Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have experieinced Pure Christian Hate! AND its Barrack Obamas Fault!

O~ I am indeed blaming Barrack (Hussein) , Michelle, and Malia and Sasha and their Damn Dog~ I think his name is Bo OBAMA....All them Damn Obamas can Rot in Hell (pronounced Hail)....Their Damn Muslims! Also... all you Assholes that Work One month a year and collect all those free welfare and socialistic services while a real working man works him 40 hours a week to pay taxes so Yall can live your lazy asses  for free...Well, Fuck You! ....Peee.Eessss.: Fuck you too, all you forty hour a week fuckers working hard to make the rich richer....While Me, Myself, and I, bust my Own Ass ~ On my own Dime~ Often Competing against Uber Rich Corporate America~ for a small piece of American Pie Only to find that  I again have lost to them...Truth Be told... Fuck Me... for even dusting myself off, climbing back up, and trying...AGAIN earn every God Damn Dime I make... to STILL not be able to Afford Medical Insurance, But I do make just enough to Have to Pay OUT 3/4 of my Salary a year to pay for fees, Dues and Self Employment Tax so that I can afford to barely make my own Nut and Make too much Nut for any Social Help at all....At least You working and Unemployed Fuckers Got a Retirement Guaranteed to ya!....After all Yall....An Argument can be made against all of it... Either Side actually...In this half Glass empty  world of Fuck the other guy before he fucks you mentality....Well I say Screw that You bunch of whinny sacks of Shit, What if is what You should say before you criticize a Social Service..What If... I find Myself needing that?....WHAT IF... My Dad, My Mother, My Grand Child, My Son, My Daughter.... If  thats what you have to do to relate, in order to find any thing you DONT benefit from even Remotely Useful then do so! For the Sake of HUMANITY....But then again, Therein Lies the Optimist in me I guess....Assuming, If You could relate to some thing you would accept it...Rather your bigotry and Simpleminded behavior should be addressed...instead of looking at your stupidity and hate as needing changed you attack me personally? Should I be Offended? Hurt? Concerned? No, actually... Im flattered...this Happens all the time when people run out of educated argument to back their point! You get personal in debate when you have been defeated...You conceed...I understand! Seriously though, did you have to take it to the level of religion? Really? Cuz well, I got you beat in the debate there as well....
Even with most given Religious Beliefs....It may shock you to know that I may not believe in GOD or Jesus in the King James Version way of some Fire and Brimstone religions! It may shock you just as much to know that  I most absolutely do have Faith....I give without question to those less fortunate in any way I can...Even if its simply leaving Fruit on top of a Trash Can so a homeless man can find it, clean, with out trash on it for his breakfast of what "Your God Forbidding" (its not just a saying people) may be the only meal he may have this week that isn't rotted and filthy! However Im a fool unworthy of being in One Mans presence because I can articulate in an argument regarding Politcal Science and the Economic State of A Democratic Nation Vs the Uninformed Social Economic Truth of his own ignorance to the issues that he only thinks he understands as they effect and affect him...Never Mind that His Grand Children and his Own Father Benefit from some of these same programs he loathes! REALLY? Hummmmm!
So who knew that at 40 years 10 Months and 48 Days Old I would experience bigotry and the wrath of Christianity SO Negative that the gentleman (Loosely Coined) was so sickened by the presence of me that he had to leave his own Porch. And all because As Passionately as he believes that I am a fool for not believing in his God the Lord Jesus Christ ... I too passionately Believe that to Act chistianly is far more Important then to Claim Christianity...I respect the right of a Christian to hold dear their Beliefs, I also Expect they should Respect My AMERICAN Right to Believe what I choose to believe....and with that I want to publically say....

Thank You to all of the Working Americans and the Unemployed Americans Doing what they can to survive, Thanks to all the Christians who pray to their God for guidance and whatever they ask for to provide relief to Our Nation and to the World...After all their Prayers cant hurt! And Thanks to Bruce Gilmour....for allowing me to experience what many African American and immigrants to this country must have experienced when they met up with someone who spewed hate towards them for simply being what they are rather then knowing who they are and respecting their rights to be. I feel as though I have Grown today because of you Bruce, not in Spite of you. I love you for the opportunity of clairity our conversation this evening  brought me!

I also take comfort in knowing that your new found hate for me has brought me more strongly towards my very own beliefs. Wouldn't You Be Surprised to know Mr Gilmour that Ive Raised my Children to Think Conservatively in the most liberal possible fashion? Diversity is what makes us beautiful! I too think You are Beautiful!

I Blame the Obamas for the Passion they bring out in every American! I as well, Thank Them... for being Strong enough to Take it! ~Muffin


  1. WOW!
    I have felt countless times that My faith is less than desirable by most and that I have been for lack of better words BURNED AT THE STAKE for not participating in the Sunday Social with fellow co-workers at fellow co-workers brothers church!
    It is sad to say~ but indeed in your face reality that we are perceived as backward, uneducated, indecent, with our morals kind of people....

    I love being in your presence and look forward to it soon...until then blessed be to you my dear sister and bless those who hate for they know no better as they live in fear of that that is different ..

  2. I'm experiencing so much joy right now after reading this, its almost a sin. I don't even know what Obama said or did to take the heat, but I don't even care. You are my friend, and I love you no matter what the Christians say about you. Not that I care what the Christians say about anything, but...

    I do feel a blog coming. Maybe its time to thin the herd of loitering readers and get back to the true fans and friends. Thanks, Brandie!

  3. I love the " honky donkey"

    I think this blog needs some down home southern music~ play me some Skynard sister...
    Give me the viddles too while your at it
    a plate of banana pudding and a great big glass of sweet tea and a face full of THATTTTSSSSSSSSSSS NICEEEEEEEEEE~
    Complete with a big ray of piped in sunshine cause them there fellows lives so far back in them hills that day light does never shine!!!!!!

    Now get on home with your non believin' self and keep your fingers off my sheets!!!! my sista's brother's cousin Great Aunt just washed them for the lynchin'~ Heard them say there was a WITCH HANGIN' HAPPENIN' SOON~

  4. Terry You Rock! Fur Reel You Dew! I wanna Stake right next to yours...Burn Baby Burn!

    Louminator- The Obamas are Black (Im sure you didnt notice) and Exist in the Highest office in our Nation...Thats reason enough for them to be hated! The Honor of Being the First BLACK President and the Horror of failure if he does not succeed. Im still on the Fence, I think he is doing a good job considering the Hand he was dealt and If you remember I did Not Vote For Mr Obama, Actually Neither David Nor I voted for Him...Well...Ok we cast the vote but I had a conversation with EJHJ and Said...Since this decision will most effect Your Generation who would you vote for and why...David and EJH our 15 Yr Old Daughter had the Same conversation. Im proud that Both children paid attention to our Political Current Affairs and Both Children Cast their Vote through Us...EJHJ Actually Went to the Polls with me and We cast my vote for His President Together....That vote as was Miss Elizabeth's Vote Cast by her Father was for Barrack Obama. This Mans Disdain (the dude I pissed off) was not for the Job Mr Obama is doing to lead our Nation, but it is for the small sector that most impacts him ... this Sector has been a Talking Point Since Al Gore Invented the Internet...Clean Coal...As If that is the only thing that matters and least we forget Barrack Obama is a Black Man and a Muslim! WTFE! I know I mentioned that before...But come on...Really! *Snark!

  5. Loum...........BLOG BABY BLOG and I am all FOR DRILL BABY DRILL & I still think Sarah Palin is a Cunt! Gays should Marry!

  6. And Further Fucking More...I would love some Ohio Fucking Sweet corn...Just Sayin!

  7. If you get the hell out of Bush country and come on home I'de go getcha some SWEET FUCKING OHIO CORN~ Hell I'de even go corn pickin' in some Northern mans corn field~
    Cause the Corn was Knee High by the Fourth of JULY around here and that means it's gonna be good eatin' here soon~

    Speaking of stakes~
    I know I have A stake from the "mators I can put your name on if ya need one

  8. I love home Grown Maters! Im so glad to hear it was Knee High....Thinking!!!!!

  9. Wow- very NICE! I so would have loved to been a fly on the wall during this debate. Politics and religion- two of my favorite topics. Seems this gentleman has been living in his box a little too long. A little closed minded Maybe? To me It's not a democratic or republican thing- its a people thing. And I think Sarah Fucking Palin is a cunt too.

    Sounds like this fella could go back to Sunday School and learn a few lessons. Haters are just ugly people- period! My Jesus hung with the whores and taught love-NOT HATE-of anykind. Faith is faith is faith--does it really matter whether its Isis or Muhammed or Alla or Buddah or Teklupaujmail?

    There is a reason and a season for everything Brandie. - you may have just planted a seed in which he can ponder-. Ya never know.

  10. Who the Hell is Teklupaujmail? Did you make that up? Cuz if you did...Kudos! Now I gotta fucking Google!

    Thanks for seeing it my way though!

    Who won Miss Virden?

  11. Why yes, I made it up. Like I said- why should it matter. Teklupaujmail is all the things I need today.

    Katie Webb won Miss Virden. She will be a great queen! She's a good girl with a huge heart.