Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food Log....No exercise...and a confession

So Im starting the Diet I guess the Food Log helps you realize what you put in your mouth...I actually put less in my mouth knowing I was going to have to confess it later...

Jillian didnt give me any exercise today so I laid out and got sweaty sun bathing and I floated in the Pool...It was exhausting!

SO to keep me's what I put in my mouth!



Entry for:

My Meals Servings Calories Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbs(g)


AUNT JEMIMA Buttermilk Pancakes 1 Serving(s) 210 6 4 40 remove
Total 210 6 4 40


Flatbread 1 Serving(s) 110 6 2 20 remove
turkey 1 Serving(s) 50 11 0 1 remove
Salami 1 Serving(s) 120 5 10 1 remove
cheese 1 Serving(s) 70 5 5 0 remove
Total 350 27 17 22

Snack 2

Popsicle or Ice Pop 1 Serving(s) 47 0 0 11 remove
Total 47 0 0 11


Crab, Steamed 1 Serving(s) 91 19 1 0 remove
Salad Dressing, Caesar 1 Serving(s) 158 0 17 1 remove
FRESH EXPRESS Salad Blend, Lettuce Trio 1 Serving(s) 15 1 0 3 remove
Green Beans, Canned, Drained, without Salt Added 1 Serving(s) 18 1 0 4 remove
Total 282 21 19 8

Daily Total

889 54 39 81
I didnt even Consume 1000 Calories...this must just be a fluke....
I think I should eat this every day!
So you know: (If you care) Im buying the Whole Grain flat breads and I ate a sandwich (LUNCH)...I think the portions may be a bit exaggerated, I dont actually know the weight of the meat it was like 2 pieces of shaved turkey 2 pieces of Shaved Hard Salami and 2 Pieces of Bacon not listed...gotta go add that and a squirt of mustard with a slice of provolone cheese I drank half a glass of wine and EJHJ drank the rest so really two swallows and I dont know how many calories per swallow. This is the Confession:
SO if anything I drank 1/2 cup....Ill go look that up too....Jeeze ...Not drinking is going to be Hard! Im not even a drinker Whats Up With That!

Not much to tell so far...I don't think I lost any weight...I'll be blogging more about this the first week or so then will cut it to Once a Week with my Favorite Meal and deets of the Best and Worst work Out...I have set my weight loss goal at 30 pounds...Keeping in mind that 30 Pounds gone will make me look like a crack whore.... Bring on the Skinny Clothes! I expect it will take me 4 Months also that's Assuming I loose 7 Pounds a Month 4 months is 28 pounds...I have Hypothyroid disease So anything less then 7 pounds per month will add time to the goal...My hope is to loose it slow enough to Maintain it. I was 152 when I quit smoking and my bone structure is fairly small....although I have broad shoulders I should weigh between 136 and 150 says the 135 pounds though Im literally a size 5 and I already know that's probably too small. I have really bird~esk legs.... I know... dont hate me because Im blessed with chicken legs...I have very small ankles and the Cankle runs in the Family...JUST SAYIN! Im 27 pounds heaver then when I quit smoking, Im still only a Size 10  in most things, and a Size 12 with a little room in others...Lucky me, Ive never had Thunder Thighs! So I have the Appearance of being smaller then my actual weight! Yay Me! SO lets do this shall we?

Good Luck and Stop eating!
Signing Off
The Fat Free Muffin~ Eventually


  1. I, too, share the same peculiar quirk where I look smaller than my actual weight. But that is because I am really dense. Take from that what you will. Good luck with your regiment, Ostrich girl!

  2. lol Well I did it! I did the whole work out and until hot Yoga I didnt know an elbow could sweat! Now I know least with this work out I dont feel like Im about to die!