturally but some clay can be baked. Your choice! While its drying take your baggie and add to it your nutmeg and cinnamon.
Take each of your dollar Bills and with the magic marker write:
On Each Dollar ...While writing this, know this...You are calling more money to you and the pay it forward part of this spell allows those that find the dollar (more on that later) will likely read the words aloud and then add more power to your spell by also calling abundance to you and them! All these nonbelievers are actually practicing your craft without their knowledge and with a Pure Heart! After all~ an ignorant heart IS a pure heart!
Once Your Dollars are Scribed place each one individually in the Nutmeg cinnamon mixture and shake...while repeating what you wrote on each dollar...shake shake shake and repeat nine times per dollar. remove the dollar and fold in half TWICE and Post on the Money Peg (paperclip).Like so, over there. (Of course yours will be written on and covered in Nutmeg and Cinnamon!)
Repeat the procedure as stated up there for all 12 dollars. Your work space should smell Fabulous at this point! Don't wipe your eyes though...Nutmeg and Cinnamon in your eyes hurts!

Lets now charge our Candle....The candle pictured is actually a Reiki charged money candle and YES amazingly enough... If you could smell it you would smell Cinnamon and Nutmeg! You can engrave your candles side(s) with your wish, your emblem or your initials if you want to first....

*Side Bar: I have several sets of "Cards" and am particularly fond of my Rune cards. The Feoh is for financial abundance and with a marker, pin or paperclip you can carve the side of your candle with the rune money mark, or your initials or dollar signs what ever you choose to engrave is really fine. Its your candle! Since my candle above is charged I wont engrave it but I have engraved plenty of candles!

The Feoh: Personal Interpretation Fehu is Frey’s rune, and he is the god of fertility, itself a form of wealth. It is a rune of unselfish abundance. Let it shine forth to lighten your path and the paths of others. You will never run out of your spiritual richness, but don’t waste it on those who will abuse it. Discernment is important.

Here is how you can charge your candle....Place a Drop of Amber Oil in your Hands  roll the candle between your hands...In the same baggie that held your dollars, drop your candle into the mix and shake shake shake...Place the candle in the Center of your money wheel for safe keeping until you are ready to light!

With a Pure Heart and Mind I will Light my Incense remove the candle from the center of my wheel and on a Jade Base (My choice~ You do not have to have a base! Its pictured up there if you are curious though) I place both my candle and my wheel. (At this point the dollars should all be affixed as well) I take the scrap of paper and I write my abundance wish....I am very specific...$10,000.00. As I do this I already know that Money will come to me...I am aware that I will find it in many places and in many denominations. I am already greatful for the gifts Im giving and receieving.
I fold my scrap of paper and I place it in the middle of the money wheel. I light my candle and I turn the wheel 7 times Clock wise while repeating Money must come to Me and a Little More Once turned 7 times I reflect on the good this deed will bring. Snuff the candle after a while and be at peace! Repeat for Seven Days Preferably the same time and this is most strong during the full moon. I don't believe the full moon is required, some people only practice during the full moon though! Its your wheel and Your Spell now, You decide!

On the Eighth Day remove the Dollars and Spend them...On anything...BUT THEY MUST BE a coffee at McDonalds, Throw a Dollar out the window, Buy some chocolate and thank the Goddess...DO NOT KEEP ANY OF YOUR DOLLARS spend them all! This is the Day you give back and pay it forward! All Day random acts of Kindness! Know that your Spell is working!
As each new person comes across your money they will likely read your words... further cementing their meaning and in turn bring the abundance to them as well as you! What you put out does come back...make sure what you put out is always positive! I have had Money Wheel money come back to me!
I was buying a coffee in 7-11 near my home, I gave the cashier a Five she gave me 3 ones and some change....On one of the Ones was the words:

The Money and the writing was not mine! It was that of a friend who unbeknownst to me had again activated her money wheel!

Blessed be, and may Abundance Be Yours!

~Magic Muffin!


  1. Love this! I'm going to try it too!
    hope you feel better...breathing issues! I hear you.Have a great day!

  2. Very interesting...I think I may have to try it. Although, I tend to have a difficult time spending money when it's in my hot little hands! I can spend it all day long in my head, though.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. I like it and will have to tuck it away for future possible need.... thanks for sharing

  4. Wonderful party post! Thank you for sharing your spell. I will try this very soon! Brightest Blessings!

  5. Hmmm, will have to try that spell! - Thanx for sharing- what fun! Fly on over if you have a moment! Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    Have a magical week!!

  7. 6 New Visitors and Not One Old Friend! Im really Blessed! Thanks everyone! I'll stop by your pages and begin following you!

  8. Flying through for the Practical Magic Blog Party!Great spell thank you! ~Blessings~

  9. Thanks for having me over to your blog party and for the spell! I had a lot of fun and I hope you'll come visit me, too!

  10. Nice craft, may try it down the road later on if everything else fails…hehehe! Thanks for the lovely post.

  11. Ooooh very nice. I love when many aspects mesh into awesome powerful spell-craft. I just cast an abundance spell, too. Must be in the practically magical air. lol Lovely post, lovely blog, I will bookmark you and visit again! Congrats on your hand-fasting as well! <3

  12. The Money Spell--bookmarked for sure and getting to it sometime soon. Cuz I'm a needing me some money, but then again who doesn't? Did you hear about that guy who won the lotto twice in a few months? I wonder if he had a money wheel? Great Post--

  13. Thank you very much. I am very new to the idea of Wicca and spells, the Goddess etc. :)


  14. I am back again, as I pondered muchly these past hours over this spell. I am HARDLY the person to give any pagan or wiccan advise as I am just now starting to learn. However while pondering this spell, I remembered that Bayberry candles are supposed to be good luck in prosperity and finances. Bayberry candles are usually green. I found this thought awoke me again in the night, and I thought I might share this tidbit with you.
    In fact, I shall be gathering a Bayberry candle for this purpose.

    I have a couple of questions if you do not mind.
    The strip of paper is eating at me. I have read and re-read the spell several times. Is there something that didn't get typed in, or in fact do you just discard the strip of paper, somehow in my mind, I am thinking on the last night, one should burn this paper strip with the green candle...again a thought that came to me in the night. Did I miss something about the strip of paper?

    Lastly, you say to use modeling clay. would just air dry Play-doh do the trick? I am used to using polymer clay, but that is a totally different clay.

    I am sorry if I am disturbing you. I also appreciate any help.


  15. Susan, You are a doll! I only represented what I did you are more then welcome to add too or take from this "Spell".
    Each person along with their beliefs can get different results! I wish you well and hope the positivity you throw out to the Universe Meets you Head on and with Full Force!

    Thanks for some ideas you've given me with this reply!

    Bright Blessings!

  16. OH and the Clay I used was PLAYDOH it was a foam version that did work well! Ive yet to find the kind I used again though! A friend also decided to us a small clay pot in stead of making the wheel him self! Said he had great results!