Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me......41 Candles....Holy Shit the Smoke Alarm!

Its the day you muffin worshipers wait for all year! The day in which we celebrate all things Muffin! Thats right we are talking French Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Squeee!

Happy Happy Birthday to me!

41 Things You should know about the Muffin:

1. Im Happily Married!
2. I Hate Heavy Metal Music
3. My front door is always open to friends.
4. Blood doesn't make You Family..Loyalty Does!
5. I will always be a Daddys Girl!
6. I have 5 Sisters...I don't give a Shit that My Mother Birthed only 3!

They are: 7. Barbara 8.Andie 9.Chelsie 10.Terry Kay 11.Michelle Lee....12. 2 Male Cousins I consider "Like Brothers"  Hank and 13.Woo Woo...I will cut you if you fuck with any of them and they will always be right to me no matter HOW WRONG you think they are!
14. I am Aunt Brandie to far too many children...we are a Breeding Bunch!
15. My Husband Does not read my Blog...I can talk shit all day long and unless some big Mouth (Jacob) tells him, he will never know!
16. Ive lost 2 friends that I wish I hadn't...One is with "THE LORD:" and the other one Is just a dumbass...I had to let them go!
17. I quit Smoking over 2 Years ago and right as Im typing this I could smoke a cigarette
18. I expect that my Niece Ciara will someday be a Mega Singing Star
19. I expect My Children to Succeed far beyond my expectations...Im talking Public Office!
20. People who Live at the Beach do go to Waterparks...
21. I will Survive!
22. Its Raining Men! Hallelujah!
23. Even though I dont BELIEVE in God I am not above Praying....after all... what can it hurt?
24. I cant choose between Bob Segar and Tom Petty as my favorite Musical Artists
25. I was raised to be what ever religion provided a bus ride to their church...My religious Choice was Catholicism until 5 years ago
26. Im not only Politically Intellectual...I can probably kick your ass in a debate with out getting personal!
27. I Abhor Bigotry...
28. If I could choose only one thing to ever eat again it would be Peanut Butter Fudge!
29. If I were 5 years Younger today I would attempt to get pregnant
30. I have decided that I may want to live in Ecuador
31. I change my mind a lot
32. Sometimes I have premonitions...They are never GOOD!
33. I was raised by my father....explains why I really do think I have a Huge Cock!
34. Disrespectful Children should be flogged!
35. Justin Timberlake really has brought Sexy Back
36. If Pot were Legal Id be a Stoner....
37. Shut Up Terry!
38. Random Acts of Kindness are my Drug of Choice!
39. I am a Huge Fan Of My Friend Jessica and My friend Heidi's Daughters...They are all beautiful and Strong!
40. If I had to Pick 1 Person to be stranded with on a Dessert Island I would choose My Husband...even though his bitching about not being able to watch sports would likely make me wish I had chosen someone else!
41. Stephanie and Amy are my two biggest motivators and I think they both RAWK!

Thanks Stephanie...Its my new theme song too!
Finish Strong Bitches!
This ones to Grow ON!


  1. Why the fuck did you put PORN for a label? You're just hoping anybody to find this, aren't you? Blog whore!!

    But we love that about you. Happy Birf-day! You got me to say that to you in person.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Keep it classay! (but not really because who the hell wants a classy birthday?)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's fantastic! I'll agree with you on the Tom Petty, but Bob Seger...meh. ;O)

  4. <---Porn Whore....Ok and BLOG WHore!

    Thanks Sugary!
    Big Fat Gini....I wont choose!

  5. ~Happy Birthday Muffin~
    #29 ?WHAT?
    #36- ME TOO...and a much more creative person

    Hope your having a great day! and I love your birfday present from Jacob!

  6. I shall speak another day! I love your guts and am so glad you had a terrific b day

  7. Late Happy Birthday. Hope it was an awesome day.

    As for the list, sorry, you got #34 wrong. Flog the parents. After all, the kids had to learn the behavior somewhere, right?


  8. Tag sometimes Great Parents have Asshole Kids! There is this Age between 12-19 that even the best parents have had to deal with the worst in some children!

  9. Love #6! I have 8 siblings and there's too many dynamics to list, but we are. 'Nuff said. ;)

  10. Shelli...the siblings you choose are the best of the bunch anyway!