Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mouth Challenge ...

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Its not a race to the finish  this challenge of  mine! Its actually not got a real ending if you will! I am use to setting goals and personal challenges for myself...remember the Mind FUKC blog I did? (Say yes or click and go read...Dang really?) well Ive been searching and searching for the 
latest motivation, and actually it found me!
Its Actually Me!!!

A few of my readers (and based on comments, Id say none of you) have become my Facebook friends (Tag at the Bottom...Really People? Do I have to draw pictures?) and have the inside scoop to what often prompts my blogs. Im not a structured blogger by any means, and on occasion I blog Challenge with groups ie: BloggerStock. I often blog from the hip really.
So Back Story, Back Story, Back Story, you're finally caught up....

Ive decided that I will Practice Shutting my mouth! I know some of you (TERRY, ANGIE,  LOUM, OILFIELD) are placing bets on  my failure...and there in lies the challenge! My mouth gets me in trouble! I know if I say it, I should BACK IT UP! And, for the most part I can! However, I should learn to speak less for others! Especially if they've not asked for my opinion or have not lost their ability to speak and require my golden pipes out of necessity! 

You see, I know that Duct Tape is Silver because Silence is Golden, Its true! Sometimes, my opinion comes barreling out of me like projecting puke...I call it my passion. Lately, my Passion has Stymied my Progress and that cant happen! I often am so passionate about my opinion, that I want to convert the heathens to my logic....I sometimes get so caught up in things and people and my passion, that I cant see past it. Normally this Passion involves people...and I end up either taking on their exhaustive problems and or behaviors, or I take their lack of good decision so personally, that I attempt to stop the rotation of the Earth to get "it" done for them...Whatever "IT" is! (Im really good at run on sentences aren't I?) Controlling~ is what "IT" is...and I have no business controlling anyone but the Muffin! That my dears is codependency! If I love you... and You have a heroine addiction... Well let me paint my issues picture this way: I'm the jackass on Intervention that will Justify Buying you drugs, and Shooting you up, because, I would rather keep my eye on you, and I tell myself you're safe, while you are killing yourself, You know...cuz Im keeping an eye out, to make sure it doesn't go to far!  WELL HELLO DUMBASS! We already know when we're at this point that its gone too far! I know I should be  throwing you out and keeping myself safe! Can I get a "HELL DUH?"

See...I know the behaviors I exhibit while in this pattern...and I know that codependency is my addiction, and Ive wasted the last five months running up a down escalator, and I knew the whole time  that I was dealing with dysfunction and couldn't get myself off...(the escalator you pervy effers!) It was a reminder from the Universe that even though I think Ive got it figured out...that I must still practice good choices! I'm also now keenly aware that I'm easily pulled back into the dysfunction of some! I must be strong like Jedi Warrior to not fall back! So, from this day forward, I shut my mouth! I offer no additional help to those who choose to swim in the quick sand of Dysfunction! And So... my loyal Muffinites (All 5 of you!) Thanks! (thanks too, to the 29 followers that just follow me to increase my ego)....I do Love Ya Bitchess! I must though  really ... LOVE ME! So I'm Dusting off of the road dirt of the last 5 months and catching up with my future! I cant believe its been 5 months!
What an utter waste of months!
Not Getting stuck on Stoopid from today forward!
Moving on to the next one!
Whoot! Sing it JAYZ!
Watch me go!!

~Muffins on the Move Baby!


  1. Ok.

    Friend request sent to you.

    And I have trouble shutting up as well.

    And kudos to you for throwing in a reference to Star Wars.

  2. I love your Gutz! Ha Ha to Star Wars! Friends request accepted!

  3. You can never have too many facebook people.

  4. I was told once that even if my intentions are good that minding my own business was best. Best for everyone including myself...seems to keep me outta trouble (a little). Definitely I am a control freak but believe that as I grow up I'm getting wiser. Learning how to shut my mouth and open when appropriate is something I have been working on for a few years now. People know they can trust me and believe me, there have been a few situations in life where it is very very..almost impossible to not throw my two cents in. Though it ALWAYS come's back to bite me on the ass.
    Just the other day I told a very old and dear friend of mine that I was going to send a message to her ex- worthless piece of shit husband and father to one of her children. She begged me not too as it would only cause more problems. She even called several times that day to beg me NOT to say anything. It is very difficult for me not to get involved when their son is the one being hurt and she is the one that has to deal with it everyday. Believe me, it's not been an easy road since he left and the fact that he is in Germany with his new wife and her kids and facebook's pictures and shit about THEIR family and what goes on in their lives. The ex doesn't have to deal with the repercussions of his actions and it really pisses me off. I never thought Rob capable of hurting Griffin like he has and continues to do. Okay now...where did all that just come from? Rant over--and No, I still have not messaged him, but you better believe if and when I have to see that bastard, he's getting a piece of my mind. Just thinking about it gets me going~ I think I need a xanax now--Haha~

    Good Luck with your goal--It's a tough challenge that's for sure, but you can DO IT. You can do anything!! wink wink*

  5. Thanks and OH MY GOD LETS NOT TALK ABOUT EX'S THEIR NEW WIVES AND FAMILY OK??? Jeeze Im trying to be strong girl! Xanax is the new Geritol!

  6. Geritol--isn't that for like Old People?

  7. Dear God girl! I'm so with you! Raise your glass of Geritol~ Cheers!! ...and if I may comment on the "ex" thing. No bashing here, I think we should be thanking them. If it weren't for them, we might never have discovered how strong we really are! Stay strong... (I am flexing my muscles right along side of ya)

  8. Sherrie! Rock on!!! The God Comment I think came from My Facebook Page...Im blogging my point on that, right now!
    I need some Wine to Chase my GERITOL!

  9. Five months ago, I was a guest in your home. We shared a wonderful week together spending mornings doing our computer-things in the office, drinking coffee, and talking about whatever came to mind. I met your terrific family and friends, ate at some of the best places I've ever been, and gained a personal experience that will stand out as one of the highlights in my lifetime; an experience where I would solidify a friendship with a someone I probably might not have ever met if she did not always reach out to me, no matter how much time passes between us without more than a few comments and scarcely a blog between us.

    And I was also there to bear witness at the inception of such an incident as you described, and I knew your road was set. It would demand your attention and your focus for some time -- not because it was required of you, but because you required it of yourself. And coming off the most memorable week with you and your family, and giving myself over to new personal ventures that required some attention of my own, I knew that our roads were forking in different directions. I trusted that when the time was right, we would come full-circle once again as we always do.

    So here I am, back to see you at the end of one journey and ready to begin another. For myself, I have been gearing myself to start blogging wholeheartedly once again. And in doing so, I am committing myself to reading and commenting others while I'm at it.

    Just know that I would never make a foolish wager which profits on your failure at anything. I am always expecting you to win. :)

  10. Dang You and My Cousin Andy are both talking at my Memorial Service! Provided you out live me...You first cuz his eulogy Rap needs a High Five at the end & I need two people who can do it Gangsta Style! You and Him! Ya Dig! Keep a Straight Face and Say what you said up there! Dang I think sound effing Awesome!