Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life with a Sixteen Year Old....

So I feel like an old pro at living with a 16 year old! Mainly, because I don't think like a 41 year old when it comes to what possible trouble a teenager can get into these days! Oh no, I can list shit to do that would end up the wrong way and list it still, probably much faster then my child can write them down! Ive survived one child being 16 just 8 short years ago! We marked my child's 16th birthday party with a fantastic dinner and dancing celebration, I would say a "Sweet 16 Party", except I think you have those for girls! Not my daughter mind you...(She'll be 24 on Thursday) she was either too cool , too Emo, or just not having the party to be a jerk to me! Yes, I do love to throw a party!She loved to piss me off! Teen Girls! Eh! You cant kill em so you just keep fantasizing about it!
On ward!
Lets take a Photo Journey Shall we? The precious boy was brought into this world on 09-19-94! That's a lot of 9's! He wasn't an easy delivery or pregnancy for that matter....He was however an extremely pleasant baby! He rarely cried, was, as it seemed, to always be smiling! He NEVER threw up!
He also NEVER slept! This is still something that we struggle with! His sleep patterns were normally about 4 hours of sleep and five hours awake! This sucked ass for me, because I still had an 8 year old to work with and a Husband who worked 8-10 hours a day and went to school another 4 hours at night! We eventually dubbed the kid "Igor!" and I spiraled into 4 years of sleep deprivation! Fast Forward 16 years and I now have a Manlet who now will alternate between 4 hours of Sleep at night and two hour naps several times a day to the polar opposite...he sometimes sleeps a full 14 hours...Since we started seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis he has found his sleep comes in a more normal pattern...but still jacked up!

Ok back to it.... Partay Partay Partay....The guest list included local celebrities (Yours Truly~ hey I am in my own mind!) and extended family! A high school full of friends and at the highest count approximately 60 people at one time...Several very attractive young ladies draped themselves around the birthday boy and several young ladies got a hairy eyeball either from myself or one of my very picky sisters, regarding the attire they chose to wear (or not wear as the case may be!). I cant find all of the pics but here are some of my favorites!
Penthouse Club Room...w/ panoramic views Retro Bar and Fantastic Dance floor

View to the beach

Aunt Karen the Birthday Boy w/His Momma
Happy Birthday Eric! 16!
Even More Birthdays In Da Howze!
Happy Birthday.. Chad, Chelsea, Steven, Cirrez, Sara, Grandma & Andrea
Lets Dance!
Do the Stanky Leg!
Even the Hunka Cut some Rug (Note he is drinking!)
Were gonna Rock this Club! (Note further he is DRUNK!)
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Domo, Domo ... Domo
Fist Bumpin is about to start!
Dancing Queens!
Aims Muffin and Willie C!
My Baby Daddy (aka EJHS) and Sister Taylor! Hayyyyyy!
Cirrez and Willie...Rawking the Partay Shades!
Ms Taylor and Eric ...Define Girlfriend?
One of my most Favorite Photos!
Other Mother: Andrea who is Fabulously Forty!
My Bestest Miami Girls! Madi and Ciara!
Retro Bar 
Hey! Aunt Bubba Rawking out!
Eric and Ryan! BUDS!
Sisters Taylor and Sara (Sara Looking a little Burnt!)

Miss Tammy Working the Bar!

 I think the best part of the evening was when it was all done and wrapped up....the drunkys were throwing up! Baby Daddy took Eric Jr and the Cousins to his condo and Momma and the Sisters
Hit Dennys... it was 2AM! 
Until Next TIME!
Ciara: "Heck Yeah I want a PARTAY!"
Aunt Terry~ Me~ Aunt Andie and Aunt Barb!
Thank Goodness this is the last of such parties I have to Host....Until Ciara's Turn, and then Aunt Bubba's gonna need her sisters!!

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  1. LOVED IT!!!!! I too am waiting for the definition of girlfriend.