Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh this is a Blast From the Past....Myspace Blog Vault!

While searching my blogs for a picture of my exhusbands Great Dane...I fucking loved this dog...OMG! I was so jealous when he got him...I had my own Great Dane at the time Named Liza Manelli I wanted them to mate but was a little uncomfortable asking my ex to stud for me....Anyway! What ever...
I came across the following blog and well it holds true today...
People are freaks!

By the way...while you're reading this....Um... Whatcha Wearin? Wink!

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Please proceed with caution! This is an actual I'M log from Yahoo:
To protect my little friend....who I don't know; I have altered his "ID" just a lil bit:      The following is our conversation:

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adam22xxx2: hi Brandie...i'm adam...
adam22xxx2: in your opinion, if a woman had to keep a boy quiet, do you think it's possible that her hand is big enough to cover his mouth?
bransfun: Thats an interesting topic of conversation...I guess it depends on the size of her hand in comparison to his mouth!
adam22xxx2: take the average size mouth and YOUR hand for example...
adam22xxx2: hello? where did you go? lol
bransfun: sorry on myspace too... Oh you wanna know If i could shut you up is that right?
bransfun: Why you have issues with keeping quiet
adam22xxx2: well, your palm wide enough to cover my mouth?
bransfun: Lets hope so....otherwise we might get caught!....LOL
adam22xxx2: if you covered my mouth from behind, which direction would your fingers point? and how close to my nose would  your hand be? be detailed
bransfun: Actually that was cheap...and I really don't have inappropriate conversations online....So I apologize for that...just being a smart ass
adam22xxx2: (i'm not seeking anything sexual, so don't worry...we'll keep this interesting and playful but non-sexual)
bransfun: Ok you're weird!  LOL I will be sending this to my friend Amy though...some cat wanted details regarding her feet including her to, in detail describe the smell of her freshly washed strange even for me...although I used to know a guy that would scratch his teeth and smell the scum.....gagging now... hold on!
adam22xxx2: it's just a fun game where you keep me quiet...nothing more...which direction would your fingers point? how close to my nose would your hand come realistically?
bransfun: Really Im busy....this has been a hoot!
adam22xxx2: wow...i'm surprised that this simple game has intimidated you...some women are too serious...sorry to have bothered you..i thought you could handle this and that you had a good sense of humor

My question and thoughts are:
Ever wonder what some people are thinking when they IM shit to a perfect stranger?

I found the humor in it for a second, I appreciated the way he handled my Im not interested...I often wonder if these people have a significant other and do they know the damage this type of behavior causes or potentially could cause to their relationship!?

I am particularly fond of how this person named Adam tried to bait me back into his "GAME".  Oh lets insult me by being passive aggressive in an attempt to get me to "SHUT HIM UP".

Lmao.......ahhhhh Sigh's and shakes my head! And to think...there are actually elevator button smellers out there! That makes me feel so much better about any problem I may have thought was a big deal! 
Hell at least I am not Adam!  Or the guy who scratches his tooth scum and takes a whiff.......
Topic for reply: Whats the weirdest request you've ever gotten?
Much love to ya's
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  1. Elevator button smellers~ yuck!!!!!!! Thats tooo funny