Monday, November 1, 2010

Bloggerstock Swap Spooky- Repost for those that Ive Confused

So I just recently joined Bloggerstock and I was supposed to make a really Cool and Spooky Post for the last minute I changed my Blog mind and decided to post my pumpkin halloween obsessions instead... I spent My deadline time to post the Blog by Engraving Pumpkins! Now I can Post almost late...ok Late but with great Pumpkin Results!... Hi! Im Brandie and I'm a Blog alcoholic! I am also Obsessed with Carving Halloween Pumpkins and May expand to Watermelons this Summer!

Heres what I did today:

I went Shopping for the right Carving Pumpkins and I as usual got extremely aggressive with my carving this year...By that I mean I added Photo Carvings to the pumpkin Game and Also Had a Pervy Pumpkin  carved for Ms Sara Swears a lots Pumpkin Contest...
Normally Id buy a pumpkin carving kit and patterns from the Walmart or Halloween Store...pick the hardest from their book and go to town!
However after a morning Coffee and a 2 hour tutorial session on YouTube I decided Ill carve Photos this year... Cuz really How hard can it Be!? The guy made it look like itd be no sweat! HA! Well it WAS hard and after 9 Hours my back was killing me! I needed a treat so while I was at it I also learned how to Roast Pumpkin Seeds! Quite Frankly Im wondering Why I had to wait 41 years for those toasty tastey pieces of Heaven!
So Enjoy checking out my pumpkins! Give me some Feed Back...I have One more to carve...For the Hunka...He wants a Death Star Pumpkin...Ugh! Star Wars! Really?

Placing my Photo on the Pumpkin

This one Damn Near Killed me Looks Pretty Good though!

Looks Better Lit!

Not so Pervy Pumpkin

 Thanks For Checking it out Hope You Have a Happy Halloween!
XO Muffin!