Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogger Stock! Things Im not Thankful For!

Its been a While Since I blogged! Sorry Ive been Distracted! Heres the Next Installment of Blogger Stock! To read all the BloggerStock Posts copy and paste the links!
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Enjoy! ~Muffin

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Alexandra the Tsaritsa of the Tsaritsa sez and I am
here today for a blog ring called Bloggerstock. If you go to my site
today you will see a blog posting up by the lovely Mandy Moore. Go and
do that, but only after you read this entry!

For this month's installment of Bloggerstock, we were asked to tell
the world the things for which we are NOT thankful. If I made a
complete and comprehensive list of all the shit that pisses me off,
well I don't think you'd have the time to read it, and frankly I don't
feel the need to spend a hundred pages ranting about all of the stupid
things people do and why it irritates me. No. That's not what the
season of Thanksgiving is about. It's about gathering around a table
full of good food with your friends and family and as the wine kicks
in the conversation starts to get more heated and finally everyone's
chattin S and cornbread is being flung across the table. Am I right?
So here's a brief list of the things I am not thankful for:

1) People who go out of their way to be a dick. This one lady bit my
head off when I asked her to "please hold the door" for the elevator
at my old office building. She had just gotten in the elevator as I
was entering the building and it only took her a second to hold the
door for me to get in. She huffed and puffed until she got to her
floor, and she said something nasty which I shrugged off and don't
remember. Maybe she was having a bad day, but that's still no reason
to take it out on a complete stranger. I've also experienced a lot of random and unwarranted rudeness in my years working in customer
service jobs where it was my duty to be kind and helpful to everyone.
People take advantage of kindness, or interpret courtesy for
insincerity. People are weird.

2) People who hurt/are mean to animals. Animals are so wonderful. I
don't think you should kill an animal unless you are going to eat it,
and I believe we need to protect endangered species, like the Big Cats
that poachers are killing off all over the world. It's wrong, and it's
very sad to me that certain animals that I love may not be around for
much longer, through no fault of their own. People need to get a grip
and stop massacring wildlife.

3) Insects and grime. Yuck. Nothing is a bigger turn-off for me than a
dirty kitchen or swarms of flies. Soooo nasty.

4) Pimples. I really thought that by now I wouldn't have to worry
about getting zits. I guess that was just a teenage fantasy, that once
you reach adulthood pimples become a thing of the past. Nope.

5) Being broke. I'm used to being thrifty and have never been much of
a big spender. I think my biggest buy ever was an iPod four years ago.
Not spending money isn't a problem, but it's nice to know that there's money available if I need it. It really sucks that I can't put any
money away for savings because I have no money in the first place.
Pretty much all of my funds go to bills and student loan payments. It
really sucks to feel desperate.

6) Infomercials and TV channels that stop showing actual programs at
midnight. What is this, the 1970s? Why is it that people who stay up
past the late shows have nothing to watch on television besides
advertisements about losing weight and removing unsightly back and ass
hair? Us night owls wanna watch shows! Who makes these decisions about
program schedules, I'd really like to know so I can tell them that
while they may go to bed at eight o'clock on the dot every night, that
not everyone else does. Some of us like to kick back and relax to the
soothing sounds and visual delights of the boob tube. Why won't you
appease us?

So, that's my list, folks. I could keep going but something inside me
says that you probably have other things going on in your life and
reading my blog isn't the highest priority. It's all right, I
understand. I can only hope that you enjoyed this little entry and
that you will take a look at my blog sometime in the future. Why not
now? the Tsaritsa sez

Alexandra M. Naughton


  1. Haha, your post at Riley's page made me laugh. I'm a new follower.

  2. Hey, the picture isn't working! Oh no!

  3. Oh my gawd. #1 & #5 I'm with you allll the way.

    Yes, I hate bitchass temper tantrums from random ass people for no reason. God help me if I end up in customer service for the rest of my life...

    The whole money thing, I feel bad for spending sometimes cause it's like, this could go to paying for school. Waaaamp!

  4. The Picture was Huge! I like things Big Usually!! Just saying! So I made it fit better!

  5. Completely agree with #1, #4, and #5! You should've given that old lady a hug, sounds like she needed one...

    Oh and my Bloggerstock will be up at: NOT at (Sorry for the confusion!)

  6. Michael I corrected the link up top!