Monday, July 19, 2010

Jullian I think You kinda look like a Man, and My Ass Turns 16 this year!

So as far as smoking hot bodies go...Jillian Michael is the Shit Kinda...Cept she dont have Boobs and I gots Plenty and She does have a bit of the Badunk and I dont want to loose any weight in my Caboose....SO I have to figure out how to keep my rear!
I never had an ass til EJHJ was Born and so I consider my badunk and His Birthday the Same day/Age! Whats Awesome is when Im fifty I'll have the ass of a 25 Yr Old!
With that said, Not very Often Do I post Body Photos, Most thick girls dont prefer it...But I do think in order to post a before and after, this pic will do! Plus You get Rear End Silhouette~age! I hope Jillian doesn't make me look like Chyna From the WWE! I keep looking for her Adams Apple (Chynas and Jillians quite frankly)! Breaking Weight loss News....Jillian Sent me an email !

And look Jullian got the memo about my Rockstarness: Who told her???? You Guys are the Best!

Monday July 19, 2010

Hi, BransMuffin!


Welcome to the Program!

I'm so psyched to have another rock star in my online program — thanks for joining! Whether this is your first serious attempt to get healthy or you've been going on and off diets forever, I can help you achieve lasting weight loss and make permanent changes to your lifestyle. There are just a few things you need to do to get started.

Blah Blah Blah Im doing that stuff.....Well now that the 1st work out is done and Im cooled off enough, (for what ever reason I super heat up after a work out...I sweat more after then usually during the exercises...anyone know why that might be?)  Im off to Shower and eat Lunch....Its time I get some admin done around here.....The Website has been neglected for way too long! Im buying that Beach Cruiser as soon as I loose 5 Pounds!
Im going to Introduce Aims Muffin too Shes my new Diet Sponsor...Like an alcoholic I need to be held accountable...Aims is the Perfect person for the job! Aims Muffin said Im not eating enough Calories....(She has volunteered to be my diet sponsor)...So Im gonna try to Eat More then Yesterday...It appears if you dont consume enough Calories Your Body Says "AWWW Hail; to the No this bitch is trying to Starve us....Store all the Calories and fat you can in her Neck and Chin!"
I swear My Body does this...if I look up and reach back behind my neck I swear I feel 4 hotdogs!
Just Saying! Ok Im out!

Stay Healthy Stop Eating Junk....Or perhaps a pick up Coke addiction?


4:53 PM 07/19/10 Edit Time.....Do Yall Read Sara Swears a lot?  I think she is the Perfect mix of Me and My Sister and YES ITS TRUE Angie Seabolt!  If we could mush into one'd be her...I dont know how creative Sara is ...But I can color inside the lines...Angie and Terry can make Prom dresses from paper bag Patterns and Table Clothes....Ok thats all Follow this chicky shes a freaking hoot! (Oh Follow me too!)


  1. I beg to differ ...We can make VOO-DOO dolls...There are a few people who need addressed....

    Speaking of Voodoo~ like you do there is a web site called voodooo donuts...Check them out

  2. I can make a voodoo Doll but you know how freaked out I am about curses! I dfdont want that shit coming back at me! I stopped at half a Burnt House! Thanks for following me I love your Guts Man!....Im that Hungry!

  3. Happy Birthday to Muffin's Ass! I don't want to be around when the candles are blown out.

  4. My ass turns 16 In September....I'll take pics of the party!!