Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Songs to Motivate ... Set Some Goals!

Im working my ass off in the Gym and On occasion I need a little reminder that my process although Slow is the healthiest and most affordable way to change me! Ive found new confidence and because of this process Im ready to tackle the fucking world!

Yup Ive posted it before...Its a great motivates me and reminds me that I am Queen of my Throne! I believe we should love ourselves with no regrets or apologies! Sometimes giving ourselves what we want, what we need and what we desire is all apart of Loving Ones Self! Rewarding our Effort is just as important as celebrating the accomplishment! So go ahead Muffinites! Turn yourself On!

Off to the Gym...Got my Five year plan in Place! Now lets go tackle some Fucking Goals!

Its been a blogging Minute!