Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes I know! My Hair looks Amazing!

Before with a hair dryer and a Flat Iron Look UP! Because you see Im a Bit of A Hair Whore...I use an all natural no additive Shampoo, When I condition I use a three minute manager Avacodo Oil Treat! I heat condition with a pre spray prior to drying and again prior to flat Ironing and then I Gloss my hair when Ive finished...I do this because....
Hunka Likes My Hair...Im not usually a big fan of Hair, Makeup and the whole sha~bang...Im one of those natural girls! And my hair...well honestly..I wear it up way to often.Just to avoid all the primping...To Hunkas complaints..."Brandie please wear your hair down".....Gah! What I go through to have it look nice...for a hot effing Second...I live in Florida Its Humid and My Hair Expands within seconds of being outside! So I tie it up! Until now!
The Photo above was Taken In August. My Hair I thought looked fab that Night...Now looking Back..It looks over processed and dry!

Ladies I have to share!  I had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment aka the Brazilian Blow Out

Don't look at my Back Fat as its very apparent here, because of how I was leaning on the sink and had both my arms across me... Blah....Ive lost several Inches since this photo and Ill Have to do a  Photo Retake! O Well That's my Disclaimer and If I weren't so in love with my hair I wouldn't even post this awful photo! Don't believe me? Just ask one of my sisters! So now that we agree...Just look at my Hair...the back of my hair, and especially  what the camera caught of the Side...I'm most impressed with the side shot you can see from just the right corner of the photo! Its Flawless...No Flat Iron needed I just Blow Dry and Go! The Dry time is Half! So after I worked out the other day I showered Dried my hair and had on makeup and clothes for dinner out...and was out the door in 16 Minutes! Thats got to be some kind of get ready record!

Its what My Son calls The Cuban Disco Hairdo!
I love it! My hair looks Young and Healthy and quite frankly SEXY!

I recommend it Ladies! The Process lasts 4 Months and My Girl Touches it up between Colors! I was charged Half the Price of the Leading Salon and Spa in town! I also go to a very Upscale Salon here in Daytona! Here is a photo I found on the web...seriously this works! You're crazy to NOT do this!
The color does not represent my hair but the texture before and after does! Go! Go now! Get it done!
~Sexy Muffin


  1. Your hair looks super--I read the review and looked at the price tag of such a treatment in Hong Kong. Guess my Question is...HOW MUCH? The price tag over there was a little...ok a whole effing lot pricey.

  2. alot pricey indeed but I think she has the hook up for the cuban hair doo!!!!!!!! I love the look and the other look to~ sometimes the just fucked look is ok!!!!!!

  3. Ladies I do have the Hook Up I pay very little...However After having it I would pay for it! Feeling Good and Looking Good well its an investment...Either in the Gym or the Salon! Ladies I Look Fabulous! Its Priceless Really!