Saturday, May 15, 2010

And the Award for Best Supporting Blogger Goes Too:

Thank You Sir Jacob for the I Love Your Blog Award! You have been an inspiration to me, and a supporter of mine all the way through the first 100 blogs of my existence, and You have been a fierce competitor, and much needed critique! You taught me how to spell the word Grammar and you've dedicated Guitar Hero Vlogs in my Honor! I dont care what the other kids on the playground say about you, I think you are just the mostest! You know just how to rub my ego the right way! You comment like no other! I hated your MIA days of not so long ago! Welcome Home Buddy! You give so much and seek so little! Thank you, for honoring me with such a lovely and very unlike you award! Did you draw those hearts and flowers on that wide ruled notebook paper yourself?

This is not going to be just an acceptance speech! This acceptance speech is going to become its own Awards Presentation Show! And for Future Reference....and for those that will go unrecognized this evening...I have started creating my own Awards, Yes, It is very egotistical of me, I know, and You're Welcome! As the Year progresses several of you will receive the highest honor I can create to tell you how super fabu~licious you are and thus will in turn give you an opportunity to compliment me back! While you all are probably not dressed in the formal attire one usually wears when accepting such high accreditation's, and several of you scag over to the Muffin Club minus your Teeth and Clothes! (Psst...That feedjit banner over there is really a camera taking pictures of you via a hidden program I sent to your computer the first time you logged in) and other then myself owning my own red probably don't have one to roll out and walk down at the drop of a hat! So we'll keep this first go-round a bit informal! I will tell you... on a future blog note to come...See Photo: that owning a red carpet is very useful and they do in fact make you feel better about yourself! Moral to be learned here: Self Esteem is worth every penny you pay for it!

Now on to the Business of Presenting:

For Photo Fantastics the I Love Your Blog Award goes to:Teeks Place Where you will always see Something Pretty she has found from behind her lens She could have named her blog many names, she is mystical and magical and honest to a fault! Cuz...Thats How We Roll in this Family! An advocate for the Donkey Party and All Stuff Girly! She has an Infectious Laugh and a panache for Falling Down and Up Stairs! You Gotta Love Her~ If you wanna Love Me!

Leading Blogger in a Mini Series: the I Love Your Blog Award Goes to This Cool Cat: Jacob Lewis AKA Loum For all that you do, including but not limited too...Agreeing to Have My Back should I be required to flee the United States! The 2AM-5AM Texts I wake up to at 8AM, and the fantastic Blogs you write! MUAH!

"The Sweetest Blog", Winner is:OnReeOne she is self described as: Im a work in progress. I'm not the same as I was yesterday and I will not be the same tomorrow. I take each day one at a time. I love my family and my friends keep me sane in this insane world." We have a strange relationship of sorts, we are related through a degree of separation, and I believe we have a mutual respect and understanding of each others ability to be...Concerned Under New Tunnels and keenly aware of Bridges that need built....Bridges we both believe should neither be burned Or Crossed without the appropriate tolls being paid first!Her blogs & Photos have made me feel nostalgic for the Arm Pit of America...AKA: FarmTown Everywhere Midwest!

The Milfy Muffin Tops Award
could not be held by anyone other then this Fantastic Blogger. She makes 1930's Pin Up Girls look Homely and her writing is witty and wise! This is one blog addiction you shouldn't live without! I, like Jacob, am torn between her two blogs but have to agree that the original holds a dear spot with me as well! Ms Holly Rogers...of the Canadian Royally Mounted... Rogers,

And Last but certainly not least...The Coveted: "Snot Rocket Award"
Without a doubt this is one of the funniest bitches (That's a compliment here in the States!)that I have read to date! The fearlessness in which she blogs, the topics that she chooses and the detail in which she shares just floors me! And I thought I had a Potty Mouth! Im Mother Theresa compared to her! Thanks Nakid Writer, you make blogging FUN!

Cue the Orchestra and Dim the House Lights folks! The Award presentations are over! Please feel free to Steal the Token Center Pieces, take your Goody Bags compliments of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Trojan Condoms and go the Fuck Home!.... Oh?... What?... You need an Encore? Well then...How about an honorable mention?
Oh OK...Here is the first of Several Blog Nominees for the Best Blogger 2010 This Girl not only knows the Proper Spelling of the name SARA, she also does a great imitation of a dog!

Cue the Orchestra one last time....Im outty!

ox Muffin xo


  1. Complimentary condoms? I bet I'll still haven't used them by next year's award show.

    So... that was really nice and heartfelt. Makes me feel kinda mushy and stuff. Can we hug it out? I got condoms.

  2. I was promoting Safe Sex!~ I hear the After Parties can get a little Crazy!

  3. Um, actually, I was wearing a ball gown while I was reading this. I generally wear ball gowns around the house all the time so I guess it was a lucky break.

    Plus I got to spend the whole awards show making fun of all the underdressed bloggers. Embarassing!

  4. Sara thats another reason why I just love you! You are always prepared!

  5. Wait! We were supposed to wear clothes??

  6. awwwww~~ you left out DRAMA MOMMA~ !!!

  7. Thanks for the snot rocket award...that's hilarious!
    i already commented on this like two days ago, but i guess the comment didn't go through booo...i wonder what uber funny things i said? now i can't remember to duplicate my funnies ;o( imma sad!
    whatever...the awesomeness of my presence is enough to satisfy you i am sure!
    Thank you for calling me a funny bitch, that compliment brought a tear to my eye and snot bubble to my nose! xo

  8. oh and, i need a copy of snot rocket award to put on my site and give you props!

  9. The award has been created and can be found in your email box! Shortly!

  10. aw...I feel all warm and fuzzy right now, but that may have something to do with the shot of hot damn I just did. Thank you for this award...and your quite right in all that~ :)

  11. What is Hot Damn? I like to feel warm and Fuzzy! I must do a Thirsty Thursday Blog this week!
    Oh sorry was commenting you~Well that Honor Flight is a great charity and they just did a documentary on it for the History channel! I cried watching the Old Effers get off the plane and the whole terminal was cheering and hugging them and thanking them....Im a lil PMS but if i think about it to much I'll feel emotion vapors well up! Cant have Puffy Morning Eyes!