Friday, January 21, 2011

1588 Words! No Pictures...(it grows with each edit)

Someone (several someone’s actually) I know shares a Facebook friendship with my Ex-husbands wife...Now as far as Ex's go...I keep if I categorize you as my ex it means we've had sex, not necessarily married although in this case, I was married to him... and for the record I’ve not had sex with everyone Ive dated and I'm only on my second Marriage! Trust me ...I’m not interested in a third....I do however think My Ex-husband is a GOOD MAN, He is hard working, Loves his Family and never ever seems to treat anyone (he doesn’t know) ignorantly ON PURPOSE, He would never meet you and be rude or uppity, he helps people, and he genuinely likes people (HE CAN BE A DICK...BUT YOU HAVE TO MARRY HIM TO KNOW THAT)...Blah Blah Blah....This Lady, his wife, started out very pleasant and easy to get along with....I’m not saying she isn't still easy to get along with. She probably is for many people who know and love her. However, she strikes me as the type of person who believes her "Thoughts and Behaviors" are "NORMAL" for the World...and That's fine. She can feel however she chooses....because I choose to believe my opinion of her…
She in MY OPINION is not open minded enough to see past her beliefs to perhaps understand someone else beliefs or feelings.  It is "Serial~ Her way is the Only Way" and if you don't think like her YOU'RE wrong. I find that extremely hypocritical of someone Claiming to be a Christian...There's a lot of Back story...Just Bullshit Drama Really...In the end Ol Girl gets to act rude, say rude things, when she feels moved too and frankly I consider her a Bully... When someone like me comes along and gives her a spoon of her own medicine she becomes the Helpless VICTIM! I am then accused of Attacking Her...Like my to-do list that day read that way! Never mind she ran her mouth like she was running a marathon, had nothing nice to say in the process and when it was handed back to her she Back peddled and cried foul...Wah…"No fair I didn’t do nothing"....So now everyone BUT ME pretends she didn’t do anything wrong...It’s easier I guess than having to live with her tantrums...I don’t live with her so I don’t care...ALL OF THEM KNOW SHES A LIAR...She’s Shady...She plays people against each other. She doesn’t own her bullshit...point blank! So...I get NOTIFIED that her Facebook Status was a Prayer thanking God for having Patience With her and saying she loves her Husband and Children...GAG! I was incensed!
She doesn't claim HIS Children to Count on a normal basis!...His children defined IN MY OPINION need to be of his sperm~ With the exception of HER Daughter from another marriage, She counts!
God forbid anyone (Nor Should They) treat her daughter as a second rate party to the family! If they did... all hell would break loose… so we're clear here...the rules don’t apply  to her daughter…this of course by New Wifes actions rather than admissions...
My main problem with ol girl besides shes a lying two faced  my interpretation or her definition of Family. By example: If my EX had Raised an Orphan or Adopted a Child from infancy...You know as an example …which kind of he did...She would choose to introduce this child as his STEP/Adopted/Sponsored Child...Im not saying she did….Well ok yeah I am... She introduced both of my children as STEP…Her Step Son and His Step Daughter….Whatever…it makes my point though…Personally, I don’t believe Labeling the child he raised, or she is co parenting ,Either raising them for  a week or the rest of their lives as anything other than  "their children" is appropriate...It separates the children and creates a Hierarchy that shouldn't exist among family. One child should never be More Important then the other...EVER! Its not appropriate for the childs self esteem...It creates Monster Children PERIOD!
She also claims HE, her Husband is the  Mother Fucker of all Mother Fuckers to anyone who will listen...Not appropriate...Not now not ever! You wanna bitch to your best girlfriend about how awful your old man was ...thats one thing...But random people YOU DONT KNOW ...!!! Unacceptable!!! WHATEVER!!! My main Point...Cuz I have several... came from her   Thanking God on Facebook, and professing her Love On Facebook, as my belief its hypocritical...Considering in this case the man she was professing to love doesn’t even have an activated Facebook account, and even if he did ... the Children she loves are the ones she gave birth to and the ones she didn’t are the ones she should be apologizing too…whats an apology worth if you are apologizing to the wrong party? Unless by your post you’re asking for comments, compliments, or glory to your page… it seems pointless... You know to apologize, profess your love or Pray on a social network site….I mean really…You might as well blog!
Shouldn’t one rather, go to their Partner/or betrayed Take their Hands and APOLOGIZE Sincerely, Profess your LOVE to THEM...and let your future behaviors show your intent?...Instead to have put it on face book....And let’s say for the sake of argument, SHE did apologize appropriately or have a change of heart,( ie: Ol boys not the Mother Fucker of Mother Fuckers she claimed he was)...Is FACEBOOK the place for notification of said  intent…doesn’t that cheapen it?…I would think it would take away from the sincerity! Perhaps its not my place …to not find the intent to be sincere...I’m fairly sure anyone who knows her and isn’t afraid to speak up knows this crap posted isn’t sincere! I’m not objective perhaps! Since I already believe...Sorry means Shut up, and I love you means, Don’t be mad, I shopped again! Especially  when it comes from her! And the last time I claimed “BUT I DIDN’T DO NOTHING” I was in 3rd grade and you best better believe I knew what I did!
So the God Part…(basically ALL PARTS) where she Placed it as a prayer or a conversation with her Higher Power…(In this Case She Claims GOD)…Well Frankly, it incited a RIOT within me! Im talking Burning Buildings and Looting Riot within me…(Perhaps its Satan)
See, it becomes even bigger then her false face of humble…The PRAYER format~ in and of itself…GAH!!!!
I tend to feel strongly about those that hide behind any religion as if that defines your character...Those people Just make me wanna PUKE! She is one of those PEOPLE in my book!
Seriously… PEOPLE! GOD! CAN! SEE! THROUGH! YOUR! BULL SHIT!...and, So can I! Don’t CLAIM Christian, BE CHRISTIAN...and this is why I trust very few "Christians!" If you have to tell me You’re a Good Christian then I immediately put up a trust barrier! I intentionally look for you to Lie, cheat, and basically screw up! It happens too, 99.9% of the time! Good Christians Fall From Their GRACE…ie: Pedestals! Because you idiot two faced jerks… you’re not perfect, Christ was supposed to be perfect, Your religion expects you to NOT BE PERFECT.. To be CHRIST LIKE, NOT CHRIST. Just because I’m NOT A CHRISTIAN DOESN’T MEAN FUNDAMENTALLY I DON’T UNDERSTAND CHRISTIANITY!
 I could just be biased though! Since Shes not my Facebook Friend... Although…she used to be...and in fairness…I did get this information via Second Hand Status…ie: COPY AND PASTE! So all this purging Im doing could be for not!!!
Also, for the record…I know that to claim here that she is a LIAR may be to some of you a bit STRONG! Well the fundamental difference between this lady and I is, I choose and OWN the Words I use…She LIED to me and TOLD ME she would lie if confronted…SO…for future reference: Don't ever act like you didn’t tell me something YOU certainly DID Say!~ I also don't misunderstand articulated English, It’s my first Language! So with that being said…don’t come at me as though I misunderstood, or misinterpreted your words! Because, You see…I’m also Fluent in Bullshit! If you're gonna lie about me, be smart enough not to Lie to me, About Me!
Ya Dig? Seriously, do I have “Ima Dumbass" written on my Hello my name is: sticker?
I’m not the sharpest tool in the Shed...And that’s Why I’m real good at Listening!!!
And that ...Dear Ex-husbands Wife, (and Muffinites) is exactly why (she) you are NOT MY VICTIM…You aren’t worth it to me, to be my victim! It wastes my energy! I at least have Respect and Passion for my victims! I've got nothing for you!
And looking back at the last 5 months, it has become abundantly clear... that having a good friend...who was once your BEST friend, Now EXHUSBAND is probably not a good idea either! We tried, and those around us wouldnt allow us to succeed...Id Say though, we gave it a pretty good shot! All Emotions and Affections set aside for the Once Was...It just aint!

So............Dear ExHusband, We cant be friends because, I cant stand Your Wife!
Im sorry I have to be this way...I just can't be two faced! I dont find it an attractive quality, as it appears you do! Your Children are Amazing and the Youngest stole my heart! I hope you and your wife live long and prosper! May she be your happiness,  after all You deserve to be Happy! Just not happier then her!
See ya at the Weddings, Funerals, Graduations, and what have you's that Our mutual Off Spring Require!


....Now for You  My Sherri 'AMORE....for making a very good point! For Inspiring this cleansing blog,
You think....That I should thank my Ex?  Hmmmmmmmm ....Perhaps You are Right! As you so eloquently reminded me:
 "I think we should be thanking them." (OUR EX'S) "If it weren't for them, we might never have discovered how strong we really are!"........... Well, perhaps one day I just might do that!

Pass me the Effin Geritol...and  I need a wine chaser, lady!

Muffins in the Center! Standing In FRONT OF HER WORDS!


  1. Thanks! You always read before the final editing...I cant see my mistakes...perhaps it because I think Im perfect!

  2. And this is why I make sure any exes, near or far, never ever find me (and God forbid their current wives do)...

    Good luck with all of that...

  3. Thanks Gini....Im learning my lessons...Im a bit hard headed though! I think Perhaps a friendship between ex's only work if their are no currents.

  4. Hahahaha To Make Waves! Blahahahahaha

  5. You know, its really hard to read anything on your blog with you standing in front of your words. I guess that's why I just stand there, nodding and smiling.

    Speaking of prayers to God, I think posting them on one's Facebook status has just about the same effect. Your message may or may not be heard, but you can ultimately decide that for yourself by whatever happens next. ;)

    Can we get Muffinite T-shirts? Or maybe a button?

  6. I dont want to give the impression I dont Believe in "GOD" I am Agnostic....I believe in a Higher Power...Maybe thats God or Maybe thats an Alien Im waiting for to land and Save me ... Or perhaps in a cauldron I boil and would be Hypocritical of me to Start Praising Jesus there...Im simply of the Opinion that its Hypocritical of her to tell FACEBOOK VIA Her Nighttime Prayers that She loves the Man she just talked dirt to his Kid about...Drama and More Back Story! One could say me writing this is the same thing...Perhaps, My take though
    Is MY Blog is MORE appropriate then Facebook...MY Blog to me for example does quite resemble a Diary of sorts...I write here to hold my self accountable. I could do tshirts!
    xoxoxoxoxo Thanks for commenting Stalker!

  7. Hey girl, Tuesday morning you have a blog award to come and get.

  8. Get this...I really don't know what to say. I can't get passed the whole she would lie if confronted about something she told you, or how she introduces your children, or really just about this whole post in general. Oh yeah, and that she talks shit about Sr. to Jr. that's a bunch of crap. I will say that from the very first picture I saw of her I got a bad feeling from it. Now I know why. Great Post~

  9. Yes Angie....and that is why I think she is a PIECE OF SHIT! Also why I link to Yahoo....I look forward to her reading my post! I look forward to her Husband Reading My Post! If we as HONEST GROWN UPS...Hold our selves accountable for our words and actions at OUR AGE, then so should those that we choose to allow in our little worlds...Seriously Im too Old to LIE, and too myself especially? What effin sense does that make? How do you LIE to Yourself and Believe it? I have no time or energy for that shit. EJHS...well Shes his problem and when hes alone...and he will be one day...He can lie to himself about why!