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Let's Cut to the chase, TOAR, from Thoughts of a Randomista, is not some bubbly censored bimbo. She's a 20 something college student living in "urban" Detroit, MI where you get the shit slapped out of you if you step on a guy's J's and being a Harajuku Barbie or a 5 Star Chick is a profession (well, not really but it is fun to make fun of the stereotypes Detroit gets.). She talks shit about most things and make fun of everything else - Sex & Race mostly because it is the most Taboo. She also goes off on crazy tangents in "(parenthesis)." TOAR calls it  her own personal "random writing chaos." Even though she creates hell when she write about these subjects, she likes to know that at Thoughts of a Randomista, she creates a safe place to express her ideas while receiving feedback from her readers. TOAR Loves The Twilight Saga (TEAM EDWARD, his messy bed hair makes her drool) and Guest Bloggers. And she HATES introductions!

Thoughts of a Randomista

Title: Confessions of a Plus Sized Lady Gaga

My favorite costume has to be Lady Gaga for the most obvious reasons - she suffers from multiple personality disorder therefore, she changes into her crazy costumes frequently... leaving people like me in amazement. There is so much you can do with a Lady Gaga costume. You can come outside with a book attached to a TV antenna and say that you are Lady Gaga. You can wrap yourself up in plastic bubble wrap and say you are Lady Gaga. You can come outside with panties on and say you are Lady Gaga. You can be dressed like a pumpkin and say you are Lady Gaga. You get my point?

So this year for Halloween, I am Lady Gaga. A plus - sized Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga none the less. I got my little blonde wig, black shades, skin-tight latex leotard with thigh high boots. Lets not forget the fish nets! I wish I had pictures already. I wear a size 16, I don't have a flat stomach, but I have a firm ass and thighs -I am an athlete so no "sloppy fat" here. So can someone answer this question for me:
Why am I more Confident when I am NAKED verses when I have clothes on?
I love wearing slutty things to show off my legs. Besides my face (sorry if I am conceited - I have a reason) my legs are my best asset. I have been a competitive swimmer my WHOLE life so I think just walking around in a swimsuit is my uniform - way better than skinny jeans and a T. It is so weird though.. Most people - a lot of women - are concerned with how their body looks in a swimsuit and I am the complete opposite. I don't care about my swim suit looks - I look great in my swimsuit. It's the damn "normal people clothes" that I get self concious about. That's why when I graduate college, I'm taking my "always wanna be naked ass" to Florida.

I feel so good being Lady Gaga. I know that other people may look "thinner" in one of her costumes but I am going to RAWK that outfit - and there will be something called - Thick, Sexy, Chic. To all of you people who are questioning my reasoning - <^> YOU!
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  1. I think sometimes my body looks way better naked than in clothes, but I NEVER think it looks better in a swimsuit. Damn stupid ass swimsuits.

  2. loved the blog and think your Naked Ass will fit right in on the board walk right by Muffins House.

  3. Thanks Sara and Teek!

    I am serious - I wish you couldn't get a ticket for being naked because I would stay naked.