Monday, January 17, 2011

Embrace Your Mouth!

On this National Holiday, where we take a moment and observe the Life and Speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ....Where we close Banks and Government Offices, The Children of all Races and Colors get to sleep in and all to allow for the Remembrance Of One Mans Dream...Albeit, Shared by many! His passion for his beliefs...lead a nation and ultimately cost him his life! I'm not saying my mouth will cause my death...It could I suppose..However, I find it Ironic that Some grown ass adults choose to Shut The Fuck UP (From this point forward referred to as STFU)...when impassioned or perhaps not so impassioned... but impassioned enough that they STFU to punish or pretend that others don't exist ... Yes I mean the Silent Treatment...Yes I take it personally! And frankly If you think Im talking about you...You are probably right! You They (in general) STFU with such passion that its practically emblazoned with Diamonds!
Thats Right! STFU with Bling! See... I find STFU~Ing very hard to do! I actually find STFU~ing Impossible if I'm impassioned about something! Ive Tried Everything! Even Duck Tape! To no Avail! God forbid you expect me to STFU when I feel Like you've wronged someone I love, Pissed on my boots, or Your standing there running your pie hole and everything falling out of your mouth is ridiculously wrong. In that instance, 
I will tell you:

However, the rules of engagement require engagement! You aren't allowed to Shut The Fuck Up STFU because you think that shutting up will make Me problems go away! It Wont! AND NOTE THIS...  A Certain Some of You... I KNOW THAT YOU DO THAT JUST TO MAKE ME EFFING NUTZ AND YOU WANT ME TO GO ALL PREMENOPAUSAL PSYCHO ON YOUR QUIET ASS  ON PURPOSE!   IN FACT, IT'S SO OFTEN I'M BEGINNING TO THINK YOU:

Note also: Your shutting up isn't punishing ME! Its Punishing YOU! It allows me the stage to run my mouth continue talking! To VOICE my opinion! God Knows I have an Opinion! I also know that Shutting Up and Shutting Down are not the Same thing! They are two very Different things! Neither are Constructive or Productive!
Also Shutting Up and Shutting down does not make the world brighter or better or your troubles (ME) go away! It just makes them Louder! Really Loud! Loud~ Loud!
I promise if You Open Your Mouth to Speak...You will be louder then Voices in Your Head and Primarily, the Voices in Your Head are talking all kids of crap!

And Considering I probably WANT to hear From You. It might also make me STFU....You never know! Ok ....I doubt it, but it doesn't mean I wont try!
Speak! Be Heard! 

Mouthy Muffin 
Nose in the corner-->
Until she acts right!


  1. Very well put. I love the use of the "Curse" words.

  2. Now how did I miss this blog? and to think...I thought I was a Good Stalker.

    Sorry--I got nothing for ya on this one.

    I'm going to do myself a favor and continue to Shut The Fuck Up ~LOL~ Sorry, I couldn't resist:)

  3. Its like You Still have control over me!

  4. Dearest Woodbridge Virginia Reader! Please click on the "Muffins Blog" banner at the top and enjoy the other 87 posts (to date), Thank you for book marking or memorizing my blog url! That is a true sign of a true fan!

    Hugs and Kisses