Friday, October 8, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish for Kids!

Thats Right 5th on the Google! Suck It!
**Cuz you just might get it! I know you all are waiting for my next Blogster Piece...I'm getting return Hits on the Feedjit and I haven't Blogged!...Also... Holla! Lots of hits to my Frankie and Gi Gi blog!

**This shall be a rambling blog about nothing and everything in between its nothingness...Its Friday! Whoot party on!
Whats on Tap? Speaking of Tap~ I will promise to Taste 10 micro brews before New Years!
I plan to blog it! Well, that's that!

**In other news: its also Homecoming at Spruce Creek...Go Hawks, and although I have been very uninvolved at the school, I am considering busting out the Orange and Black and rooting for the Home Team! EJHJ has informed me that since his "shes not my girlfriend" Girlfriend is in Pennsylvania this weekend hes not going to Homecoming...Lets see... that means it is his Jr Year and he has yet to go to a school dance! I'll never have pictures to look back on with the whore he will end up marrying! Sigh...He promised he would go to Prom in the Spring!  I'll let you know how that goes as we approach it. My Luck he will go to Prom... cuz everyone knows You get Laid at Prom...Oh I shudder....Quick Change the subject!

**The beach has gotten quiet, yet in another week... the town will be bustling with the pipes of several thousands Motorcycles....I will be bar crawling and flirting with Bikers so that I have a steady flow of business in February! I have a very understanding Husband! Also some pretty rawking Girl we are never short of the mingle attention! If any of you readers come to Daytona for Bike Events...Look a Muffin Up! **Facebook just allowed me to find and install a music player, SO I have Five Songs posted all of them have been featured in a blog here! Nice little relative fact of useless knowledge!

**This is a little coded message...for the person who drunkenly left a somewhat shitty message on my facebook page....and then removed it because they thought better of it....Thank You! I get your frustration! I appreciate you not airing it on my "wall"! Seriously... Mad Props for the removal...It however still registered in my email notifications, but if it had not, I couldn't give you mad props now could I?

**Mother Of Jeeezus I have Over 6000 Facebook Notification in my GD Email! Look its Nucken Futs! No Offense Facebook Powers that Be... I don't care if Illy Babbah JaHozafats commented Briteny Spears  Crotch  shot on TMZ's wall! Seriously...I don't need to know every single fucking time you get a new post to any ones wall but MINE! Thanks!

6000+ Facebook Alerts! STOP!
I have to change my settings....problem is, I do like knowing when someone comments my wall...I like to respond right away!

**My husband called me a Social Network Whore...I Tweet and I Facebook....I didn't think that was a lot but I'm on it all the time...Even earlier today I couldn't Facebook from my phone but I could Tweet....Since my Tweets are posted as Facebook Status updates...I twittered my Facebook....You dig?
Thats right... I'm, Officially a TwitFace!

Wouldn't you like to be a TwitfaceToo?

**Follow me on Twitter :

**My VideoPlayer Enjoy! Sing along! Im a Huge Acoustic Fan! Now You know!

Keep it real Chaps!
The Social Muffin

I do in fact have the Famous Britney Crotch Shot on My Computer... Shall I post it?


  1. Smokin hot dress there Muffin. Zach is yet to attend a dance with a date. He shows up to get his mingle on, but not interested in all the hype. Hoping he goes to Prom this year and yeah...shsshshshsh change the subject.

    Ya know, I just can't get into the twitter thing, I tried and it made my battery die like right quick, so I said Fuck it...I'll stick to facebook cuz I get about a bazillion notifications too. I had a "former friend" of mine always leave drunkenness on my wall and she would delete it. I always told her I could still see it since a notification was in my inbox. Now the crazy nut job can't send me shit cause I blocked her ass...and for good this time. Some people are not worth me wasting my positive energy my former friend. Being that I worked with her before I felt like I had to be civil and even nice, but not now...oh fuck no--now, I can pretend that she doesn't exist. Here's to having an awesome weekend!
    Hopefully my allergy medicine kicks in so I can enjoy the fire tomorrow night. I Love Fall--and San Diego does sound nice.

  2. Ive been here a hundred times today and am only just now commenting! Sorry I got distracted! That dress was too Big! Tracey Basically Held it On me! I had to have it emergency tacked right before the dance!....Afterwords well...It didnt fall off! I dont block anyone...I figure they wanna be me...I leave everyone as is as a reminder of how fabulous I am! I will remove posts from my a way of saying without saying Youre not welcome! Figure out the make and model of that camers trick I gotta know!

  3. Dont feel bad, I have been called a Facebook whore as well.

  4. the red dress from hell...mine was white, same make and model. You were meth thin!!!!! Can I say that again...METH THIN.

    I wish i could find the something to ramble about on blogger. I ill get the groove back soon.

    Traci the boy was hot back in the day

  5. Trash-y Whore! ya!

    Teek Tracey was mighty fine for the times....I was very thin! Did you wear your Dress for the after party as well? I believe yours was lace!
    using Jr's MAC looks weird to me this screen!