Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ditto So and So...

Over at one of my many my blog haunts you will find Musings of a Confused Woman here you will find letters of all kinds and blog suggestions if you choose. The process in short is writing assignments or suggestions if you will, that help cleanse the soul...Again all my own analysis. I often read this blog and NOT comment because its just one of those blogs I have to chew on! Today as the stars and luck have aligned Miley aka: Ms Confused passed on her own writing assignment and I decided that I would take it on. The assignment is to write a letter to someone seeking a second chance. Those of you that want to do this too please leave your URL in the comments so we can hop over to your page as well!
So here we go:

Dear So and So

Thank you for bravely approaching me and asking me indirectly for a second chance. I know that your heart and your head are confused. As to why I am either shutting you out, or not accepting the proposal of a second chance, I feel should be explained. I am not as brave as you in approaching the subject matter so I use this assignment as a way of cleansing ME from YOUR soul. The Front and Back story to our relationship and its demise,  I am sure you are aware of! You should be after all , we were once rather close you and I! So instead of rehashing all the details, some nasty and some not so nasty, I would rather explain to you why no second chances can be given. I hope you understand. Its important to me that the people in my life, those that I choose to maintain relationships with, understand and respect me and my behaviors at their face value. I can not be held down, or held back, in order to make someone else feel better about their own success (or lack of). I also can not dumb down to make you smarter. Understand, that I have a huge comedic ego that helps me overcome a shyness that few people see. I fear being alone, so letting you go was not so easy for me! I am an overly nurturing person and suffer quite a bit of codependency. I have a huge Hero Complex, and I love to be LOVED! So, if I'm not practically worshiped, I begin to feel used! All part of the Codependance Issues I have! I only tell you this because If I let you back IN and You shit on me, (again) I can no longer be mad at you! I would then need to be mad at me! I didnt leave our relationship to punish you! I left our relationship so that I didn't further PUNISH me! So as you sit and read this please know, you are missed and you are likely even loved by me....just not more loved then I love myself! Since our parting was never about you to begin with instead rather, about me, I cant in fact give you a second chance. I hope this has brought a clarity and a closure to you regarding what was once "US". Thank you too for thinking so kindly about me, even after all this time and may your life and your health be blessed!

With all my love!


Muffin General Warning: Attention all Drama Mommas in the Muffin Club! For the Record*** this is written to anyone I have Left, or shut out. Not necessarily ONE person...since I have been approached on NUMEROUS Occasions by several people I have "BROKEN UP WITH" and I acknowledge that I have more then a couple~ Arm chair Shrinks~ in my life...I don't need to Psycho Analyze appears quite clearly that I already have! You... however may if you wish analyze it to death!


  1. Awww, I am honored - all the nice things you said make me feel warm & fuzzy!
    LOVE your letter!! I think we all give people second chances in some form... feel them out, see if it was just a mistake or their character but if it's a case of being crapped on or something they did that makes you feel bad, then - CUT THEM OUT!
    It's not always easy but GOSH what a relief!
    I love your letter very much :)

    I started the 30 days of letters "assignment" because I was running out of blog ideas... but it truly has become a process of self-analyzing and learning about myself. Very cathartic and just what I needed for my journey in life :D

  2. Yay! Miley You have no Idea how very much I needed this Letter TODAY! If ever in your life you ever questioned if you have made a difference ...The answer is Yes at least Once! It was in mine and it was today! Thanks!!!!

  3. Awww, that's so nice!!
    I'm getting misty-eyed (seriously)
    You're very welcome. I'm glad I could help :)

  4. I LOVE THIS LETTER! I love your ability to write so articulately. I am again going to say I wish you would pursue a career of some sort that you are writing and being paid. Not the contract writing you do daily to keep the monies coming in but a novel or some sort or a weekly column hell even daily column in a paper or magazine.
    I love your guts and am A HUGE FAN.

  5. Im horrible with Grammar, I randomly Capitalize and I cuss...A lot! Thanks for the Kudos High Fives and the over all general support!

  6. I love the random cussing, caps and general FUCK-"YOU"-"OFF"-NESS of your writings. We are never left guessing your meaning. You have the right stuff


  7. Thank you...I really needed this today as well. I may just have to run on over there and see what's up with these letters cuz I'm in need of some self evaluation and where I am going in this journey.

    I recently just had to cut the strings with a "friend". I believe some honestly have no clue what the word actually means. But anyway as I say...fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me...fool me a third time and well, just call me a doormat cuz that's what I am to you.

    Blessings to you and yours~ Angie<3

  8. I highlighted all the I's Me's and My's because I really wanted the point to be that it is about me and not the person seeking a second chance.

    I HATE when people second guess my word...I almost always mean what I say! I only say almost always because on rare occasions I do think I have gone to far or perhaps owe an apology....but like I said Thats RARE!

  9. Im really going to have to do this letter. Sounds so therapeutic.

  10. wow! soul cleansing indeed! man, that is super beautiful i feel cleansed just reading it so no need to write :o)
    thanks for sharing xo

  11. Holly I hope you do! Im a bit of a Voyeur!
    Patricia~ I speak for the Masses! Welcome to the Masses!