Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Censorship of a Child is not a bad thing....

Acceptable Dancing:

Ive stolen and  blurred  this photo for two reasons...1. To show you that our Youth is portrayed as a bunch of crazed sex maniacs, with out showing you the offenders faces...and 2. I stole the Photo, Duh!...you know, I right clicked and then edited in Picasa! So... I'm 40+ white and nerdy! Don't Hate! The point is if I have this photo at my disposal perhaps someone else with less intention also has it! The Photo was only posted to the website that I know of, for about 90 minutes...perhaps it was longer. It consumed an hour and a half of my life...I'm also a very concerned parent! My child does not attend this school...however, my child did say a lot of kids didn't go to his homecoming dance "BECAUSE THE NEW PRINCIPAL IS TOO STRICT ABOUT DANCING THIS YEAR, BECAUSE LAST YEARS DANCE LOOKED LIKE A GANG RAPE." I thought he was being flamboyant in his description! His "Shes not my Girlfriend" Girlfriend was out of town, so he didn't go to homecoming himself.... Apparently he wasn't kidding!

Not acceptable Dancing:

The Pastor from the movie Footloose may have had a valid point about dancing is the devils work..it leads to SEX! It looks like it lead to sex right there on the Gym Floor! All the girls were barefoot....don't wanna scuff the basketball court...but who cares if "Little Janies" dignity takes a pounding! PUN INTENDED!

This photo is not so courtesy of the Bellevue Ohio Gazette Facebook page prior to the Out cry from Parents and concerned citizens like myself who were demanding the images be removed.
This was the Homecoming Dance of what would have been my Alma Mater, had I not moved...In fact it is my  husbands Alma Mater, and two of my sisters and my Brother in Law's....Both of My Nephews...and countless friends! This is Small Town America~ Homecoming Dance~ 2010!  Not some After Hours Sex club in underground Las Vegas! Im not a prude either! I get that dancing is a mating call for some animals, I have been known to get a little close on the dance floor and perhaps even Drop it like its Hawt....My initial reaction was to yell..."OMYFUCKINGGAWD DAVID GET YOUR ASS IN HERE! and PLEASE DON'T LET ME RECOGNIZE ANY OF THESE KIDS!"
My sister Terry was all crazed looking at the photos and she doesn't even live in that town....but Our niece Ci  will go to that school next year...My niece Gabby Girl, Terry's Daughter is a year away from middle school! Oh Lord help us...If the Daddys of my nieces ever saw them "Dancing Like That" Shewwwwwwwwwwww, I dont even wanna know!


So... its just their way of dancing? Is it the Same as our dirty dancing back in the day?....Well, we "grind-ed" on each others thighs, so perhaps it was a little inappropriate of us ...we didn't however dry hump with our asses up in the air....Ole Boy in the photo has his hands "all up on her, like hes all up in her"....Really? That's Dancing? I wonder if Her Daddy appreciates JR's dance moves? Because girl in the "Purple Dress" is seemingly grabbing for her ankles while her boyfriend...Lord lets hope he ain't no stranger...appears to lift her skirt and stick it in her ASS!?! This is suppose to be DANCING? Oh yes, Im crass....but every one of you know its true! Not one of you would be proud to frame and mantle Jr and Janies Homecoming Photo if this is what it was! Not one of you would send the photo to Granny and Pap Pap retired in Florida either! Because...Its Disgusting! I am concerned that the young lady in the "Purple Dress" may one day want to run for Political Office and the Gentleman "behind" her may at some point be accused of improper acts or even sexual harassment. This photo clearly published (not Blurred) could be used against either of them at a later date! The fact is kids don't think, and the fact that the local paper thought it wise to post these photos to the net just shocked the ever loving beejezus out of me. The paper, rumor has it, wants to claim freedom of speech and freedom of the press...someone even mentioned its Censorship NOT to show what goes on....Well I say this............Shut the Fuck UP!
These are CHILDREN...Frankly...they have no rights! The dance is a privilege...afforded by the tax payers! What your doing Bellevue Gazette, is exploiting our children for the sake of publicity! If the paper sincerely wanted to show "what the Hell was going on up in the High School" they could have done so in the same fashion I have...BY BLURRING the Photo! Perhaps even by doing an expose article on the inappropriate acts of our students at a tax dollar endorsed function, such as the High School Homecoming Dance! Maybe...Expose the fact that the School administrators there allowed this behavior to go on! Perhaps even still.... it could have read like the Administration had their hands full trying to stop this behavior...we didnt need to paint any one party Student or administrator as evil or bad...and still could have expose the improprieties as they happened! BLAME THE BUDGET SHORT FALLS....Whatever!
Because as a parent,  "Im down with knowing, what in the Hell was going on at that school!" At any school really...especially my own childs school not just my hometown.  I chose this photo in particular not because it was the most explicit...several of my readers can tell you and they did in fact look through those photos prior to their removal and there were some that were way more explicit then this...I chose this one because Purple Dress Girls Face was hidden... it clearly depicts what more then 50% of the photos on the site were depicting.
In case y'all are still confused about what it depicts....Oh Im gonna go there! .......Anal Sex! Thats exactly what it depicts! Again, Im from small town America...we take our football seriously, we treat homecoming like its a national effing holiday...rank that shit up there with Christmas if you want...and considering small town America doesn't offer a lot of social outlets to its youth...Homecoming and Prom are full on TOWN EVENTS!

Your Youth represent your Future....Bellevue, Ohio... Your future Looks all Sex Crazed and Outta Control! Remember the guy who porked the picnic table...He is a hometown boy! Bellevue! Seriously! Clean up your image!
School Dances should be Chaperoned! Ask for Parent Volunteers, if the budget wont let you pay the teachers to attend...Frankly after seeing this photo and the other 90 that were briefly posted...Ive got this to say....I'LL VOLUNTEER, and I live 1000 miles from there!
Whens Prom?...I'll put it on my calendar!

~Prude Muffin
**** There has been an Update to the Story: WTOL a Local News Station- Toledo Ohio I think

Proper Bump and Grind....Learn it!


  1. Good post. You make some very good points.

    Which one of your points explains why I have no sex life. I don't dance. And since there is no dancing in my life (because I am white and rhythmless) there is no sex.

  2. I have seen those pictures and couldn't believe how trashy those teens looked. Not saying they are trashy because I don't know them but I hope that the rest of their years in high school they add a new requirement and call it Lets show some class 101.

  3. what the eff...I just left an awesome comment and service is unavailable...what the hell ever~

    The lack of censorship of our children today is all too disturbing to me. It is very hard to teach our children appropriate behaviors when at every corner some sex show or sexy video or sex talk or name any number of other "acceptable" behaviors are thrown in there faces.
    I'm glad that I didnt' see these photos published by the paper and that my child does not attend there cuz I would have been all up in that school for letting such lude acts of behavior happen. I Have been a chaperone before at our school dances and everyone knows Mama Seabolt don't play around with this kind of behavior.
    Home schooling is becoming a very common practice these days and I understand why. Our children have become descensitized to think that there is "nothing wrong with this behavior because well, everybody does it." Oh it just pisses me off something awful. Great Post Muffin- nothing Prudish about it! I would also like to add that I have had several kids on my facebook in which I no longer have because of their rude and vulgar language....and there friends with their parents for crying out loud. What does that tell ya? Zach got his facebook deactivated for less than what some parents find perfectly acceptable. And people wonder why are kids are the way they are....

  4. Oilfield! Thanks... I appreciate you stopping by!

    Jessica...I know exactly what you mean and I just about posted this link to the Bellevue Gazette Facebook Page...I thought better of it because I used some pretty foul language in this post...then again it is my blog and I can write what I want! I think the Phys~ed Department should teach Swing and Ballroom Dancing as part of the Physical Education curriculum...Football players who take ballet are even known to be better athletes! Giving these kids some Dance Lessons may actually help them not look so morally class less!

    I Love My Hometown....I also dont think these kids are classless...I think the Paper made a poor decision!

  5. Angie! Preach it Momma Seabolt! Hold em accountable! Im amazed my children dont talk like crazed Sailors on a three day leave....nothing against Crazed Sailors mind you! And we should thank them for their service! I just would like to think that my children by the time they are in High School would know the difference between vulgarity and proper. I have few to zero children on my facebook page...and for the exact reason you mentioned...I dont want their teen aged immaturity all over my "Wall"

  6. where the hell is my comment... oh lordy i was on a role...... GRRRRRR

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Teens these days.. blegh!

    Plus, did you know a TON of teens don't consider it "sex" if it's ONLY anal?! sigh.

  8. Miley I had heard that as well as Oral Sex....Heres my take...If you're comfortable enough to put the ole one eye in your Butt or any where else, Mouth Ears Nose...Your Vag aint to far behind! Literally! Not Cool! Also get married and see if you allow your spouse the same liberty! HA! TA DONE!