Friday, July 9, 2010

Spontanious Travel...

So.... We decide to take off on a Weekend Journey...We can go anywhere we want (within the Continental USA) the Only rule is ...We have to return to Orlando Florida At or Before 9 AM 07/05/10. Because we have to pick the kid (EJHJ) up at the airport!...We aren't rich by any means, but we do have a few extra peso's in the bank thanks to a really good Sales month, and we need to get away! We've been on Vacations before but they seem to always involve visiting Family...Now, dont get me wrong...Its nice to visit family...But I enjoy visiting places Ive never been! Im an adventurer...Always have been, and probably always will be. I could Up and Move tomorrow to some new Town where I know absolutely No One and get along Just Fine! The last real Vacation We took was Last Summer and it was little more then a weekend itself...We went to Sanibel Island and Captiva...It sounds exotic...and for those who live in Middle America it probably is...and It was well as an Adventure...because when we take these Trips, My family never really knows what exactly they are going to get.I never Plan them more then a few days before leaving and Sanibel was planned 3 Hours before we left! In Sanibel we stayed in a 1960's  (Old!) two story Bungalow Hotel where I called reserved and paid the manager over the phone, they Hid the key under a coconut by the mailbox and left the light on to the Room that was ours!We were the only Guests in the 6 room Hostel and My Son was FREAKING out that it was some hotel from the Movie Deliverance and well ...those people died! LOL! What a Pansy Ass! He has never really stayed anywhere other then resorts and its well time for him to live like the normal people do.....Right? Exactly! Prior to Sanibel we went to Key West...Again we live and Work in Places that People save all year to spend their time and Money ...We need to appreciate our geographic local! Im not talking Orlando...Im talking Key Largo...Boca Raton...South Beach...Tampa....Clearwater...All these Places are just a car ride from us! We live in the Vacation Capital of the World...All thats left for us is retirement! Until this weekends Jaunt...
I feel in love! I met my City Soul Mate~ San Diego California...OMG! I will Live there!
So in the Groan~iest Groan You can Muster~ Here are Some Vacation Photos From the San Diego Zoo...Some things You expect to see and Other things you dont!

The Love Birds! 
(Muffin Needs a Coke Addiction or Anorexia and Quick!)
 And More Love Birds!

Dana Feeds A Rhino
The 3 Amigos Pet a Kangaroo
(Hunka Looks Like Sex in those Jeans! Roar!)
Speaking Of Roar!
I loved the Pink Flamingos
It was the Hippos Nap time
My Battery Died after this Photo This Polar Bear was a Riot!
Mr PeaCock

A Peek A Boo-ing Elephant!

We Got Camels 

We Got Camel Toe ~ Just Sayin'
The Toys R Us King
(cuz I cant spell giraffe!)
The VaJayJay Tree ~Hunka Noticed!
and for My Teek and My Angi
A Random Daisy Just Growing along the Monkey Trail.

I have hundreds of photos from this 3 night 2 day Trip and I cant wait to go back! 
Thanks for checking in! Now its Back to Work for Me!


  1. Love all the pics and that long light hair! My nephew loves it in San Diego. He is stationed there now, but is planning on making it his home when he gets out. I LOVE Daisies--there dandy!

    Oh and that pic of you and the flamingo--Hot Mama!

  2. lol I keep meaning to cut it but David would just shit if I did! I never wear down for long! My hair is really Light!She just did it and I didnt realize how Blonde Ive eventually become! And Fat...OMG! I need to diet! Ive considered Smoking again ~ You Know Until I loose 20 Pounds!

    You Nephew is Smart! The weather was PERFECT! the people so friendly! It was glorious!

  3. Well I really like the blond and the length. I am trying to grow mine out but have no patience. It is black again however. Why? Because Miss Kacie wanted it that way for her giving up her crown and she likes it. In fact everyone does but my mother but since I rarely see her...well whatever! And seriously- smoking sucks and it stinks. I want to quit myself but have no will power. You did it girl--now stick with it!

  4. adorable pictures, looks like you had a blast!

  5. I love all the photos and think I might have to take credit for this photo blog cause I know how much you like mine~~~~~ It was only a matter of time before we saw yours....
    I want a copy of the flamingo pic in my gift box!
    I think your beautiful~ love the hair, the color and the tan~ you most definitely look like a beach babe!!!

    I think David found his totem~ very cool and most fitting...serves the wizard in me well

  6. serves the wizard in him well

  7. Or that was a Freudian slip!! You/, Well I thought you meant the Owl...Im a little Slow....You meant the Vajayjay tree LMAO! I crack up at the Camel Toe everytime I see the Picture! Im such a Dork!

    Sugary I did have a fabulous time! Thanks for the Comments! Stop by anytime!

  8. haha...I thought she was talking about the owl too. Now, I'm a little lost. But thats okay~ seems to be my lot in life right now. The being lost part, that is.