Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I wish that had only been a dream ...

Ever wake up and think Dang that dream was too real?
Or wake up exhausted from the dreams activity the night before?
Or wake up pissed off because of a dream that your significant other did something dastardly to you whilst slumbering?
Remember being a Kid and Dreaming about Peeing to wake up in a wet bed????????
No? Seriously? That never Happened to you?

Dont you wish we could take back some of "real life" and trade it in for dream world? I wish I could rewind time just a few months mind you, not go back too far ...and trade in reality for dream world...Like take a real Situation place it under my pillow like a tooth for the Tooth Fairy and wake up with it only ever having been a dream....That would be nice! 

Never Mind that I would potentially have woken up from a Night Mare,  It would have only been a dream...gone with the Shower and swallowed with the Mornings Coffee and forgotten by Lunch Time!

Yeah, That would be Nice!

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  1. Yes, I have been pissed at a significant other after a dream. Enough said. However, it would be awesome to turn part of your life into a nightmare! Where do I sign up?

  2. Exactly!!! Thanks For Smelling what Im stepping in! Id love the "Do Over" but Im afraid the rules wouldnt allow me to change the outcome...so if the worst we have can just be a Nightmare.....!!!! Then Hells Yeah! Im IN!

  3. How odd---this just happened to me yesterday morning. I was dreaming and all was going well, about half way thru it it just got to be too much and I got pissed off. That's when I told myself to wake the fuck up cuz I'd had enough of that dream. I woke up and then had to remind myself that it really was what I "have asked for".
    Sometimes the things I think I want and the possibility of them really happening frighten the shit outta me. Just saying...

  4. YUP! I can call shit to me, its my Beautiful Curse...I need to remember the total picture when I do it too and It started via Dreams...Practice that with Caution!