Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do I Blog to Fast for comments?

Im in Pain...My Guts fucking hurt and from doing the right kind of crunches vs the wrong kind!  I guess Im gonna look like a hard body with in the next 6 months! I can tell the muscles I am working and I can say even with Yoga Ive not felt it this quickly before! I am not joining Jillians discussion boards either....I dont want to become a member of another community I like this one right here! However, I did spend sometime this morning reading her success testimonials...I was looking for people who lost a lot of weight and who look like a brick shit house keep me motivated through the Pain!
SO while I sign out and go work out with Aims to the Muffin ya'll dance around Muffins Logic and Tighten up with me!

Did yall notice the name change? Thanks Teek, for the Idea! ~Muffin

Mid Day Edit~ I finished the Work out with Aims...Amy is the Bomb! She was Capt Crunch in the Gym today! The right kind of Capt too! Day two in the Gym and Im still glad I did....My Abs hurt so bad that I could not get off the bench by sitting up, I had to throw myself off onto the floor! Then Amy had to pull me up...LMAO! She was awesome about it! She kept saying You're doing Good Brans Muffin.... On a lighter note...and a Shout out: "Hey Cool Chick from 707...Not only does your Ocean View Rock....Ive seen it before Im a RE Broker not a stalker, but you were fun to have in the Gym! Im totally gonna work out with you as much as possible! I prefer to work out between 10AM and 1PM, If I have clients in town then I will work around them but I promise I wont miss working out!
Friday is fast approaching and I cant wait...I love me some Yoga Fridays! Now if I can just get on the "eat more bus" Im struggling with the Good Calories vs Bad Calories...OH Well, all in good time!.....Off to work I go again! Thanks For Checking Back!

I see you "Broken Arrow"...Please sign in and Say Hi once in a while!

Mid Day Muffin


  1. Muffin Logic!! whoot whoot...I crave the logic, sincerely I do. There are days that I have withdraws from not getting a dose...Your my drug baby.
    I love a killer workout and enjoy the burn from a great ZUMBA class. I also love yoga. I need to find a yoga class and go regularly, think it might make my inner peace chick happy.

    MUAH!!!! to your logic

  2. HAHAHAHAHA to the photo of the big FRO'S

  3. Its a Video....Shes a Brick Howwwwwwwwwwwwwse...

  4. I would dance around but OWEY OWEY I cant...My guts hurt me!

  5. Oh thank you for posting MY video. You do know it was made for me, right!...cause at one time, I was a Brick shit house or at least that's what I was told. Keep up the good work my muffiny not gonna have a muffin top. If you keep inspiring me I may have to be that brick shit house again. Oh my Lords and Ladies I hurt already. I also wanted to be a cheerleader but never got picked- oh well, I can cheer you on Go Muffin Go- work it work two, one two. The two count works for me cause then I never really know how many I actually did. Kindof like not having a scale in my house- I don't believe in them, they lie.

  6. Thanks For The Support....You'll be motivated...Imma Post Pics...when Im ripped!!!!!!!

  7. Momma Me too But Jesus to God and Mother Mary if your christian...they tear the ever lovin Hell out of my mouth...How did we eat them as kids???