Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Essay to Jillian explaining Way I should Win....

Its been a hot second since I blogged all about my weight loss adventure with Jillian and Aims Muffin...and this blog is about to be an entry in the Jillian Michael weight loss essay contest...the Grand Prize is a cruise! Woot!

Im not so sure I want to win the Grand Prize, because other then cruising with one of my besties, I dont think  it sounds like much fun..."a fitness cruise"...I may get sea sick...I cant imagine doing squats on a boat, I cant bend over in an elevator with out wanting to Hurl. I also cant imagine working out with Jillian either! Shes a Beast! I also dont know if Cussing her out mid Circuit three is gonna go over well with her either...she looks like she can kick my ass... So with out further wait here is my Fat Essay, and what motivated me to enter this contest.

Aims Muffin, the only motivation one would ever need, I would think, to enter the Jillian Challenge! The whole process sounds like a piece of cake considering the alternative to Amys quality of life, if she doesn't win her own challenge!
One of my best friends, Amy, has Kidney Disease. Not a simple disease and a struggle to deal with, especially when Amy is one of the millions of Americans without health insurance. Amy has, since I’ve known her, always struggled with her weight. She has always worked out and she has always been a positive motivator for me to get into shape. So, as Amy fights the good fight against her potential silent stalker, I sit here looking at 41, a Size 12 concerned that 45 may find my Ass a size 16 or better...
Minor in comparison to Amy...who may not even be here at 45...not a thought I want to have, but a potential reality. Amy is a huge Biggest Looser fan, she said at one time "the show motivates" her... (I’ve never watched it, and know that I would feel bad choking down chips and salsa while it is on if I did.) She continues to talk about "Jillian Michaels"...this tough trainer on the show! (I’m barely listening because I’m trying to beat her high score on Bejeweled Blitz) Amy is all a flutter about her new workout routine and all the money she is saving by not paying a trainer anymore! She says ..."Ive Already Lost 7 pounds"....Screeeeetch...7 pounds? That’s a lot! I’m thinking...rewind... I caught somewhere in the chat that she just started this 10 days ago! Amy continues to say “and my Doctor says if I can lose 25 more pounds they can potentially take me off of my most expensive medicine!" "I already can’t afford to keep going to Mayo Clinic, they even canceled my last appointment because I am a prepay patient and its $700 plus per visit and they won’t take a payment arrangement!” Now I’m Mayo Clinic! Really....people shouldn’t have to die because they can’t afford to live! Amy, had been on prednisone for the Kidney disease for over a year and gaining additional weight from the medication, Amy was already circuit training with a trainer to lose the medication weight and now needs to lose an additional 25 pounds to save money, so she can afford to go to the doctor!? She now had my FULL Attention! She proceeds to tell me all about this "program" and its "affordability". The ease of just going to the website, getting your meal plan and your workout routine, each day...and that’s it! Okay, so that’s not "it" still have to work out! I was thinking as I was sitting there...
It seems this "Jillian Micheal" was Amy's savior in more than one way! Amy was super motivated, to save her own life. Jillian’s program made it affordable to Meal Plan, Weight Train, Exercise, and get the added support of a Trainer through the web boards! was making it possible for Amy to LIVE!
Just the amount of Money Amy saves in trainer’s fees each month is going a long way towards saving for regular Doctors visits! If Amy can do this to save her life...then I can use this program to lose weight and become stronger. WE can do it! There is no better coach then Aims Muffin! I’ve only been a Jillian Michaels member for 4 weeks and I’ve only Lost 5 pounds...but I’ve lost several inches and I have gained a ton of Strength...I can Plank for darn near 45 seconds! My goal is 30 pounds, I figure at this rate it'll take 6 months...and Im ok with that! As Amy and Jillian say...maintaining the weight loss is just as important as loosing it to begin with, well that and “FINISH STRONG BRANDIE!”

Hope you're all enjoying your day and heres to Finishing Strong!
Imma Stronger Muffin!


  1. What great motivation if not only for yourself but for your friend. It really pisses me off our healthcare system...I wont even go there. Way to go Stronger Muffin... and besides, we all know muscle weighs more than fat so in reality I'd say you got five pounds of muscle on ya now. Just a thought!


  2. Something's different... Did you change the subtitle for your page?

  3. lol Yes Angie I hear that Muscle weighs more...but I dont want to be 175 pounds of Muscle either!!!

    Jacob...the background...but its not staying this way!

  4. Give Amy a BIG 'OL TEEK HUG!!!
    Keene it up!!! You are the strongest Muffin I know ~ ....
    Just one question for my non workout self~ WTF IS A PLANK?

  5. What a motivating post. But oh yeah now I am really pissed off at the Mayo clinic too WTF. I am going to have to sign my hubby up for that Jillian Michael's. He has gained so much weight because of medication for his bad heart. (he actually has a big sweet heart it is just not working that well right now).
    I am a new visitor and follower via One Day at a Time and I am happy I stopped by.

  6. Teek....Put yourself on the floor on your toes and your palms in a push-up position....Now Hold that til I say stop! stop by more often! I love feed back Comments and on occasion I get told to Eff Off...Usually by one of my sisters! Can I offer you a drink or a sandwich?