Monday, September 20, 2010

And the grammy for ...

"Life as depicted in a Musical Score or Video" goes to:

My friend Louminator often posts a song "Ponder" or "theme song video box" that sums up his blog, of course this is my definition of his posts that include blog musical selections! With that in mind he adds songs to 99.9% of his blogs! I mention this after having spent a glorious weekend with friends and family...I now I sit in a Quiet House...with my thoughts and looking at videos from YouTube creating a distraction to keep me awake! At least long enough to not go to sleep right now, its way to early...even though I really want to!!! So You all will have to deal with my randomness and quirkiness! Remember when MTV actually had Videos?
Ive got a lot swirling in my brains (I have more then one brain) and the sweet sixteen blog that needs to be written and posted (With Pics Angie!!) will go un-posted until another day....So for now I sit here wondering how many people actually do still in fact use music as a way to articulate emotion. I read a blog suggestion once, suggesting you write a letter to anonymous, and it helps you cleanse your issues with that person. I did that once before, and in fact it included several people...I felt better. I should have been able to include a fuck you video as background music for that letter! Remember when Lloyd Dobler used a song to incite a response? I should've posted a blog that lists my family and what songs make me think of them... and may still compile a list of people (Family mostly) and offer a song to sum up my relationship with them...or at least how I interpret them. ...Ramble Ramble! I have had a Lloyd Dobler moment or two in my day....Not blaring the Boom Box moment...however, three times in my life I have been given a song to ponder! I have often chuckled at the thoughts and emotions that  people place on/with a song. I remember making mixed tapes as a kid! I remember thinking that the boy (or two) who also made me a mixed tape must have really put some thought into compiling the music for me!I wonder now why I didn't read further into the song Another One Bites the Dust? There is one song in particular that has me in somewhat of a ponder mode...*God Damn I love to Hate the movie The Notebook!...Can anyone get through this God damn movie without hyperventilating through tears!....Oh sorry....what was the point here? Oh yeah: Music strikes an emotion! Certain songs even have a smell to me....simply because its tied to an emotional memory...having someone say, as an example...."Have you ever heard this song (insert song title here X) ?" then they reply "this is how I feel right now".....well it strikes a cord with me. PUN INTENDED! Music makes a connection with all people of all races! Infants are soothed by music! People are given subliminal messages and kill from interpreting music...There was a time that we went into Battle by beating a drum. Music is a pretty heavy subject to take on when you are using it to communicate! I'm dizzy just thinking about it! For someone who can not articulate their be able or ask of someone to allow a song to speak for them is deep in and of its self. Considering that a song is suppose to sum up in 3:43 seconds their emotions... or their life ....or feelings... or even their theme ...WTF my BFF's insert "Summage" Here!. Music is quite powerful. Songs are played at Funerals and Weddings! Beginnings and Ends...its amazing how some people cant articulate what they feel, until the hear it in a song! Just something I was pondering! Yeah! Right! It reminds me of the Mary Katherine Gallagher character from the Old Saturday night Live Skits....she would quote a movie or sing a song with an interpretive dance! I then thought ..".wow, I wonder...what song sums me up?"  My life song ...or theme song...IS THERE SUCH A BEAST???? It probably would have had to change through the years...since Ive changed through the years! It got me thinking none the less! I'm grateful someone said to me..."Have you heard that song by that band....X_______?" (You know the drill). "That Song is exactly how I feel!" I thought:....Huh! Random conversational topic for an elevator ride, but interesting thought to ponder....In all honesty that's a fantastic and soul searching question....should any of you choose to blog about it or choose to interpret your life situation via a song then... please DO LEAVE YOUR BLOG URL in the comments below....

So the song ponder suggestion was: Press Play

I have Pondered....and Im not sure if I was suppose to just contemplate it or reply in song...Press Play and Happy Pondering!

And to further sum it up:

~Please by all means Discuss~


  1. Hello, Friend! Glad E's party turned out to be such a success. Wish I coulda been around for it, but I'm sure one week of my loitering was more than enough for one month. Maybe more!

    As you could tell by the amount of music that I brought for you and David, the time and enthusiasm spent talking with him about music, and the tattoo of the rockin' guitar on my left leg (not to mention the number of music videos I post liberally on my FB wall AND my blogs), that music is a bit part of my life and a way that I express myself and my emotions. So obviously, I can relate to all of this on so many levels. Nicely done, even though it is quite apparent that you should get some sleep. What else is new, right?

    Btw, I got a new phone already but I lost your numbers. So text me when you get a chance. Same number I had before. We've things to discuss and you got some new stalking to do. ;)

  2. Hello My Friend! Yes I do need Sleep...some of this Blog has more meaning to some then others...If you read it backwards though there is a secret message...or to save time...Send $9.99 for your decoder ring to "Mayor Of YoVille" 3703 A1A DBS FL 32118!

    I will text you but my number is on FB! Silly!
    The party was a hit! Great food, the DJ was rawking and the Party Favors were plentiful!

    Mom and Dad were Present and Step Dad and Step Mom were two drunk ass skunks! There was a Bit of a Cesar Salad Drama...Vomiting and I was Pulled over by a Yummy Police Officer Named Officer Scott! Oh he reminded me of Jake Ryan!
    To be twenty Five and have gotten his handcuffs from him....Oh wait thats a whole nother blog!

  3. I LOVE music and some of my fondest memories are correlate with music from that moment in my life.
    there are certain songs that remind me of certain people.
    I often think of the Muffin every time I hear anything from Traci Chapman. I just love her and all the memories we made with her. I still can not clean house with out wishing I had her cd going.

    There is a song by Garth Brooks called Unanswered Prayers and it is perfect because we spend so much time wishing for things in the heat of the moment that really are not what is right for us after all..... Anyway....

    I can not link songs to your page or I would link TURN THE PAGE~ cause that song right there kinds sums it up
    "at the end of the evening when your lying awake in bed with the echos from the amplifier ringing in your head and you smoke the days last cigarette remembering what she said "

  4. Sometimes the things that are left Unsaid scream the loudest the end of the evening when you're lying awake in bed, I wish i could smoke the days last cigarette!

    I have become comfortably Numb...its safe!~

  5. Music is a daily part of my living and breathing. First thing in the morning the radio goes on and is on the duration of the day. I of course have to change stations since it seems play lists are ran about every two hours of so.

    You at times, usually when I'm sappy drunk, will find me sitting in front of the stereo with all my cd's strung out all over the room. Everything from Trisha Yearwood to Metallica. There is a song for everything!

    Each song in my collection of sorts is a memory or a reminder of days gone by. I still love me some Patsy Cline and The Little River Band--always will be favorites.

    I've sat and pondered some "theme" songs for my life thus far. I will share them someday.

    Soo Sooo Happy E's Birthday party was a how could it not be with the Muffin planning it, but anyways. I'm still looking forward to the hurry up damn it!

  6. You need this music for those "ugh" days.

    Funk Dat!

  7. Angie...I can totally relate to a wide variety of music! I love country to metal! Im thinking Im gonna have to blog a list as well! I didn't take any pics at his party I have to go gather them from the different pages! It was a very nice party! One Im sure he will remember fondly! He very much likes when his Dad and I share events. So for that reason alone, he was happy enough! David was was hysterical! I gotta tag all of Terry's the next day or so! I have to work to pay for it all now!

  8. Miley we were posting at the same time! lol!! Thanks~!! Imma Funk that!

  9. Are you kidding? I use music to express emotion all the time. I still cry every time I hear Martina McBride's Broken Wing, because it reminds me of someone I love dearly. Music is such a huge part of who I am. Somewhere out there, a long time ago, I posted a list of songs I would use in a movie about myself. I'm gonna have to go find it...

  10. Actually Gini I do get it....I have had people want to express their feelings to me via song in the past and fairly recently as well....Im like really? It would be better if we communicated with our own voices...You know Talk it out Perhaps. Im like "alright...If you want Earl to Die....Just kill the Fucker....dont just write a song about it!" LOL! Im being a bit exaggerated obviously, Im a the question becomes not who does this but How common is it to have or still be experiencing this as adults. Louminator made me my last Mixed was all 80's it rocks, and is now a cd and not a tape! Im also now going to cry every time I hear that song too! The song Amber by 311 makes me want to Punch Babies when I hear it....Thanks to my exhusband!