Friday, September 10, 2010

Understanding The Muffin: Friday Three for All

There Shall Be Three...........
The Queues~  Feel free to cut and paste:
Three things that scare me:
Three people who make me laugh: 
Three things I love: 
Three things I hate:
Three things I don't understand:
Three things on my desk:
Three things I'm doing right now:
Three things I want to do before I die:
Three things I can do:
Three things I can't do:
Three ways to describe my personality:

and the A'A'A'A'A's
Three Things...
Three things that scare me:
1:  Squirrels
2:  Looking UP in really high Places
3: Motion Sickness (Im scared to get it!)
Three people who make me laugh:               1:  Daniel Tosh
2:  Eric J H Jr (Hes not Funny... I just laugh At Him)
3:  Kat Williams
Three things I love:

1:  David H (Wif all my heart!)
2:  My Sisters
3:  Designer Handbags and Shoes and Sunglasses O and My Kids (In that Order too!)
Three things I hate:1:  Liars
2:  The Smell of Rotten Anything
3:  Being Tickled
Three things I dont Understand:
1:  Why Liars Lie
2:  Anything CAR Repair Related (Oh Im Capable! Just dont wanna get the brain all greezy)
3:  Quantum Physics
Three things on my desk:1:  (If there were only Three Things! Ha!) Rolodex
2: Glue Stik
3:  A bunch of Paper CRAP
Three things I'm doing right now:1:  Looking at the Paper Crap, Keenly aware I should just Finish Cleaning!
2:  Wishing I had Made the coffee before I started Blogging
3:  Wish I were being witty with these answers
Three things I want to do before I die:1:  Live somewhere in Italy.
2:  Jump out of a perfectly good Airplane (Hope the landing is smooth!) 
3:  Become a Wiccan High Priestess. (Thats right....wiggles my nose and does the I dream of Jeannie Pose)
Three things I can do:1:  Whistle through my fingers
2:  Follow Through.(Listen, thats more important then starting!)
3:  I can do a lot of stuff "kinda" and not too many things "well"
Three things I can't do:1:  Take a facial hit from Mike Tyson
2:  Juggle
3:  Sew a Prom Dress out of a Curtain ...But I know a Couple Bitchess that can
Three ways to describe my personality:1:  Honest
2:  Giving
3:  A Lil Hyper..



  1. I LOVE that I am the first to Comment... Can I have the first award.... LOL
    High Priestess here we come baby!!!

  2. Sigh. I love designer handbags too. Just don't have the designer handbag bank account.

  3. Im not diggin the formatting here! Terry...I love that you answered first too!

    BFG: I love them more then I love my Kids....After all Kids dont go with a power suit as well as some DG accessories! Alas, Im broke!

    Oilfield Trash...I love me some TinkTink

  4. once upon a time, I could whistle between my thumbs but I've never figured out how to whistle with my fingers.

  5. Love the pics ~ they were invisible last time.
    Must be magic....
    Wanna date soon?

  6. Guess I'm not that great of a stalker- I knew most of those things already. LOL~!

  7. Angie....Some of the things I just learned yesterday! Quick give me the lotto numbers?

    Miley: I learned as a child...its my secret weapon in self defense! I'll make ya deaf!

    Terry- A date sounds nice

  8. Here (late) for the Friday blog hops! Great blog! Your newest follower. Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  9. Well perhaps you don't feel you were witty (I laughed when I read you have a fear of squirrels...sorry, maybe it wasn't meant to be funny?)
    But you definitely have me in awe: You can whistle through your fingers! Jealous!

  10. I would love to have a designer handbag... but I like to eat too......LOL!
    That face punch looks PAINFUL.

  11. Erin Thanks for stopping by! I do follow you!

    Sandra...Oh I fear the lil effers! The Whistle is all bout finger pressure against the!

    Mid West Mama....I eat my purse on occassion! I actually only have One! The rest just look designer!