Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Putting off what needs done to blog....But this is an installment of Best Bloggers Nomineesee...

Last time I did this it was because I won an award and had to send it out in a pay it forward motion.....

This time Im doing it because...Along with Spot Lighting my previous Honorable mention Sara....Who may have just found herself at the HEAD of the Class because I cracked up laughing at this ....(I didnt even comment which I should really) after having just read it again... as I was linking her and LMAO! ... I have found two additional nominees that are being added to the list for Best Blogger of 2010 Per my opinion!

 The Big Fat Gini is my newest blog stalk...I like many things about this blog and it just so happens that I first read her Blog about 15 hours before my period...Yes I did say period....and it made me want to CRY to read this very sweet and perfectly painted picture of life in just about Any Home America...where parents loose their youth and our kids grow up too fast!

Her Blogs are usually short and too the point and I just adore them....
There is a lot of "me" in this blog...at least the Me that I see....Check it out....I think you will like!
If you don't like...You're an Idiot!

Mid West Mommah
The next blog suggestion I have and very well could be on Tie with Sara for Best Blogger of the Year
without a doubt, is ARE YOU SERIOUS? Midwestern Mammah OMG! I love this Blog...Im not just saying that, I go out of my way to read this blog...its only ONE OF TWO that is bookmarked on my Android Phone! ( Im the other one!) This Broad Cracks me the fuck Eff up on a constant basis...She also doesn't seem to have a Drama Momma Blog...which I hate and I count on this blog to never bring me down....I have read some Blogs of late that sound like an effing pity party of the looserest of loosers...more on that later...

Want to get a blog award? Well then start blogging! If you do enjoy the three nominees above please follow their blogs...Include commenting them...its an ego driven sport you know and mention to them that I sent ya! Also if you have a blog you think I should read...mention it in the comments down there!

Muffins Red Carpet Event will roll out in December....

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Angie!!! I meant to say something about this Button on your Page! LOVE IT!!!!!

Practical Magic Blog Party


  1. I will go over and check them out and get back at ya on whether I'm an idiot or not. I already follow Holly- and your right...she's a riot. I know I'm going to get a laugh from her wit and charm with every post. I also like more dramatic blogs and losers are awesome! We all cant be snarky like you Muffin.

  2. Gini NO! Thank You!

    Angie...Im talking the Ones where you wanna slit your wrists they are so depressing...I have run across a ton of Depressing whoa is me....I hate My Life Blogs....The Comments are always: "Call me if you need to talk." or "Im praying for you"....or "God has his hand on you"....Its like I tapped into Depression Journals...Im all like:..."OMG!!!!"..."Hello?... Someone take your prozac!" "Smoke a Joint"...."Drink some Vodka!"

  3. Ok-it's official, I AM NOT AN IDIOT. In fact Sara Swears A Lot had me laughing so hard I peed a little with that blog you linked too. I've read it three times now. Not only to myself but outloud to Mark. He thinks this new addiction of mine is much better than alcohol and a whole lot effing cheaper. I haven't found any blogs like that but the other night, I happend upon one that read more like a dirty book for twisted people. It made me feel funny, but I just kept reading. There are some pretty sick tickets in this world. Oh if I had a joint right now I would so smoke it. Oops, did i just write that? Why yes I did and I so mean it. The PMS is kicking my fat ass all up one side and down the other today. Can't wait for the Practical Magic Blog Party--its one of my favorite movies Ever! In fact one of my girlfiends named her little one Jillian because of thaat movie....... Happy Reading~and Happy Blogging~

  4. hahaha...my word was unpug...what the hell does that even mean....wonder what this one will be?

  5. yep- just call me your blog stalker of the day!

  6. Well thanks for all your comments! You get the Blog stalker award...do you have Feedjit on your page yet?

  7. nope- gonna do that now. I have an award waiting for you over at my blog...Come get it~