Monday, November 14, 2011

Karma is a Bitch and Misery is her Sister!

Tired of the FIGHT? 
A quick How to ...STOP!
From the Economy, to Ex's, to seems lately that every day has become a fight...of one magnitude or another!
So Ive taken the time I needed to clean out my emotional closet of crap carrying luggage, and get back into real prospective!  
Ill fix what I can to maintain my LIFE...everything else is beyond my control so Ill let it go....sorry if that means to you that  Im unavailable to feel bad for you anymore! You made your bed with cheap sheets and shitty pillows...I dont have to lie in it with you! I am only responsible for ME! If you have a bad day, trip, marriage, job, bank account or cup of coffee...well that's on YOU! I refuse to have Marital issues, a shitty Job and crap coffee just so you don't feel alone in your misery! As an EXAMPLE of course!
We all need to take stock in our Hoarding of "Feelings" and reevaluate our philosophies on a regular bases and Ive decided that my winter clean out has arrived...I needed to review the basics of... Bitchy, One OH One!

How to Fight Fair:

No such thing...this isn't boxing its primarily the art of debate. IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE RIGHT then hands down no argument needed! So as far as the "Fight" goes...know when to hold em and know when to fold em....if the person you are fighting with is Blind and a Moron...You'll always end up looking like a jerk...not to the blind person, cuz well... they cant see, and since they're a moron anyway... do you really care what they think?
You do look like a jerk though, to the scores of friends and family you go bitching to, about this Blind Dumb-ass...with your knowledge and theirs too... that you are probably ALWAYS fighting with this person and likely the fights are always the same...Ask your self this question: If this person didn't exist tomorrow would I cease to exist as well? If the Answer is Yes their Death would cause my Death...then carry on... keep fighting the good fight! Your survival depends on it! If the Answer is: NO, if this person died tomorrow I would in fact still be living and breathing (with the exception of fighting with this person) on a daily basis then I say Cut your losses...Just make sure when you do you don't cut their Juggler vein too...Jail isn't a good time, from what I saw while watching Lock Up on MSNBC!
How to Control Shit:

Pepto-bismol! It may not control all the Shit but it will at least slow the flow of the shit...Sometimes that's all we need to regain ourselves! We need the flow to slow so we can cope! If WE INDIVIDUALLY are adding shit to our shit...and then adding to that, everyone else's shit...Well its gonna spiral and quick! You will loose control of the all things you can control! 
Knowing what you can control is the key! IE: YOUR REACTION! Your commitment to remain uninvolved in drama and darkness, and your ability to see your way out! These are truly all that we control in our lives! Oh we think we've got a handle on everyone else's Shit...After all, you believe you are just a witness to their shit...Consider this though...If I keep hearing about your dysfunction, (or you mine)...You really are polluting my space (and perhaps your space with my dysfunction) and by definition of Pollute...You and I get bogged down, and that's going to have an Affect/Effect!
YOU REALLY DO ONLY CONTROL THE THREE THINGS MENTIONED above! Attempting to control more then those three things never works! It results in YOU kidding yourself, and thus finding yourself several days or weeks from now wishing you had taken stock and handled YOUR shit! You will be left having wished you left others Shit alone too!  
Misery doesn't love company...SHE LOVES DRAMA! 
Karma is a Bitch and Misery is her Sister! Thats the truth!
Loving other peoples Drama makes our seem, less Drama~Ish! Sharing our Drama makes us feel Important...As in: "oh yeah I got Drama so I must count for something"...What you have is Negative Energy that you are rubbing all over the poor sap who answered your call! That poor Sap answered because they care about you! Don't rub shit on people who care about you! 

How to Fix it:

So to my Poor Saps in the last thirty days...Send me your dry cleaning bill...My shit removal had to be expensive...The least I can do is foot the bill!

I OWN my part in creating Drama, stirring the Drama...and sharing the Drama...
I refuse to add to the Drama anymore...If I don't like something that directly has a result on my physical person, I will stand up for ME. Otherwise...I'm not going to even react...except to take pause and remind myself that only I control my reaction!
My kids are Grown, My Husband is Grown, My friends are Grown. Ill handle my shit and they can all handle theirs!

This has been confessed to you by the Muffin.