Thursday, January 27, 2011

And the Award for LOL goes to.................

BransMuffin 2011

Thats Right Bitchessss ! I want to take a tiny blog moment and thank a few people and then as with everything in life I gotta pay this Bitch Forward....

So to my parents... We the Muffin Club want to say thanks for that likely drunken throw down yall did somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1968...Had it not been for your passion and no birthcontrol I likely would not be here! With that said, I do have what appears to be side effects of Drunken Fetal know I get the Stroke Eye when I've been drinking....Yeah ~Nice Assholes! Fucking thanks for that, too! Ever heard of NOT DRINKING WHEN PREGNANT MOM?  Seriously, My name is Brandie...not spelled w/a Y cuz they were trying to be clever....and if it was left up to my Dad Senior Chuckles my middle name would have been Alexandria ...Get it Brandy Alexanders? Bwahahahahaha... Shut the Fuck Up! I was their only PLANNED pregnancy....planned in the sense that they slurred...
Chuck: "oh shhhhhitz what if you gets prayghgnant" and the other one
Jackie: ..."I wanna hash your baby".......
Squeak goes the bed or kitchen table or whereever...they were married at the time
EWEEEEEEEE! Parent Sex! Fucking Gross!
Whatever! Thanks!

I also want to Thank Mr Oil Field Trash for the Nod of Appreciation! He put me on the spot though I feel like I have to be funny, in order to accept this award! Being Funny and having to Be Funny...NOT the same thing! So thanks Oilfield You AssHole...You made me work for it and currently Im not so sure a blog about my parents screwing and calling everyone Assholes is really considered funny....but WTF...Im including a Laugh track at the end of the blog!

And finally Thanks To My Readers and Yay!!! My New Readers! Hell the Fuck oooo new Bitchesssss! Thanks for stopping by and commenting or not commenting ...either way I have the tracker over there so I see you seeing me! Love to Ya!!!!!!!!

Ok so now I have to write shit about me you dont know....
*Currently Im holding back a throat full of Spaghettios...I seriously think I may Hurl!
*I am not above calling my Parents Drunks and Assholes....Oh Wait...You do know that!
*I haven't Showered yet today... Its almost 1PM eastern! LAZY!!!
*Ive only ever had sex with White Men, I dont consider myself racist either.
*I have two Back Up Husbands in mind, in case Hunka ever gets a hankering to leave me...Im a pretty good catch when Ive showered! He probably aint going nowhere though!
*I have seasonal depression when the temperature drops below 75...not Medically diagnosed, I said so though, so that makes it official!
*I have never had the urge to try Lesbianoge ... Why are so many people doing it? Like its Trendy to be a lesbian? real lesbians would kick a fake lesbians ass!

If you see your name congrats! You won the LOL award too!

Are You Serious? Midwestern Momma

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and this POST IN PARTICULAR at The Pits of Being Peachy!

And Y'all know OF COURSE!!!!!! Sara Swears A lot!

There are plenty of funny bloggers that I read...and I read some that arent Funny if your name isnt on the list it doesn't mean you suck just means you suck ass at being funny!



  1. Congrats on your award, you deserved it so hence why I gave it to you.

  2. You're Stalking me...when you see a new post wait 15 minutes then read! LMAO! Thanks!!!!!!

  3. Very awesome passing the blog award over to my non blogging but amazingly awesome guest post daughter for that post. She is indeed capable of farting glitter. I will let her know. Thanks. xo Peach out aka The Queen Peach Mum.

  4. Congrats on the new jpeg! And being planned at conception. And backup plans. And whatever else. Where's my pills?

  5. Cora Beth rock on sista!!!!!

  6. Brans~Muffin, I am quite sure that if you were to every cut one loose. It would be glitter. Sam says, " this is splendiforous" and she loves your bio.

  7. Congrats on the award and thanks for bestowing it upon me! I'm so gonna steal the laugh track.

  8. Terry, I don't even think you read this, but thanks for telling my Undercover spy name here! Jerk!
    Jacob...What Kind of Pills? I wanna be a Pill head....Im doing research for a new....Movie...Yeah! thats why!
    Peachy, Thanks!! and some people think Im superficial! I say Love thy Self best!!!
    Chrissy! I am scared! YOU DRESS YOUR FRACKIN CAT UP FOR HALLOWEEN?? That potato was sexy though!

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