Monday, September 13, 2010

A simple reply to a not so simple topic..

Snap, Crackle, Pray... with Jesus today!
My Dearest Jamie,
Well, I’m sorry You Feel you have to worry, I refrain typically from religious opinion within a social networking site and I am very aware of the "Those that Love Jesus click the like option" peers that I associate with on this site. Two of them call me MOM...several more call me Aunt, Sister, Cousin! Many religious people use this forum (Facebook) as a way to save or reform the heathens that "don’t believe in their God"...or whoever they pray to....I believe, that as an argument against religion (Particularly the Christian Faith) many hide behind Science, which is why I said Some may consider the Museum of Science as their house of worship. Clearly as an example of those who believe in the Darwin Theory. I’m equally sure you weren’t really confused by the analogy.  Having said that, here is some food for thought...(I have to tie in the photo...keeps the ADD'ers reading) I do feel that I have Perfect Faith! Although, I’m not a “Christian” by religious labeling, I still feel strongly that "What you are" is your business. It’s when you broadcast it in a public way, that it also becomes other people’s business by default
Jesus Rode A Dinosaur

I also don't feel I should tell a Christian they are wrong, or tell someone with "Blind Faith" they are wrong simply because I feel I am right. Rest assure…I do believe I am right! I also don’t want "them" knocking on my door, begging to read their “word” to me! I have no intention of knocking on their door to tell them they are wrong or are wasting their time. There are far worse things to be into then being into religion…You know like drug addictions, Child trafficking….Governmental Bank Bailouts! Likewise, I also don’t want maniacs jumping in front of my car with an aborted fetus on an 4ft colored sandwich board they've strapped to their chest screaming “repent” and “Abortion is Murder”, I'm also unfortunately, keenly aware that  Running them over with my car is murder! After all, I was only trying to get to the dentist’s office… which has the unfortunate location of being next door to the family planning center. My personal belief being pro-choice is to treat the nut job with the 8x10 bloody baby glossy...that feels entitled to stick in my face as I walk from my car to a middle finger in theirs and a not so kind word, cuz this shit ain't going down without me being a total cunt right back at em! Oh, I have the Cunt in me too... Praise Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Grandma Betty and the Goddess!

You know all that up there is an example: my perfect faith! I’m being slightly exaggerative to make my point as I gather you are aware.

I also don’t think that literally you should shelve your religious opinions, I feel quite the opposite, I think you should hold strong to your belief system...and I ask only that you respect that while we may differ, rather, the World may differ... that I too am entitled to my beliefs as is others entitled to theirs!

Dove World Outreach! You can Suck my Ass!

You painted Christians with a very wide brush. As an example…The ass hat wanting to burn the Quran professes to be a Christian. He even claimed God told him to do it. Certainly Not All Christians are as radical as this guy! If I ran around town telling people God talks to me, we both know I’d be going to the Mental Ward….He…the Gainesville Bible Thumper/Quran Destroyer…for some reason gets to go to New York as an Ambassador of Good Will to have a “Mosque” removed from Ground Zero, that isn’t even at Ground Zero?! His original point was to Burn the Quran as if in effigy as a way to acknowledge the tragedy of 9/11. Never was it his intention to Burn the Quran if they didn’t move the proposed Islamic Center…Most of his religious peers did not condone the proposed act. The Muslim community in my opinion is allowing him to back off his threats by offering him the grace of saving face! Now he’s the topic of the 6 O’clock news. (This guy is essentially my neighbor; he’s just a county line or two from here!) No-one of faith, perfect or otherwise, would condone this type of zealot behavior! Yet our Media has made him a star for the lunatics that believe as he does. Yes, I believe he is a Lunatic! Anyone who agrees with him is a lunatic too…this includes the Fish and Chippers as well as the Tree Huggers the Satanists and the Wiccans!

I read your comment(s) as the continuation of the quote of someone other than you. “The men who committed the atrocities of September 11 were certainly not "cowards," as they were repeatedly described in the Western media, nor were they lunatics in any ordinary sense. They were men of faith—perfect faith, as it turns out—and this, it must finally be acknowledged, is a terrible thing to be.
 - Sam Harris”

Although I read your page from top to bottom I commented on the first part of your status (2nd in line, yet first by timeline in post order). My comment was all encompassing. Although, I agree we suffered a Tragedy of incredible proportion on September 11th, I don’t think that People of Perfect Faith (“Their individual measurement” of perfect not mine) should be compared to acts of terrorism/ terrorists. I know several people who would say they have perfect faith; they aren’t likely to commit an act of terrorism. I also don’t believe that the act was that of a Coward (Group or individual)…. rather I think, that they pretty much had to have Balls of Steel to kill themselves along with thousands of innocent people. That was their perfect faith…and it was a terrible thing. That doesn’t make all faith…perfect or not, a terrible thing in my opinion. Considering your profile picture is of the Cross and Jesus Christ riding a Dinosaur, and your status was placed on your wall by you, I suspect that you were in some ways soliciting an opinion. Regardless of whether it was Opposing or in Agreement, I left my little penny ante for you to digest! Maybe… Perhaps… I’m judging “You” unfairly! My point is …after all this, is that: Faith is necessary! I’d say as necessary as Tolerance. Oh Yeah, and before I forget, I found some fuel on my farm…would you like me to send you some?

Much love!

Brandie Cole-Hayes

AKA: The Muffin


  1. I personally have no idea of who this person is that you are writing to. But I do hope that they read every single word a few times to fully appreciate and digest what your words mean. I was just having a similar conversation tonight with a friend regarding just these issues. And hell yes that neighbor of yours is a lunatic who has gotten is fifteen minutes of fame by being such and thanks to our wonderful new media for fueling fires. Beautiful words Brandie--Blessed Be and Amen!

  2. Well this person is someone very dear to me... I hope he reads it the same as you did!
    Blessed be to you and Shalom!

  3. Yeah- I came back to read it again. It may be my most favorite post you have ever wrote. It is "perfect" in my opinion. I may print it off to share with some of my friends who find my "faith" to be lacking. Is that okay?

  4. Of course! I have to Say Jamie made a very valid point in his opinion, I just felt while he was making his point he was condemning others for not sharing his opinion. It felt hypocritical to me. The original discussion came about because of the following:

    Jamie: religion allows people to imagine that their concerns are moral when they are highly immoral - This explains why Christians expend more "moral" energy opposing abortion than fighting genocide. It explains why they are more concerned about human embryos than about the lifesaving promise of stem-cell research. And it explains why they can preach against condom use while millions die from AIDS there each year....
    See More
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    Brandie Cole-Hayes: Too each their Own Jamie...I say, unless they are knocking on your door with their holy book in their hands wanting to sit down and read to you, that your religious opinions should be shelved. There are Houses of worship of many some cases they are called Museums of Science.. a man with faith....any faith, is a man who thinks he has good intentions!
    Yesterday at 9:21am · LikeUnlike ·
    Jamie: I responded via notes... please read

    And so the discussion goes.... He read my response and replied via his Note:


    Brandie Cole-Hayes I too left a reply for you!
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
    Brandie Cole-Hayes I read and appreciate every word you wrote!
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    Brandie Cole-Hayes You should tag this....Do you know how?
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    Jamie: I read your blog and it is very well written... You are right on in that I am trying to incite conversation... I think these conversations need to be had... Facebook is essentially a public forum... Some use it for emotional fluffing and... others use it to try to make tiny little changes in their little world... I love the fact that you decided to pick up one of my comments and dig into it... THAT'S WHAT I'M FISHING FOR!! Oh - by the way - I've already started to "correct" you on a few things in a follow-up... I do hope you will read it later and comment... Your a good blogger, I just wish you were smarter ;-)

    ME: Bwahahahahahahaha....I wish I were smarter as well! There are scratch that WEEKS that Im ate Up with the Dumb Ass! Praise Jeezus! Peace Be With You, Shalom! and can I get a Woot~Woot!

  5. Oy vey. The only thing I can say is, I'm with you.

    I too find this man very near, dear and special!!
    Love you husband.
    Well written blog Brandie, I only wish we too were given the same respect by the christian faith.
    I will not rant and rave on your blog except to say they( Christians) would burn you as to listen to you and have so been condemning our hieratic souls since the beginning of Christianity.
    That is the real shame

  7. Now I'm speechless...when I read this last night and again this morning I had no idea that Dearest Jamie was Terry's Jamie. Not that it matters, I really just didn't have an inkling. I'm still printing if off and posting it on my frigidaire for all who enter. Gotta go make a birfday cake for Emmer's now! But I would be interested in reading the rest of this conversation as it plays out.

  8. Bottom Line....I don't care what Faith You Have...or rather if you have none....If I don't want to be Judged ...then I shouldn't Judge! It really is that simple! I know an equal number of asshole Christians as I know Non Believers!

    I dont care that Christians at one time Burned Witches at the Stake, I havent seen or heard of anyone being burned in the news this century....I would say Law and Tolerance play an equal role there. I dont Care that Muslims dont eat pork(More for Me)! Or if they plan on Praying ~ that its 2 blocks form where once stood the Twin Towers! Frankly they can bow down on the grassy spot where it stood ...Its called FREEDOM....Equally Catholics can pray to the Virgin Mary (Which BTW They do not PRAY TO HER)and the cross my heart hope to die's that the Catholics are do in fact believe that to waste the seed is a sin! A Good News translates to "they Swallow!" I swallowed my birth control Pill Religiously too...and prayed to Mary more then once that my monthly devil powers arrived! Many people are Bigots and Liars and stand behind their faith to Justify their position...and I dont care that half the crack pots in the world have some anti defamation claim against the wrong doings of their forefathers....I stand on my own two feet and I treat people with Respect until they dont deserve it, and then... rather then be classless and rude I choose simply to not associate. I am in no position to cast a Moral Stone at Anyone....Nor is anyone in a position to cast a stone my way. I wont stand by and watch someone Abuse or mistreat someone in my presence. I dont care who that person is! I ride my bicycle or walk the sidewalk and say hello to EVERYONE I pass....I smile at Strangers, I RESPECT MY ELDERS, LOVE MY COUNTRY and will lift my shirt for some beads! If you dont like me ....You HAVE EXERCISED YOUR RIGHT, But Please dont Use Jesus or Allah or the Buddha as your reasoning...its just dumb! Also If You Dont Like me ....I probably dont even Care! ~YOU CAN SUCK IT BITCHES! (THE APPLAUD LIGHT IS LIT AND FLASHING!) And that is exactly how I feel about THAT!

  9. Angie do you actually have a Frigidaire or do you just call your refrigerator that? Cuz my ex mother in law called her Whirlpool a Frigidaire...Also in the Movie Steel Magnolias they called their refrigerators Frigidaire ...
    My Son calls all refrigerators Frigidaire's because of his Grandma ~Discuss~

  10. I want to discuss the refrigerator. I call mine refrigerator. I am not sure why as I think that was what it was called all my life.
    **Please close the refrigerator door.
    **Why are you holding the refrigerator door open letting the air out?.

    Mine is stainless steel (HATE) and brand name is
    Electrolux ~(DAMN THING COSTS MORE THAN I MAKE IN A MONTH and I personally hate it)~ Compliments of the last trade show booth my husband designed for The cup cake queen Kelly Rippa
    You know I think I prefer a " fridge" to be the old fashioned kind that I can magnet my life too. I should not complain as it was free and free is good.
    This gives me an idea maybe I need to find a place to hang a board of all the things that strike my fancy that I want my friends and family to read.

  11. Get a Fat Assed Dry Erase Board Like we had in the Kitchen when we were in High school...then buy colored markers and pictionary! Its a Blast!
    Its also Likely Magnetic!

  12. I like your bottom line Miss Queen Muffin...standing up cheering and applauding right now. I think I even said an Amen a few times. It's just what I'm use to. Reminds me of the day that Anne Rice quit christianity, not her faith!

    Now about my frigidaire...No, I believe it is a white whirlpool that likes to give me fits. I got it from a FORMER friend in a trade. Her Dad died and she was going to take it. But being that all her appliances were black and my fridge was black and the fridge was white we swapped. Besides it was bigger for all my trolls...and she only had her perfect little angles every other week. The white fridge....mucho bigger.

    My grandmother called it a frigidaire...and yes, Steel Magnolias--I love that of my FAV's but's my granny. Usually, I just call it the fridge when I'm telling one of the kids to get me a beer from the fridge. I'm lazy sometimes when I speak.

    But it does annoy the living hell outta me that everytime someone walks past the fucking thing, they have to open the door...cause like something else is going to be in there...NOT.
    Then I say, shut that fucking fridge door, your wasting electricity.

    I love magnetizing my life on front of it as well. Sometimes it gets to be too cluttered and I must unclutter it. However, the magnet that reads....STOP me before I volunteer again, is always on the front! Just to remind me.

    I really wanted to go stainless steel, but now I'm thinking not. But if I did or ever do, I would just get myself a cork board with pretty fabric over it and little ribbons to hold my life in.

    Now wasn't that FUN.......:)

  13. Loved that we lightened the subject!

  14. Love this post. I was raised with the Christian label...but I was extremely confused and even more so discouraged that they black sheeped me and judge me because I didn't fit their perception of what a Christian is. I always wonder if they read the part of the bible that said only God can judge. I believe in a judgement day and I know that it will me answering to God...not them answering on my behalf of me answering to them or whatever they fuck them

  15. Thats right Green Eyed...EFF Them the M Effers!

  16. Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in.